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So basically as the title says I'm looking for a good DAC around the $200-300 range to pair with my DT880's and a DV336SE. I have been thinking of getting this: but without the USB card and buying a sound card that has a S/PDIF out. I don't want to spend more than 400 for the soundcard/DAC combo though. Would this setup work well? Or is their another DAC that I should go with that is...
connect it to the technics receiver? how? What headphone amp should I be looking at? I said earlier that I thought about grabbing a Meier but didnt know which model. I thought you were suggesting this USB DAC for those purposes, no?
Alright, thanks man. I wont need any other equipment to drive the cans if playing from this DAC plugged into my PC?
So if I want to play some music off my desktop PC I'm thinking of getting a Meier amp but dont really know which one I should go with. Hopefully under 500 USD. Any ideas? Also will I need a better soundcard in order to provide a better source? I'm playing mostly FLAC but am unsure if i'll need any other equipment besides the amp and the phones.
They are for music only.
I was worried about needing an amp for these cans, but as long as I'm not running them through my desktop PC I should be fine? Seeing as I do most all of my listening through that receiver I was hoping not to need any additional proprietary equipment. Am I correct in that assumption?
So here is my dillema. I have been looking at grabbing the Beyerdynamic DT880's. I would be playing them through my vintage Technics SA-600 but am unsure if they would be under/over powered by the amp and if they would really be getting their full potential being played through it. Here are some specs I have dug up on the receiver: Any help would be awesome, thanks!
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