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Is there a smaller size IEM that is on par with these? I don't really like the size of the 8320s as they were uncomfortable but they did sound very good!!
I bought a pair because they were on sale. That was good I thought, I am getting a good deal on a pair of headphones. But when I got them, they were awful.   They crackle. They don't block out much sound. They don't get loud at all. The left side was unbalanaced. Yes they are a bargain set, but when these problems occur even before they are really used, there is a problem with quality control isn't there? The monoprice 8320s gave me an expectation, a high quality...
OP, how did they break?   I usually have the wires go bad.   My favorite pair were some altec lansing headphones they no longer make. They lasted about 8 months and sounded great. However, most of my headphones die within 3 months.
I'm not the OP but you can find those on mouser.
I was hearing some crackling on one side and I opened them up, and saw that they were kinda messed up. I turned on my soldering iron, and was fixing it, but then... I desoldered off the copper plating on the headphone speaker!    I don't know how to fix this!   The wire does not adhere to anything on the headphones. I don't know how to fix this, I was trying to solder it somewhere and it just didn't work at all. Any ideas for a fix?   Ok I googled it and...
I hear it on all of them besides the S3. It's too bad, they're the only ones that support voodoo sound and I can hear crackling as soon as I do simple things like turning off the screen. Oh well, no more Samsung phones for me. :/ I don't think it's software as my htc phones didn't have this problem.
Do you notice sound when you are using the touchscreen? It's a slight crackle. Only Samsung phones have this and bad audio jacks, I'm not sure why. With the continuum, I have removed the grip sensors and now there is only sound artifacts coming from me using the touchscreen, not as much as the sensors but noticeable.
I get a lot of audio interference with my samsung phones. For instance, my Galaxy S made strange crackling sounds when the touchscreen was used, my Epic was notorious for having a bad connection or solder and making the same crackling sounds randomly, and now my Samsung Continuum does the same thing when the grip sensor is touched (even when I turn it off). I touched the sides without audio, and it doesn't make any sound, but only does it when I have music on. I've also...
I'm wondering what your opinions are on iems. I had a pair of mono price iem but they weren't at all comfortable, although they were good at everything else. I like the brainwavs but they break too easily. I've been using billets by munito but they broke recently too. I remember I used a pair of skullcandies, altec lansing inmontion (my favorite but I can't find them anymore they had the best build quality and sound, used for about a year) and some $13 Sony that lasted a...
Does anyone know how to make my headphones seat correctly? I always get disconnects. I have no idea why Samsung decides to round their headphone jacks. So retarded!
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