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I hesitate to post stuff like this here because I don't want it to look like advertising, but I wanted to show the latest song I recorded because I mixed and mastered it almost completely using the er4s. I only spot checked it on my studio monitors. All the mixing and tweaking was done with the er4s, red filters and a touch of bass EQ to even out the response down low.
Haha you guys rock.
Can anyone take a photo of the near the tenore, mh or er4s?   Go forth, buy one! :-P
I have a few zero audio tenore earphones for sale. Brand spanking new condition (but they are used). Includes original box and accessories like new as well. I believe I have three available besides my personal set.   I can post photos if needed, i'm just being lazy.   Don't want any trades, except possibly a proper kc06 by ostry. I wouldn't mind a spare of that. No inverted channels though. :-P
 No $h1t. At least I'm not moving to dallas :-P
 I use them a lot too, and on some iems they actually improve the sound, however with the er4s i believe they do not. I used to think there was little difference between those and the silicon tips with the right fit. Only after months of using the comply foam tips (old and new tips) and then switching to the triple flange to test again was the treble difference incredibly obvious. The comply foam cripples the instrument separation and attack dynamics a bit which makes them...
I use the red filter exclusively. They are the way to go. They drop the slight 2-3khz bump and make the er4s sound phenomenal. Make sure you get the right ones though. There are two red filers and you need the er4s compatible ones...
 I think most tips sound similar if you can get the same fit/seal, etc. However, the comply tips cut the treble response in a negative way, so I don't believe you can ever achieve the same sound with those. Not that they're bad, but not the same. Even the ety foam sounds better when fit well. But the triple flange can be made into a double flange :)
 I think it will :-) Greatly. 
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