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I can bring friends :-P
I'll be there if i can!
That could help if the tips are loose, but otherwise you would be moving air in the eustation tube. I think it's best to move air through the tip seal out of the ear. But whatever works!for filters i woukd use red and then orange. Beyond orange is too colored for me. Orange is darker in tone by comparison, but still very nice.
 Yes. The key is to have a neutral air space. No vacuum. The easiest way to do that it to slightly moisten the tips and rotate them as you insert them. (that's what she said) If you can create a seal with no pressure or vacuum that is at a good depth you should hear the er4s as intended for the most part...
yeah, that's what i figured. I'd like to stay passive if possible. The bass boost isn't necessary...So my last eq graph without bass is my current goal.
How expensive and/or difficult would an active filter be, and how small physically?
Yeah baby, you need to try my eq gnarl.A great example of the uerm treble issue is "danger zone" by kenny loggins. The original top gun soundtrack. None of those crap remasters On the uerm the vocal is pretty murky believe it or not, and hard to hear as clear and distinct. On the er4s it is not.
 yeah, orange are nice, but red is where it's at with the treble. :) red and that gentle eq and these things are to be reckoned with. even non-eq'd they are superb. :) Orange is nice if you don't mind the slightly darker treble (relatively speaking that is)
 I use a shelf too. I made this for easy conversion to other eq apps where a shelf isn't viable or doesn't translate the same. The basic notches seem to always sound identical in my experience, so I was using those. As for the treble, there are times it seems brighter to me, but I think that is when the fit isn't as deep. However, the brightness is tricky. Because it might sound bright at first, but it's really more of a peak that shouldn't be there. Whereas when they're...
 As I expected, further listening revealed a less deep cut on the higher notch filter. Here is what I think is my final or close to final EQ value graph: You can ignore the bass boost. It isn't necessary. It is the icing on the cake, but I realize that is probably a whole different beast to tackle..
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