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Yep, the CP100 with turning feature fits most IEMs. The CP800 fits small nozzle IEMs like ER4S.
My spinfits will arrive next week, looking forward to it. Glad to see you're enjoying them, a lot of mixed thought on them compared to spiral dot tips. The stock tips give decent isolation, but the small size is even too big for my ears because of how it's shaped like a cylinder rather than oval. This might not be a problem for those who regularly used medium~large sized tips, but for the people who have small ear canals, if I could suggest to @Flcforrestwei to maybe offer...
Isn't it better to have memory wire because if not wouldn't the cable be dangling behind your ears instead of being locked down close to your skin?
I used to go with red, gray, gold, but recently it has come to my attention that red had too much subbass, interfering with other spectrum. Lowered it down to gray gray gold for a very balanced sound. I listen to a ton of trance, prog house, pop etc.
Looks like sw3 can be a very good complementary to my flc8s. Recently had to tone down the subbass from high to medium for a more balanced sound. I really hope that subbass on sw3 will not be too overwhelming. Definitely could use some quality bass and that 360 soundstage in comparison. Tired of waiting...USPS hurry up!
Looks like the spinfit CP100 model fits lz-a2 and shockwave iii well, so it should have approx same size.
Once you get the hang of it it's very easy. The ones that have a little screw shape and is plastic are subbass filters (red being highest, white being lowest amount). Now the little rubber sticks that go on the surface of the IEMs are bass filters (black being highest, white being lowest). Finally the big metal screw looking thing screw onto the bore. The blue = mids, less highs. The gold = mids, highs. The black = mids, more highs. The green = mids, extreme highs. I...
The cable looks like flc8s, there is no fake flc8s don't worry. As long as it sounds good, it should be authentic. 
Nice to hear such positive feedback. Can't wait for mine to arrive.
Thanks, might as well get these as group buy just showed up locally. I hope one for spiral dot shows up too.
New Posts  All Forums: