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I don't really hear a hiss on Paper Tiger. Maybe slightly at best.I hear something in Myrrhman that sounds like a brush going back and forth. Then 20s in, there's a slight hiss.
It would help if you included an example, like specific track and timestamping when you hear the hiss instead of just saying "Music" every time.
You're so late that OP has already replied and explained the lack of logo. Here
It's going to depends on the company. I've heard that Senn does but haven't confirmed myself. Beyer is a definite no, they won't even give you a warranty on used demo items that they sell themselves.
The bass is sluggish because @ 500hz and below, the T1s impedance is actually pushing 800+ ohms and peaks out at 1400 ohms at 80-100hz.Source : InnerFidelity
There must've been a momentary slip up in security during pchi watch.
Then your point is misinformed because I didn't poo poo the deal. I was just pointing out that CCC was wrong and that the lowest price, wasn't.
Went and checked my order history for stuff I sent during Christmas and you are right. Bummer. I thought the stuff that I shipped to my folks weren't taxed. =\
Not cross ship, just order from amazon and then put someone else's address as the shipping. Would go direct w/o being taxed.
I thought about .11% but that's way too low. I can probably rack up some nice CC cashback points this way tho. Hmmm....
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