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I have done that, yes, when I'm not in public. :-P I don't stress the cables at all. I make sure the bend is sufficiently large. But it can be done while still looking reasonable. The new cable is probably better in this regard though. I want to mention once more the cord-lock I made on mine. I find it helps avoid cable noise very nicely, because it holds the cables together right up to your neck. So they aren't flailing around as much. I highly recommend this along with...
Although not "as" attractive looking, this CAN be done with the old straight cable as well. I've done it myself before. You just need to not bed it as tightly.
I'm all for the C5. Mine sounds excellent with the rockets! ;-)
Pain? You just unscrew the old filter and remove it and put a new filter in. You shouldn't need to clean the bores, unless you mean the very very outer edge had a bit of wax or something. :-P Takes me about 10 seconds ;)
I've had my pfe112 for over two years and use them EXTENSIVELY. Also swap them in and out ALL the time when comparing earphones. Mine looks and feel brand new.
absolutely agree with gnarl. grey too big and they crease in my ears. clear too small. he recommended those to me, and that's all i use now. i do need to wet them though. that's critical for me
I've played with all the bass mods. I mod all of my recables to have a bit less bass. I don't find any effect on smoothness on any of my recables, but I suppose someone could get the impression of that because of the bass being less. Bass and midbass can give the "impression" of warmth or smoothness. However, I don't find the treble becomes any more "peaky" or anything. Just more apparent due to the lower bass, but that's the point of the mod! :-) ;)
Tha A is a different sound than the standard kc06 I have from what I've read. It didn't sound good either from what I read. :-P More bassy I believe...
 You're going on amazon ratings? Bah! A bunch of non-audiophiles most likely buying a cheap earphone and not knowing what good or bad might even sound like? :-P  70% positive rating basically out of 288 reviews doesn't sound as bad ;) Not the best out there, but not that bad. :-P I'd take the ex71sl over the tenore if I can use my single eq point or passive notch filter, but not otherwise. :-) The ex71 is more balanced overall stock to me. The tenore has more small...
 Yes. These are dynamic drivers.
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