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I saw something Chinese on new posts page and I love chinese products for their value. ^^ Those IEMs look beautiful.
I hope they don't surpass flc8s...although I would really like something that is better at a lower price, not higher
There is no way the m50x matches up to the standard of hd800
Maybe it is in exclusive mode already?
Dunu 1000 is noticeably vshaped. Mids are recessed. The bass quality and quantity is similar, but everything else is better suited. Compared to red gray gold, mids on flc8s are more slightly forward vs treble and bass quantity all the way to subbass is balanced with the forwardness of mids. Red gray gun blue sounds more balanced in general, but that depends on preference and source. You will surely love flc8s if you loved the dunu. Vshaped was fun, but the more I realized...
Yes they are still my favorite, doesn't mean it is the only combo listenable...
gray gray blue indeed sounds amazing. Sounds so balanced with rolled of highs, that warmth and body.
I think that's a problem with the mojo. Mine pops once in a while in directsound. Have your tried wasapi or asio? If the HE-560 pops, better contact for a replacement.
The only thing you can trust is your ears :D
As well as red gray gold, if you still find them bright or fatiguing. You can go for blue instead of gold. There is an increase of bass presence due to reduced treble, so you might want to notch down the ULF+LF filters a bit if you feel they are too bassy. Definitely felt some muddiness, unrefined bass from red gray blue after extensive listening. Haven't taken the time to experiment with the bass on blue because I went back to gold after :D
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