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 It depends on the tenore you get. They appear to vary greatly and also might have durability/performance issues. But with a more reference pair, yes, they are in the same vein as the mh1 but more linear and a less overall bass depending on the fits.
Weird. I find the ostry and mh1 similar in all those ways. The ostry is a little more V shaped than the mh1 with a good fit, but with a normal fit the mh1 is overall more bassy, but still more linear. The ostry has no isolation but that sometimes makes the fit very consistent.
Which foam tips fit the tenore? I've been getting varied treble response, from the soft treble some describe to amazing jaw dropping accuracy. I'm wondering if perhaps moisture on the mesh could be my problem? Attenuating certain highs? It's driving me crazy. Sometimes, side by side, the kc06 is definitely better overall and then other times the tenore is better, that's a big fluctuation in my mind.
Kc06 for me has better and lower bass than a bassy tenore. The treble is also inline, only being very slighty less linear and with the dip.
 Not for me either, in fact I really like the bass and treble, but I the treble is slightly non linear and the upper mids dipped...
 Yes, on top of slightly boosted bass and treble (not bad) the fit is horrible. The sound is usually great, no problems there regarding fit, but they block almost nothing out of the ambient noise, which in my book lowers their quality, because i always know i'll be hearing other sounds that will interfere with my music. And they are just irritating when you feel like they aren't in all the way or not sealing well. And the cable is really not that good either. It turns into...
Still depends on the seller and their policy. If the policy states "uses amazon's return policy" with no exceptions, you should be fine.
Oh god. I forgot how good the mh1 was and forgot how awful the cable is. I need to finish my latest recable and just keep them. :-P Gnarl, you haven't heard my white beauties. Maybe sgs would loan them to you? Haha The bass is lowered a bit. And personally the bass boost on stock isn't that bad if i use the right tips to get a shallow fit. I'm really digging them. Personally i feel tenore = kc06 = mh1 They all sound amazing and all have crappy problems. I might be...
I'm back on my mh1. Better than i remembered! Haha i'm having strange tonal issues with my tenore. Explain later. Working.
Minmine too. My right cable is iterally free moving. I'm worried a tug on it will rip it off the driver.
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