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It's a very sad day when you learn that your favorite scanning group is dead... RIP.
^just cause it's done by SHAFT is why D:  didn't really expect it to be done by shaft though.
Oh the shaft necks... never saw that coming for kagepro... Macbeth allusion in captain earth lol.
30 years into the future... I see panda still loving code geass in all its glory.^^^^^  First time eating ice cream in months. Oh the gutness. @Muniarc Remember watching Tales of the Abyss while it was airing. Floated my boat then. But I think it was just another advertisement for the game (kind of like World Destruction iirc while it was airing). Was good enough for me  Tom, go take a look at Hitsugime! Another episode of Capitan Tierra tomorrow. Hope it does justice...
^such superb memory... 
Good question... now that I think about it.... OH. They've yet to adapt Drifters (I think that's the name). Same maker of Hellsing I think (artwork really similar, but I just haven't checked). Also had it at the end of Hellsing Ultimate (when I finally noticed that they were similar).  CGI for Sidonia makes me feel like I'm watching that clay animation w/ the man and his dog. I forgot the name of it though :l
kagerou project. O yes. The new shogun anime... it hurts.
 Don't know what's happening... but ^ anyways   Oh spring... how dead leaves are still falling and flying around... Quote:Originally Posted by Exesteils   Chaika best girl. I honestly find her way of speech to be cuter than all the desu/ ancient speech/ etc around these days.oh... hitsugime maybe
Happy birthday panda  I was thinking of someone born/something important on the 8th or the roundabouts for the past few days.... but I couldn't figure it out until now 
pay to win games :p cash grabbers... just farm for hours/days or pay... finally hitsugime is out... 
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