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You can claim H20Fidelity's set. I'm sure he'll let you.
I'd be interested in these. Would you be willing to send these down to Melbourne, or have you already had a taker?   Get on it guys if you've got $98 to blow. 
Just got the new HM5 pads in the colour brown, and they are some comfy pads for the SHL3300! Also great for the sound too!
Looking forward to your first impressions.
 Ohh, I see what you mean. Yeah, I might just invest in the IM70, and not worry about the IM50, but I'll see. Thanks. :) 
Thanks for the explanation, guys. So going off that, and from already owning the VSD3S, I take it that I should be looking at the IM70 instead of the IM50. As stupid as it may sound though, the one thing that puts me off from buying those IM70s, is its ugly red colour.. I'm thinking of plastidipping the unit in black, but I also noticed that that could potentially put the IEMs at risk, due to having paint maybe entering the ports of the IEM.
  Interesting. Thanks for that. Would you guys say that it would be worth having both to complement each other?  And also, ozkan, did you say that the VSD3S would sound more veiled as opposed to the IM50? Because if the VSD3S is supposedly veiled-sounding, then I think I'm going to enjoy the clarity that the IM50 would bring to the table. :)  On a side note, this cable looks sexy as, has anyone tried...
Oh, that's good to hear. How about the sound quality, the more important part? :) 
Has anyone compared the IM50 to the Vsonic VSD3S before? If so, what's the verdict? (Sorry for being late to the party!)
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