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Since FLC8s is beginning to get the recognition it deserves, if anyone is doubting the FLC8s for just hype, FLC8s is responsible for leading me to a direction of portable. I sold my whole desktop setup (full burson H10, HE-560, SMSL M8), so I can listen to this in peace without all those gears rotting away. For me, having a full sized cans over my head and leaking sound to others wasn't worth it for the it for the improvement...How comfortable is it to have something in...
Much better~ ^^ should sound pretty balanced. I find red gray gunmetal is somewhat vshaped especially for subbass and a tad bit for treble. Mids seem a little distant.
Anyone know what color it turns to when mojo stops charging and starts to draw current directly from charger? Assuming a charger is plugged in and playing.
Yep. Thanks.
Gray gray blue...hmm doesn't sound too good.
As you said, they are both excellent and probably close to each other and when it comes to functionality, micro is much better of course. I actually like the design of micro much more. If you have full sized cans to drive, I don't think one would hesitate to get one or the other and just go for the micro. However, when you plan to use them only with IEMs/CIEMs, makes you wonder what to get. I guess the hype has got me and only time will tell whether it was worth it or not....
Opinion varies way too much from people to people. I see a lot of micro sounding analytical/bright in treble region compared to mojo. I also see a lot of musicality thrown around when describing mojo. However, I come to this thread and so many prefer micro idsd to mojo. I saw a detailed comparison and maybe it sums it up right. I would never know because I've never heard of both. This is the review....
I really hope that isn't the case hehe...Frankly, I just want a lightweight/compact and sturdy DAC/amp combo that can produce detailed and clean output with some body. Currently have nothing but my laptop as source and I'm not even complaining. Although I am very excited to hear what is up with mojo being described as 'musical' everywhere.
So which driver are you supposed to use if you are using Windows 8.1? I can't find any specification about that, only that there is a driver for Windows and Windows 7?...
Alright. thanks.
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