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My wallet is ready for the b-stock!
Yep, I was also confused by this. Very good point. It just allows flexibility for better fit.
Ah, I found the problem with the volume control. Better to use Analogue 1&2 volume adjuster (Windows volume) because master volume will just reset after an on/off cycle of the unit.
Wow, I just switched it off and on about 5 times and the blue light does come on. Connected charger and then disconnected it, after 5 on/off cycles, blue light comes on. I read somewhere that the light is not dynamic, but static and only displays the previous charging state of the unit. I'm guessing the unit will just shut off without any warning in this case. Still, I shouldn't have to repeat 5 on/off cycles just to get a reading of my unit. I had the mojo for quite a...
I plugged mine in for like 30 minutes and the green light turned off. However, when I turn the unit on, a faint purple light turns on and nothing after that...I feel like this is a defective unit, maybe the red light will turn on. When I plug in the charger, the green light keeps turning off, so it must be fully charged. Gah...and the bottom right corner of the back panel is slightly raised, not in place. Can't say I'm impressed with the QC, but sound is phenomenal though....
So I have received my gov2+ inf. and it is firmware 1.5 along with the molded plastic. The latest version has really solid build quality, the plastic edge feels very sturdy and is not prone to any scratches. It does turn on, but haven't tried playing it yet because there is no power light when turned on which means the battery is depleted. It is currently charging with green light on. I have a few questions for the infinity version if anyone could answer them.   1. How...
I think yours is the 2nd version...don't know if there were any hardware changes from 2nd to current version though other than the firmware upgrade. Might want to contact lh labs for a better answer.
Thanks. Good to know that it can act as an adapter when you have a bal cable, but an unbal source. I don't think the other way is physically possible, going bal-->unbal. Soon going to order Andromeda and I have a gov2+ inf. in my hand as a source. I've heard some people complain about the noise floor being apparent even though the source has an OI of 0.49. They use IEMatch to get rid of the hissing as well as alter the OI to either 1 or 2.5 to alter the sound slightly as...
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