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Just got them in today. Really liking them! You really need to use the foam tips. It made SUCH a big difference. However, the foam tips that came with them seems to be a bit too small for my ears. Are there any foam tips that fit with the dn2k? I tried using my GR07 MK2 foams, but the hole is a bit too small.   As for impressions: Definitely love the 3D esque sound these give off. Compared to my GR07 MK2 (which unfortunately broke), I'd say overall this has a bit less...
How are these for long term wear? I've read the review linked on the first post that the non rounded body may make for uncomfortable long listening sessions?
Hey guys, my GR07 broke, and I'm in the market for a new higher tier IEM. I was looking at the DN1000, DN 2000, Sennheiser IE8 and the IE80. Could anyone give a comparison of them? I really loved my GR07, though a bit more clarity on the higher trebles and a tad bit more sub bass would be nice
 Ooh. That's saying a lot. Okay I'll check them out. Where did you get yours from?
How does the DN-2000 compare to the DN 1000?
I had the GR07 for a little bit over a year, and unfortunately the right side broke. I'm guessing the drivers and not the wires broke since no matter how i twist the wires, the right side does not come on. I was thinking of getting higher tier IEMs, and I was wondering what you guys suggest? I really loved the balance and clarity of the GR07, though it could use just a tad bit more sub bass. I could also use a (very) sightly darker tone too. So far I was looking at either...
I currently have the GR07 MK2, and was looking to upgrade to the Westone 4R. I can get them for 320 dollars. Is the upgrade worth it, or should I hold off on getting them? I do really like the GR07, but a slightly more impactful low bass wouldn't be bad. I've also had the RE0, but that was almost too balanced, and lacked a little in the bass department.
Hi, I was looking to go up the IEM tier from my GR07 MK2 and was wondering if the Westone 4R would be worth the upgrade. I can get the Westones for 320 dollars new. Additionally, any information on the difference in soundstage/ sound quality (warmth, bass, mids treble etc) between the two would be appreciated.   I don't know if the following information would help, but... I've had the HiFIMan RE0, which was good, but the bass had too little impact. Maybe almost too...
The mid and treble are pretty good, and the bass is better than my old speakers, but if it gets too low, the bass gets muddled. I got Lepai instead of the receiver you recommended because I realized I wouldn't have space for a receiver close to where I would usually be sitting :/   I was actually thinking of getting http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000092TT0/ref=pe_175820_26639020_pe_epc_dt1  and was wondering how good these subs were, and if I could connect them with method b....
Hi, I'm a newbie at this stuff, and was wondering whether my Lepai amp http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0049P6OTI/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i02 could be connected to a subwoofer. I could not find a subout port on it, and hence am asking here.    I currently have a 2.1 bookshelf speaker setup (am currently in a college single dorm). Thanks for the help!
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