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No worries. Hope it works out great.
I believe they're pleather, but they're really soft, and stay like that over time, so regardless of the material, I'm not complaining.
Each to their own, I guess.If I recall correctly, I said it sounded better after a pad change as the sound became more airy and the bass became a bit more tighter. I also noticed the treble sparkled a bit more than it did with the stock pads, but as I said, these differences are very minor.As for the Beyer velour pads, I too, had owned a pair in the past, of which I applied it on another headphone. I'd have to agree that it sucks the absolute crap out of the bass, and...
How does the DR-150 compare to something like the Shure 840's?
Pictures and a proper description will be up soon. Just made a listing whilst I was bored.
Up for sale in Australia. 8/10 Condition. Small signs of wear and tear, but other than that, it's highly functional. Comes with all original accessories, minus the HP200 cable, which is replaced with HP100 cable instead, but that's only different by a coiled cable (included) vs the straight cable (not included). Cheers.
Interesting. Thanks for that comparison.Let's say I own another set of headphones (SoundMAGIC HP200) which are a detailed neutral sounding headphone, would you say these pads would provide more comfort (which I'm sure it will) and not compromise the neutrality of the headphone? I ask this because I was running Shure 1540 alcantara earpads on them and the sound became a touch warm. Would this happen with the focus pads?
What's the difference between focuspad A and the standard focuspads? Which is better? And what do these pads generally do to the sound? Make it warmer? Widen soundstage?
I don't know if this is the right thread to ask, but which FocusPads are better? the A-variant, or the standard ones?
Ahh, the C3/E11 combo..Brings back memories... Those Vivo IEMs look very classy and neat for the price!
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