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My mistake. Yeah, my box says 5 years as well. lolIt's been a while since I've looked at it. And since I got mine 2nd hand, no warranty to worry about. Ah, I see. Maybe they wrote up the policy to cover their butts legally but they're more lenient when it comes to covering actual warranty. I'll keep that in mind if anything goes wrong with my set.
That is where you're wrong I'm afraid. Also, Beyer only offers a 2 year warranty, not 5. And if you've read the link...The seller lied to you unfortunately.
Not trying to knock on a guy while he's down but... Unless you bought it new from a authorized dealer, your T1s don't have any warranty coverage. Beyer will fix the headphones for you but nothing is covered. You'll be on the hook for whatever's wrong. Even Beyer's preowned stuff doesn't comes with a warranty.
Comply's site will let you know which model to buy. If you don't find your exact model, try to find comparable matches.
I use comply Isolations (T-200) on pretty much all my IEMs. Good seal and super comfy. E: T-200 fit on my Fostex TE-05, Philips 3590, Sony MHC. I think they worked on Zero Audio Tenores as well.
All the Radio Shacks in my area are already shuttered. No deals for me. I was going to go for comply tips too.
Disclaimer : Sales are final. I am very thorough and honest in how I evaluate the gear that I have. Unless there is a glaring mistake on my part, there will be no renegotiating and or refunding. I'm just a hobbyist, not a store, and can not afford to eat shipping on a constant basis. Please do your research and be thorough yourself with questions. Thanks. Payment : I accept paypal.Shipping : Buyer coversInternational buyers can PM me to discuss shipping arrangements.Fees...
Yeah, filet mignons and lobsters apparently.
How would that make ebay store edition cheaper?
Nah, would say that the packaging is missing. Unless they sell it in a t1 box...that would be a cruel rollercoaster ride of emotions. Lol
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