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 The kc06 has this as well. They even show the difference in tip response as a graph on the package. ;-P
 I completely agree, even about the treble. However, the kc06 compared to stock tenore tips for me just sounds more lifelike and realistic, with the differences you noted, while not bothering me at all. The peaks aren't prominent to me, but the dip is a bit more. However, it's possibly one of the least offensive dip/peak combos i've ever heard. When you listen to music for a bit and don't think about it, it's surprisingly good to my ears. However, the tenore in a proper...
So I've been listening to the tenore today vs. the kc06. It's interesting. I definitely have been hearing what some people described in the past about soft treble or not dynamic or lifelike. Only relatively speaking that is, as the tenore is superb in any configuration. But I had been using the stock tips for a while now because they have been fitting really well. However, they fit well in a medium/shallow depth. I switched back to the smallish mh1 tips that are narrow or...
I'd have to check my latest settings. I've been listening to the tenore lately :-) my er4s was starting to hurt my ears by actually giving me scabs of some sort from the silicon rubbing the skin over and over, because of doing a lot of comparisons...What tips do you use and how deep?
Me? Hardly experienced. :- PWhat about non-hardening putty? Just fill the vent like a cap, but not into it.
What about stuffing cotton in to fill the entire area? It would fill more but allow some air perhaps? While shaping around the cable.Maybe pull apart a few cotton swabs?
Awesome. I'm so doing this on my slightly bassier pair to try and achieve perfect levels... Thanks.
It's just looking out for others. This is the place to discuss tenore sales and where to avoid buying tenors would fall under that. I agree that at a minimum it sounded very much like the tenores were sold to someone who wasn't informed that the seller had experienced volume loss, etc. guarantee or not, the buyer should be informed of potential issues, that's all people are saying.
I teresting. I have a bad case of cable failure coming up i'm guessing. If anyone remembers the set i superglued in an attempt to lower the bass... Well look at this. Not the best photo, but the cable has come out of the housing a good amount. You can see the glue is lower down the cable. I can also easily push the cable back into the housing, Here's my issue... I've barely used these. I have been using my other set. These haven't been slept on, yanked or anything....
I've seen that hand somewhere before... :-P
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