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When i saw the tread title I thought someone must be exaggerating, and then I saw the page count. Needless to say I had to have a try, so for 15 bucks I got myself a pair of white ones.   Up until now I thought the JVC marshmallows were the cheap iem reference, man was I in for a surprise...   These, despite their build quality, sound-wise punch way above their weight, anyone would easily confuse them with other iems costing 5-8x as much in a blind test. Its mostly the...
Thinking out of the box for a moment.. I lived in china some years ago and being the electronics junkie that I am, I set out to find some good chinese speakers and these were what came out: http://www.edifier.com/eng2005/product/s0005_00.html The company makes everything from the cheapest little plastic 9.99 to amplified monitors that lets say are not cheap. If anyone gets a chance to grab one of these or their newer counterparts, its a no brainer..
If the koss is seaming weak its your sound output that cant drive them. You have two options, get a sensitive iem and tweak the onboard sound or go all out and get a DAC-amp so you can drive them properlly.  I would consider getting some jvc marshmellows for the former and the fiio combo with the koss for the latter. just my 0.02
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