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I'ts a big thread with complaints on the BX8 D2 about the noise, noise were even hearable from around 2 meters when silent. With and without signal cables. Might be some batch problems that differs from region. I'm no basshead but I must say I loved the low end on the BX8's.
JBL LSR305s are a great, used em for a week before I tried out the M-Audio bx8 d2. The JBL are more accurate but also more boring, but I couldnt have the BX8 as it was too big on the desk(also that low buzz/hum that is always noticable when there is little to no music/sound playing). Actually I ended up with a pair of FLUID AUDIO F5, better lows than the JBL and easier on the ears. So for me better sounding but probably less accurate, use em mostly for music and gaming...
The Asus Xonar Essence one ( and muses ed) are great with the Mad Dog, plenty of power and sounds very clean and accarute. Also got an old analog Marantz on speaker taps, I still prefer the Asus due to cleaner sound(and way much nicer to look at). Ofc price is maybe a problem for many of you, but if you are unlucky and your country makes it expensive to import the Asus One gets a price at almost the same as an imported amp in the 200usd range.
 E07K sounds darker and less detailed for me than Hifimediy dac with BH, I tested the E07K together with Mad Dog and DT880 both can detect the difference quite easy. Much more engaging aswell on the BH than E07K, the E17 is better but still not as refined as the BH and Hifimediy dac. As for burn in there is not much to that can change inside a electronic device like this even on the measuring side.
You should eliminate if it is the pc or not try another pc trough usb. Also you could try the coax or spdif, but ofc all electronics can start to malfunction. But before you ask for repair it is good to see if there is something wrong on your side.
@Tommo21 I have used the same setup but other headphones,Hifimediy usb dac +bh is really good sounding. Not used a dap that has sounded better than this combo. Sure your bh is 100% working?
I know it is the real deal Gandah as Ive also tested a genuine Asus Muses edition to check if it sounds the same as thestock version with the opams(bought the opams before I got the Stock version in house around february I think), the difference betwean the stock and muses is there but its not big. I prefer to use more money on a new good headphone than getting that little extra in some opams, with my hd600 and Mad Dog I prefered the muses, but with k701 and dt880 I prefer...
 ++ For me it was more around 260$ but I would not call it worth it thats why im selling them, also with the T1 im buying I prefer the stock opams.
 He used the q701 with k712 pads, so as many has agreed on thats so to say the same as k702 annie.
That sucks. Always use my MC aswell on the net as extra safety. The muses opamps i bought where real but i bought them trough my wifes work that got them in China trough an electronic supplier. Still I like the stock opamps more with some headphones that are brighter in sound. Right now a friend is trying them on his Asus one so depending on if he like them or not I will sell them to him.
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