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So I just received my GR07 and the stock sound isn't that great, but it is a lot different compared to GR06. I can hear some sibilance and some distortion, but I expect this to go away after some burn-in. Just by the improvement in the clarity and treble, I am already impressed. There is enough bass, good treble, decent clarity in especially the highs. Isolation and build quality is not much different. One thing I've noticed is the flexibility of the GR07 cable. I...
After having been disappointed with the GR06 for a few months, I decided to buy the GR07 MKII for a discounted price of $130 USD from as they are having a clearance sale because I believe it is no longer produced. I hope to give some personal comparison of those two soon for those who can't decide whether to buy GR06 or GR07 :)
Thanks, I might as well return them.
I have recently purchased this and did burn-in with my personal music for about 40 hours. I have to say that with all these fabulous reviews and how excellent GR06 is, I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of clarity and a little muddiness. The question I want to ask is how much improvement will there be from burn-in process of 40 hours to maybe 100 hours? Anyone who have used this for many months, could you please reply about the improvement? Thanks!
The problem with the delay of playback compared to the playback bar in Foobar is when FiiO USB DAC-E17 ACPL program is not in the system tray. If you run the program and leave it shown on your system tray, there is no sound delay. I'm not sure, but it might be a lag when trying to run this program for every song switch. They should fix this problem as ASIO4ALL is constantly running in the system tray, so there is not problem at all.
Yea, I would love a shorter cable with 3.5mm primary jack. I got mine a week ago and was disappointed with the long cable along with 1/4 jack because I think it is pretty unnecessary to have a 1/4 primary jack considering it is only a 50 ohms headphone. It runs perfectly without an amp and it is just extra size and weight. 
Finally got mine :) The factory refurbished Sennheiser was good as new. Even might be better than the one I listened to at a headphone store. It had no scratches, had perfect sound although a bit flat because it was just out of the box, hoping it will get better along burn in. It has a 90 day additional warranty, so I am extremely happy with mine. 
I don't know if its too late, but I'm getting my factory refurbished HD 598 in a couple of days. I will quickly post regarding the sound quality :)
Wow, very nice :)
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