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Thanks for confirming.
I'm considering this to replace my aging 10+ year old Gigabeat loaded with Rockbox and have a question about the Sleep Mode. Does the X3 II have a persistent Sleep setting? I.E., do I have to set the sleep timer every time I power the device on? Or can I set the sleep timer once and it stays set to the same sleep timer on every power up?
So, after rereading some reviews and thinking, I'm set on the HE-500s. Will they be a decent compliment to my DT 880 and 990?I listen to a wide range of stuff, mostly Rock and Metal. Though I have began to get into Lindsey Stirling, Vanessa-Mae, and Escala. Not really sure where they fall into genre wise.
Well I'm not really looking for another basshead headphone just yet. That's why I brought up the point of owning both the HE-400s and the DT 990s, and whether or not it would be pointless. As, I'm under the impression that bass is the main reason to chose the HE-400 over the HE-500.
Hello All, I'm looking for some advice on my next headphone purchase. At the moment I am torn between the HiFiMAN HE-400s and HE-500s. I'm not sure which would complement my current cans better. I started out with the DT 880s and picked up the DT 990s for a bit more bass. With that said, I am curious how the HE-400's bass compares to the DT 990's? Is there any point to owning both, based on bass alone? From what I gathered reading, the DT 990s have the bass quality...
I placed an order for a D2 on Friday to go with my A1. Went with the opamp upgrade and gona order a few tubes to try out. Anyone know how the D2 would perform with a La Figaro 339? I'm looking to buy one in a month or two.
I'll be getting the TubeMagic D2 with the upgrades to start with. It is priced right and has the inputs I want. Plus the fact that I have an A1 plays into it. Though once I buy the La Figaro 339, I may see about getting a HRT Music Stream II+ down the road; as that is supposed to pair very well with the La Figaro. I will then move the TubeMagic D2/A1 combo to my PS3, as being able to use headphones will be very convenient. That's the plan, but could easily change in...
Well Amazon has the Beyer DT990s 600 ohm on sale for $246.79, so I pulled the trigger on them. At that price, I could not pass them up. I may check out the HE-400s at some other point.
So, using EQ would be better than the bassboost in the enhancement section?
If you go into the audio options in Control Panel, there are several audio enhancement options. I'm running Windows 7 by the way.
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