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Toyota Mirai... I see what they did there 
Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul is airing on January first?! >:o
Tokyo Ghoul: Re  part 2 begins
Terra Formers:  Blood and guts. Is very rushed in terms of plot (considering back-story is thrown out of the window). World Trigger: THE SPARKLES. 3d-2d tripping. Feels like it should have just stayed a manga  Madan no Ou: Good animation and art, harem. Good 1st episode and has seemed to stay true. Le Fruit: Good art, but was an intro-episode. So nothing really happened... also harem   Gold USB... like the gold PS4   Edit:PANDA HIME. [[SPOILER]]
 Seoul looked exactly like that when I visited... if that is Seoul Can't say it was a very joyful atmosphere  Yes, the good old days 
What you saw was a figment of your imagination 
 named himself after the economist Where's the troll been?   [[SPOILER]]
 ye it's been many years.  Grisaia's animation/art is above what I'd expected. Guess they banked with the VN series :p
It was always there  [[SPOILER]]
It is c: Yes. Archer HAM time. Madan to Ou   OP me likes
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