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Red grey gold is not vshaped at all. I would actually put it somewhat balanced, maybe even mids emphasized depending on track except for subbass which is attenuated just a little to give a very fun listen. You can just hear the presence of subbass enough to be enjoyable (depending on tips). Other than that, mids are beautiful, no sign of typical vshaped mids at all. 
Not sure if typical because there are lots of BA without the sound you are talking about. However, I felt the same as you expressed even though mine already had about ~250 hours of burn in. I have tried large bore tips on it and still experienced some excess brightness. I just couldn't enjoy them with all that treble ringing in my ears. A lot of people seem to enjoy sw3, so I am probably the minority here being really sensitive to treble. Hell, I even thought my HE-560...
Really funny haha
I guess we're just going to have to wait for official announcement by forrest. It is 4BA+1DD though, looks pretty nice.
So I just switched back from medium spinfits to small spinfits due to comfort issues and of course bass quantity have been affected by this. The magic is to just slightly fit it in with a bit of open jaw, not all the way deep. Still can't decide whether to stick with grey/grey/gold or go red/grey/gold or go red/black/gold. All sound so good and my memory is not the greatest...only if I had another pair...sigh. Black LF filter sounds a bit bloomy though.
Does anyone know if it's OK to wipe silicone based tips with >99% IPA or undenatured/absolute >99% ethanol? It's easier to get undenatured pure/absolute ethanol than IPA here, but they both used to wipe down things, so...
You can try various 3rd party tips like comply, spinfits, spiral dot, ortofon tips, and so many others. If you want to go for another, you'll have a hard time selling your perfected CIEMs. If you do know exactly what you're looking for with thorough auditions, why not :D
Not yet...
CP100. CP800 is for smaller nozzles like ER4s
Go for medium if small stock tips are just right for you. You might want to buy medium and small if small stock tips are a little too big for you. If medium stock tips are a little small, you might want to buy medium and large spinfits. I don't know about large stock, they are huge...
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