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 Wow. That is a weird problem. The new v2 driver fixed all the problems for me and works flawlessly on 64bit W8.1. 
Rings did make a slight difference for me, but only between 1. no rings, white rings, 2. blue rings 3. red rings. Red rings were always the most balanced with all tips. Blue rings for me sparkle the highs a tad bit compared to reds and white rings don't sound right to me. I guess it's all personal preference, but I can certainly say that the differences are there, very subtle.
I must say DN-1000 is magical with blue spacers and the largest foam tips provided for me. Coming from GR-07 MKII, the difference is pretty big.
Joker has gotten back to me on his site with "The DN-1000 is better overall but both are pretty sparkly. The DN-1000 has less bass impact and more bass quality, with better depth and resolution. The FXT90 has more of a mid-bass hump. The midrange of the DN-1000 is more recessed, but still clearer, partly because the bass is more controlled. Both have good treble energy – the emphasis on the DN-1000 comes in higher up whereas the FXT90 has more upper mids/lower treble. The...
I have been unsuccessful in finding comparison between FXT90 and DUNU DN-1000. Does anyone own or have owned both of them to make a brief comparison in terms of bass, mids, highs, and treble?
I am looking for a used pair of DUNU DN-1000. If you are interested in selling them, please contact me with price and condition. I preferably would like to get them delivered domestically (US) since I will be leaving the country soon. Usage of under 100 hours or a few months is preferred.
Since FXT90 is imported directly from Japan, it would take way too long before I leave the US. The imported ones have a high price tag, so I am looking for used ones. If anyone is interested in selling one, please contact me with price and condition. I am preferably looking for ones with less than 100 hours of usage or a few months old.
Great price! Pads look a little worn though.
All the comments about how better it is with an amp connected to NFB-11 makes me want to invest in a separate amp...only if I had the funds.
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