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We all start from somewhere  You'll get better with practice   This new Gundam feels so different. But that difference is good :D   As expected to have a psycho frame since the time setting is after UC 
Liking the OP to Reconguista in G :>
Oho, so we're 2 of the same  transcribing is a pain. Vaht. I thought head-fi re-sizes it. Yes, I was referring to that! Someone posted this, so I decided to post the gewdness here too :p
Oho. Composing some symphonies now, are you?  But in all seriousness, I imagine that you're a score writer for film/shows for some reason. Oh, I see. So you cropped the image and put in the 007. What blasphemy! 
Hold up. You're the artist for the pictures? Please teach me your ways, sensei! @MshenayI see you've been on that Z7 thread 
You betcha!  except I just built a new computer a few months back for ~$1-200 more My time has been invested in living life and playing the stringed instruments of gewdness. But lately I've been coming back here just for this thread and the other thread  
Glad that you liked it  Panda-hime is alive! Glad you're safe!  Buddy Complex so kawaii. 
It's one of those shows that just turned into a habit of watching for me  but I can understand you.B looks slick. The advertisement is subtle  A is also fine. Just personal preference since I like both!
Buddy Complex season 2. Let the mindless watching begin. Good luck Ms. SR-007 Edesse the man.
The conductor and concert master looked familiar... then I hit the play button and knew why :pI just finished watching Shihaisha no Tasogare. Weird stuff  Felt like the X/1999 movie all those years ago.
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