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Sorry lads! Just snagged a pair of T51i's already!
Just bought a set of these over the V-Moda XS/M100.    I made a good decision. 
I hope so too. :)yeah, it's been a year or so since I last owned my M100's, but I'd love to own them again some day out there. ;)
I did it. Just bought the T51i. (Sorry for wrong thread) Got a good price for a barely used pair. Couldn't resist. Sorry, V-Moda boys. DrGonzo got me, haha. (Thanks man)
Oh dear...Just when I nearly settled for the XS, a new competitor joins the party...  I'm just kidding, thanks for that. Yeah, I had a search around for T51i's just before. Tempting...Very tempting... EDIT: What's the headphone hair like for the T51i?
  Thanks heaps for those responses, guys! Exactly what I was after, and in a bit more depth, so that's much appreciated!  The headphone hair sounds more desirable with the XS right now, since it leaves a smaller footprint as opposed to the other two. I remember when owning the M100's, they loved to leave these two patches around my ears and one long wide strip across my hair every time I used them for more than an hour or so. (That's because I have spiky, thick hair (I...
Actually, more to the point, I might be leaning more to the XS right now for it's portability. I suppose this will leave me with one question...(wrong thread to ask now...) Approximately at what volume level on let's say, your typical android phone (0-100), would the sound begin to leak, and people around you will start to hear your music? I don't know if this would be relevant or not, but I own a pair of Meelectronics Atlas, and after upping the volume up to around 20%,...
Yeah, I have heard that the M100 are probably more suited for my use and sound signature preference, but at the same time (continue below)having something portable that sits around the neck without being too bulky, is also appreciable.  I really don't know right now, ahaha...Really stuck in a dilemma that I don't really need to be in. Another thing...and it might be a stupid one, but which headphone is more prone to leaving headphone hair? That's probably the one reason...
Between the XS and the M100, which one would you say has better clarity? And also, for library use for example, which would you recommend between the two?
If anyone has a good quality pair of M100's, I am keen depending on your price. 
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