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Has anyone tried the Fidue A83 MMCX balanced cable with the Andromeda? It's a cheap and sturdy balanced cable option, I'm thinking of getting it instead of waiting for a month for balanced stock Litz, also much cheaper than Litz.   Link for Penon Audio's listing on eBay.
CA Andromeda. Read your comparisons and I definitely can't afford the ref 8 cable right now. I have never tried balanced on my gov2+ before, so I have no idea how the sound compares with SE. Right now, the litz sounds perfect with my gov2+ SE although I would love to compare it with Tinsel myself. Ergonomically, I would definitely prefer the Litz cable for obvious reasons. The Tinsel cable looks beautiful too, but the thought of it have memory retention gives me nightmares.
So I got a reply regarding 3.5mm TRRS balanced termination and the only available 3.5mm TRRS balanced right now is Tinsel. Litz 3.5mm TRRS balanced will be ready in a month or so. I can't decided whether to wait or not haha. My IEMatch is coming this week.
Have you received your balanced cable yet? IEMatch is on the way for me and I thought I might as well order a balanced cable for my andromeda as well. 
Looks like the box came out to be 11inch x 9inch x 6.5inch from Adorama if anyone is interested.
I think it really depends how big your ear is and how perfect the tips fit in your ear. If the fit is just slightly too big, memory wires are very helpful to keep the IEMs in place which is the case for me. You wouldn't really need it if the fit is already perfect and that happens when I use smaller tips (doesn't provide adequate seal though).
Mine came with unmatched length of the plastic sleeve over the memory wire. One side is a little shorter than the other lol
Gah I read it somewhere, wasn't sure. Thanks for confirming.Looks like I'll have to email if they have 3.5mm bal litz. Thanks.
I just noticed tinsel is the only option for 3.5mm TRRS bal. Does the tinsel cable show any signs of memory retention or tangleness compared to stock litz? Thinking about ordering it as I already ordered the IEMatch already.
You can always take off the plastic sleeve and cut the metal wire to take off the memory wire part.
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