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Quite an interesting design that one! And I had a quick read also. Seems like a pretty decent contender !
Is that a cable coiled around a flat cable as an interconnect in the third picture of the first post? :O Sweet headphones I can see in these pics! And also, awesome rig of the SOLO and iPod Nano 6th gen. Haven't seen that combo before, so kudos to the owner. By the way, cool cut, Jensy! Looks slick. Although dreads...
It's just an add-on onto that strap that's attached under the actual headband. Google "beyerdynamic removable headband" and you'll see what I mean. It's one of those clip on ones.Sound should still be the same since no mods have been done.
They arrived! Paired with the X1, that leans a bit north in terms of bass, makes it just sufficient. SHP9500 + Beyerdynamic padding + V-Moda cable
Thought I'd slip back into the audiophile game after being away from it for a good few months.   Ordered these cans on Catch of The Day in Australia for $73 shipped, so I thought that was a pretty good deal, as opposed to the original $200 I saw on eBay, back when I started this thread.   I'm keen on modding these, however, whilst I wait for mine to arrive, could you owners of this headphone let me know how the earpads are attached to the headphones? And is there any...
Novice question, but how can these be pre-ordered? Or can't that happen anymore since 1/4?
You can claim H20Fidelity's set. I'm sure he'll let you.
I'd be interested in these. Would you be willing to send these down to Melbourne, or have you already had a taker?   Get on it guys if you've got $98 to blow. 
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