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I still prefer er4s with comply over anything else stock. They do affect frequency response a little, but much more comfortable and still very good sound.
 I had the star tips when i had the w4r, but I'm not sure if I ever tried them with the er4s. Too bad. Sometimes tips you wouldn't expect work great.
Does anyone know if rin has a graph of the er4s itself?
ER4S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baaaaaaaah!
 Those were my two thoughts exactly. I was going to try and melt the glue of the back section and open them. Otherwise, cutting through without damaging the stress relief at all would actually allow new wires to be run through the existing stress relief. We'll see how it goes...
 Hehe. I'm going to do one with the leftover leads like my first and then try for a super duper driver recable. I'm going to try and see if there is any way i can open them without damaging anything at all....
I have my work cut out for me now. Four mh1 to recable in different styles. :-o    
 You were supposed to have me do one ;) hehe. That's o.k. I have four to do anyway. :-P
You ordered another recable?
I agree. But for right angles i like it. Why couldn't you use the ue cable?
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