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I currently use the Klipsch S4 "reference" earbuds. I couldn't use any of the stock rubbery tips without them falling out, with the exception of the smallest ones that worked if I jammed them all the way into my ear as far as possible. Next I got the Comply T100 set, and the smallest ones fit best with the medium fitting but not great. The problem I'm getting is that I don't use these very often (maybe once a week at most) and the cable gets stuck in it's coiled shape,...
I've got my xbox plugged into the titanium with a passthrough to headphone port so i don't have to switch cables around when going from pc to xbox. I''m using a modmic to talk to people, but don't want to have to attach a y addaptor all the way from my controller to my pc to hear them instead of dealing with the ducking that xbox usually does when set to play through speakers instead of the headset, and then I won't even have any control over the volume of hearing...
Yes, but I use both xbox and pc for gaming. I use the titanium hd as an amp for my headphones, but don't want a whole bunch of wires to be able to talk with my friends like this product:
I have the Titanium HD, but want to get the Astro Mixamp PRO so I can talk with friends on xbox because I don't want to have a whole bunch of cords going across my desk just to be able to hear people (i need to connect something to the controller which will then go into a y-cable with my pc audio to my headphones so i can hear what they're saying) and also for the volume knob, is this a good idea?
I have the Titanium HD, but will probably be getting the Astro Mixamp PRO so I can talk with friends on XBOX and also for the volume knob, is this a good idea?
Thanks for the info. I'm using headphones already, So only having stereo won't matter.  this sound card Is only $100 at newegg right now , So I'll buy it once I get home.
Hello. I've been looking at the recon3d fatal1ty vs titanium HD, and it seems like the titanium is the better buy. However, I need separate line in/microphone jacks. For line In, my XBOX can use rca, an optical cable, or 3.5mm. On the pictures of the titanium, it looks like the "optical" inputs are rca jacks. Can I use them interchangeably to passthrough to headphone out?
Do you have any experience with the dgx? I usually have one line in for my xbox and use the computer to route that to my headphones, and I also have a microphone. Can i use the same setup with the card?
I'll be using them only on my desktop PC, constant usage for hours.
Should I get the dt770s, ath m50s, or hd 558s for all around music, and gaming? I heard the m50 doesn't have very good soundstage (i think that's what it's called, how far away something is). DT770s seem a bit large for my head.
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