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( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° ) very nice
Live action Ghost in the Shell :o   Live action Evangelion   Oh no.   $5k Chanel headphones. Something's wrong..
Didn't expect World Trigger for next season =3= Oh joy
Quote: Originally Posted by miceblue  Yeah I'd imagine Windows taking much less time since I already have the installer file. For OS X, I had to download the OS itself from Apple's servers, which took a long time to say the least. Well so far in my expedition with Mavericks, it seems a bit slower than Mountain Lion, but not by much. I hate the new Activity Monitor now since the icon can only display CPU-related things instead of RAM like in Mountain Lion, and there are...
one punch man never fails to deliver :D How could I have seen them if none were made?  Joking with you :p They do look like something you'd see in one The thread never has a solid topic, so it's fine
=3= for me it too only 20-30 minutes. Whoa mama.
timberrrrrr hoooooo :D
No, here 
Oh, so they're doing both a UBW and a Fate route? Even if they're only doing the UBW route, it's still sweet 
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