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ZMF Sigma
Thx, appreciate it.
Hey, do you have a link to purchase the two pin connectors? Just got a pair of er4s and not too wild about the stock cable.
Username : MrCthulu How about some music to go with our gear? Our gear is only as good as our sources after all.
Instructions and pics.
Gonna agree with JamieMcC on not needing to spend $1000 on the chain. Mine is relatively cheap, One thing I want to say is that, I didn't like the Modi 1 when I had it and I find it interesting that I also felt that the treble sounded metallic and harsh when feeding my DT880/T90s, even when paired with a OTL tube amp. The HD600 didn't have that issue and that pairing was "fine", too boring for my preference but it wasn't a negative pairing. Not sure what they did, if any,...
Duly noted. Mums the word... :X
I thought you weren't going to ever buy a TOTL w/ demoing first???
I had a noisy selectron (6sn7) that calmed down after I left it on overnight, about 12 hours.
I don't really hear a hiss on Paper Tiger. Maybe slightly at best.I hear something in Myrrhman that sounds like a brush going back and forth. Then 20s in, there's a slight hiss.
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