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Notice the currency is in SGD
No problem. Looking forward to hearing your impression on Celeste although I suspect it will be a while for official launch :(
So, it's been some time since I've settled with the small size spinfits, but initially I've received three sizes S,M,L and stuck with medium for a week or so. It was a little too big for me, so I've decided to switch down to small. Initially it felt small, relatively, but it was way more comfortable. Now, the sound difference I've noticed was pretty much all subbass and a little midbass. If I could explain it in terms of filters, grey black gold with medium sounded very...
Tips made some difference for me between sizes. It's pretty interesting...
Black just doesn't sound right for me. I really gave it a good long listen. Excellent impact wise, but the midbass is just so slightly sounds bloated and leaks into the mids for me to go eh...I'm just going to go back to grey. And then voila, bliss is back.
Well said, as long as you are able to enjoy the music very much, you are right on.
Is this real life.
Yea, it doesn't make sense not to have a DAC in it.
Man I can't wait to hear your detailed impressions. If my assumption is correct on red/grey grey gold (subass depending on fit), the sound sig is mid-centric? There is definitely some rolled off highs with silky and forward mids which is what I love. I've done some research on CIEMs and mold impressions in my area and I might actually take the plunge for it this time as long as Celeste keeps the same magic going just like flc8s. Spinfits are very comfortable for me and...
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