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All the comments about how better it is with an amp connected to NFB-11 makes me want to invest in a separate amp...only if I had the funds.
The NFB-11 drives my GR07 at low gain 9~10 o'clock very well. For DT880 (250ohm) and HD650, comfortable listening at high gain 10~11 o'clock.
Yes, they add a tracking number on Paypal.
Got mine at $100 or something. It' fine.
Exactly the reason why I also got them :)
The HD598+E17 was noticeably warm and I am guessing that you will lose some of that warmness when you switch to NFB-11. The NFB-11 isn't all that neutral/dry, it is a tad bit on the warm side (the amp). I doubt you would notice considerable improvement of SQ of HD598, but I have never heard HD598 with NFB-11, so I cannot give you a definite answer. The NFB-11 is really a worthwhile equipment to invest in and you won't be disappointed, especially with the new switch for...
Yes, the mute relay problem has been fixed with a switch to disable it. NFB-11 or NFB-15 might be an overkill for HD598, but I can suspect that NFB-11 will sound very good with it. You can always upgrade headphones later to maybe HD600/650, so it's never a bad investment :) I always found E17 to be a good match with the HD598, so I never bothered getting a better DAC/amp until I decided to buy HD650 and DT880.
The NFB-11 Feb. 2015 version will be flawless. The driver works very well now and that switch addition will perfect it. Very nice sounding DAC/amp, I would say it's very worth the money considering you can get a Asgard 2 & Modi 2 stack for the same price. The look is much better in person compared to the picture. :)
They fixed it with the switch though? The NFB-11 really isn't a bad match with the HD600. It sounded very natural without much color which can be good and bad, depends on what you're looking for. It just sounds natural...not neutral, but natural. I personally prefer the HD650 much more than HD600 with the NFB-11, so I expect the NFB-15 would be a better match for the HD600. I think it depends hugely on what you are looking for.
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