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He just posted before you.
Alt Link Looks like a variant of the HiFiman speaker tap but with multiple headphone jacks.
If his coffee table can't fit the first option, I doubt the S.E.X. would as well.
...... Ew.
That looks like a medieval torture device.
For me, I bought a pair of T90s and had them as my primary for 10 months.Bought a set of T1s. After about a month owning both of them, I decided I could live with the T90s and sold off the T1s.I ended up trading my T90s for a pair of HE-500s, mainly out of curiosity but figuring that if I didn't like them I could always sell the HE-500 (Better resale value) and rebuy the T90s easily without any additional cash on my part.Ended up trading the HE-500s for the T1s instead...
I msg'd Koolpep, who also has a T1 MK2 from Massdrop, and asked him about how his unit is functioning. He's on a Mac but his unit doesn't show 24 bit support either. He says that he uses bit perfect to scale up the audio files to 32 bit and the T1 plays fine. Not sure how that's possible tho since the dac chipset itself can't handle it. E: I wonder if Aune is going to post this announcement on their own front page...
Thank God the only thing I've found in my headphone cups were just lint. I did find some glitter in my d2000s tho. Previous owner didn't even try to clean them up before I bought them.
I'm with Chris. Amp is fine, get a better dac. Modi would be a nice inexpensive upgrade.
A pair of HPs popped up on Amazon Lightning Deal. Looks familiar.... LINK Semi-confirmation here.
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