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Really? Do the gliders go in that far? I've never tried to force them, but that sounds impossible with my ears. lol and I wear triple flange deeper than most.
They really can be a pain in the ear. :-P I find the most comfortable by far are the comply foam t-100. I wear the medium size and compress them by squeezing them (not "rolling" them) on each side until they are extremely compressed. I try to make sure when I compress them that the foam doesn't cover the sound port but also that it doesn't get pulled back too much. If it does, the barrel can feel sharp in your ears. If you simply compress them straight down without pulling...
Based on the measurements on the "official" fiio website, the ex1 and dunu titan 1 are identical in sound quality.   http://www.fiio.net/en/products/43   that is "the" exact graph from innerfidelity.com of the dunu titan. Clearly they are just rebranded with slight changes to the cable/logo. I'm not complaining.   Does anyone know where to buy the ex1? The previous link doesn't load anything for me.
It really depends on the tenore you get. They fluctuate in the amount of bass that they have. I'm usually extremely shocked every time I listen to them again at how close they are to the ER4S but better bass. Make no mistake, each pair does differ in bass quantity and that can have a huge effect on perceived quality
Is this the official store on eBay? http://m.ebay.com/itm/181790674386?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
I second those. But has anybody found a tip larger than the Etymotic triple flange small size but smaller than the etymotic triple flange large size?
The treble for me is,relatively speaking, completely smooth. There is a small dip at around 7.5 kHz and A small bump around 2 to 3 kHz. And maybe a small bump at 10 kHz . All of these are graphed by most graphing standards. But none of them are very large and can easily be corrected with eq for any user that has the correct depth and seal. but there are no significant dips or peaks for me. only the very very lowest sub bass is a low, say below 50hz.
Indeed. While not perfectly neutral, they sound excellent.
Agreed, and this is the correct target response.Linkwitz isn't wearing them deep enough. I also emailed the guy on his site to see how to make a bass boost filter a long time ago and he thought I was wearing them wrong because I didn't get enough bass. Lol and he had a treble peak even. :-p the bass is excellent but every other target agrees that the sub bass is lacking....
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