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Unless you like them all!
Look at the pictures and you'll see that it's a 1.E: Lyr 2 will say Lyr 2 on the front and back. And it'll have a gain switch.
Agreed. The DAC is quality stuff. Amp is meh. You would have to spend more than double to get something "better".
Just think about it this way. If usb isn't a viable form of decoding.... there would be no usb dacs. Food for thought. And flexibility is up to the user. If you don't need the volume knob and portability, flexibility would be zilch.I myself have an older model, SB X-Fi Surround 5.1 (Non-pro) USB. It's flexibility for me is zilch, I use the optical output to a NFB 12. But it's my only option as I game on a laptop and can't replace the card.
Omni USB has a opt out.
So... did BuySonic quietly sell some LCD-2 and LCD-X and had it slip from our radars? Or is it a placeholder for something coming up....? *Clicks notify me button*
I would honestly keep that to yourself and quietly edit it out of your history. Mods frown upon it here and doesn't seem to matter where you've sold it to. Just a FYI.
Wow, way to zombie a almost 2 yr old post. You might want to try PMing the OP since they've been long gone at this point. In fact. That was their last post in this thread. 12/20/12
Pretty sure he meant the JVC IEMs and not CPUs... *looks at website name* Yeah. Almost positive.
Trying to unlock Full Mojo Rampage? I'll take one if you still have it. It's the only game that interests me in that bundle.
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