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After all this hype, I just bought a pair of these from Robert's Super Store on Amazon. Can anyone tell me what mods these need? Is Robert's Super Store selling genuine 2.1s? Thanks.
Just bought these! Hoping they wow me :)
Thanks for the reply, though I don't know if you understood what I meant...   I'm trying to use my USB port as an audio input, so I can plugin my headphones using my USB port. It looks like that FiiO device you're talking about has a female USB port, not a male. I don't think you understood what I was trying to do.
Hello!   Recently, my laptop audio jack broke. I'm looking for a replacement, such as a male USB to female headphone jack. Now, I've found one on eBay here.   The problem is that I am worried using this product will reduce audio quality. Is there some sort of device that would serve the same purposes (usb to audio) while not reducing audio quality, perhaps even increasing it?   Thanks so much!
How much? I'm super interested.
Thanks guys! Will check out the S400s.
Edited to remove.
  Grado SR325is -_- I know they're like the highest rated of all the Grado headphones and yet they sounded extremely foggy.
You're all crazy. The LP2s have a totally different design. I'm not going mad... Okay maybe not totally different, but still different enough to effect which one you'll buy.
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