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Thank you so much er4s and gnarlsagan for making my 4am bus ride to the airport SO much more relaxing!
 Yeah. They are amazing. With my tone generated eq of only two gently cut bands (with optional bass boost) my er4s approaches the neutrality of a perfect monitor. I find it preferable to a standard uerm in most ways as well. But that thing is great with no eq. They are my top two iems now. I'm flying to texas friday, and the er4s are the only earphones i'm taking.
 squeeze them in a vice clamp. really... really... really. hard. it tightens up the sound a bit too. ;)
 JDS C5D. mmmmm
I can bring friends :-P
I'll be there if i can!
That could help if the tips are loose, but otherwise you would be moving air in the eustation tube. I think it's best to move air through the tip seal out of the ear. But whatever works!for filters i woukd use red and then orange. Beyond orange is too colored for me. Orange is darker in tone by comparison, but still very nice.
 Yes. The key is to have a neutral air space. No vacuum. The easiest way to do that it to slightly moisten the tips and rotate them as you insert them. (that's what she said) If you can create a seal with no pressure or vacuum that is at a good depth you should hear the er4s as intended for the most part...
yeah, that's what i figured. I'd like to stay passive if possible. The bass boost isn't necessary...So my last eq graph without bass is my current goal.
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