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Moon covers Grados, Senn, Beyer, Fostex and Ultrasones, best bet is probably contacting the company.
Looks like a bunch more...I found out not too long ago when I thought about modding my T1s for balanced output. Beyer was cheapest to perform and requires you to supply the parts.
Beyerdynamic does as long as it's done by a qualified modder or themselves. I think Moon Audio is on the authorized list.
He upgraded the volume pot. E: Look at the bottom right of a stock Crack and then look at his.
I doubt it.
Yeah. Senn will announce HD650 successor at CanJam probably.SPECULATION ON!I'm calling it. Urbanite HDIn all seriousness, I think it's due to the recent sale. Ppl probably bought it, found that they didn't like it and returned to Amazon.
The connectors are Amphenols. I love me some Amphenols. They make reasonably priced low profile 3.5mms. For those pesky cell phone cases.
It's even worst! 3.0 is actually 3.1 (Gen 1) in disguise!
The T90s are more "fun", V-shaped. Some prefer that signature and some don't. As for the worth more $$$.... that's going to be up to you really. Some find it is and some don't.
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