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I personally don't see myself moving to a high end amp or DAC. I prefer solid state amps as I dislike the idea of changing the sound with tubes. I don't understand the point of a high end DAC as all it does is urn 1s and 0s into a signal.    I'm definitely looking into the M-Stage HPA-2 or possibly the O2+ODAC from JDS Labs.
I've just come back from my local Hi-Fi store today after hearing a range of Sennheisers. I got to have a solid 1 hour sessions between the HD600s, 650s, 700s and 800s.   I spent a good bit of time with the 600s when I went in and listened to a few tracks running through a Rotel amp (I'm unsure of the model, it was about $2,200AUD) and wasn't all too impressed by them, they sounded good but it wasn't what I had expected from them. I moved up to the HD650s and for me,...
Thanks for the replies, I understand that this can be a long process and it's not worth cutting corners.   I am curious about my order with the recent changes being made. Will I receive the BA4F's with the standard connector or will it arrive with the newer connector? I'm also curious will my order be considered a BA4F, or would they be CE4Ps?    The newer connector would be nice but aside from that I'm just excited to finally hear them once they're all done! 
Has anyone been able to contact Phil in the past few days? I've been looking for an update on my BA4 order as its been on "impression detailing" for over a week now and it doesn't look like it's going to make the quoted 2-3 week production time. For people who've already had their CIEMs sent, how long did your orders take?
Just pulled the trigger on some BA4Fs!    Phil has been great with support and fielding any questions I've had, I can't recommend him enough.    I'll be sure to keep this thread updated on the process if any of you are interested.
 I'm just wanting to make sure I'm not damaging my hearing at all but having it at 200. I'm unsure how you can listen to it at 60-90, that's incredibly quiet on L gain from what I can hear.
What kind of volumes are most people running their DX50s at?   I have some Shure SE215s and I mainly use mine for my daily commute to/from work.    I have my gain set to Low and I usually go from 180-200 (200 when on the bus and 180 when walking)   What is everyone else using?
I was looking at the BA3 which is 410 with my customisations and the BA4 is 482 with my customisations. Do you think it'd be worth the upgrade?
Even if I'd need a refit it'd still be cheaper than going for other similar spec'd/quality companies that are near me. I think considering the great Customer Support I've had from Phil too, I'd rather support CE as well. 
It's $50 for the impressions and I'd plan on sending them express. From Australia to Sweden it can get a bit expensive to ship and I usually overestimate, just in case it'd need to be sent back etc.
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