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DT880s Pro Text w/ DT770s Pro picture were really the DT770s Pro 32 ohm, they went for $145. DT770s Text w/ DT880s picture were really the DT880 Pro 250ohm DT880s never made it to a Lightning Deal, probably pulled due to the DT880s Pro being Under Review. LINK
I noticed that Casey doesn't list his Verbs as headphones but as "Other Audio Equipment." I'm guessing he secretly agrees with the findings.
What Mr. Rick said. It's better than you would expect for $200-300. I don't have much experience in higher end gear but from my previous chainsAudio GD NFB12.1Bifrost > Darkvoice 336Bifrost > Magni 2 ÜberBifrost > LD MKIIIIt's right up there. I sold it mainly because I prefer the warmth of tubes.Also, the Modi 2 Uber is so good that I "downgraded".I bought a Mo2Ü with the intent of trying it out and then selling after comparing. I was very surprised to find that the Mo2Ü...
Add in the fact that you can find it on Amazon Warehouse once in a while for under $600 used, you can put together a pretty nice system (MM2 Stack) for the price of HD800 alone.
What gets me is that the stand's MSRP is $280, but they couldn't be bothered to laser or engrave their logo into the base. Instead, it's a fracking sticker.
No idea. HD650s for $208 has been popping up on AWD for the past 2 weeks for some reason.
GO NOW Gone! Lasted 15 mins.
I hope not. Do you remember where you read that from? I love my dba02 mkII, looking forward to the mkIII
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