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............. Where do you find these things?? Don't actually answer that. I didn't really want to know.
Jeez. thx for taking the time to actually read before responding. I'm not saying that Amazon should cover it. I was addressing slowpickr's post where he said that since it was fulfilled by amazon, it was "covered". I was pointing out that the manufacturer wasn't going to cover the headphones warranty if it's sold by a non-authorized 3rd party seller even if it was fulfilled by amazon. And that just because Amazon was outstanding in refunding one transaction, doesn't mean...
Yeah, and that's up to Amazon's discretion to cover. They don't have anything written in stone so it's not really "covered". What if you have issues with the headphones a year out? I'm not so sure Amazon would help out with that. Amazon has a great return policy, I agree with that. But for the long term it's not the same as a warranty.
"Fulfilled by Amazon" is not the same as buying from Amazon. It just means that the seller has shipped the products to Amazon and Amazon is handling the shipping portion. You're still buying from the 3rd Party Vendor and warranty will depend on whether the vendor is a authorized dealer or not.
I stopped going to discovery because it was becoming NSFW thx to your gifs. Now here??!?! lol I keed I keed. Welcome back............ I think? :O
Like Fire and Ice Chaos and Serentiy Hot and Cold Cats and Dogs You can not have one without the other... They are Yin and Yang.
At the same time, they DO have a problem with it because they will ban repeat offenders/abusers of the return system. I think they're fairly lax on returns as long as you're not doing it for every purchase.
Sooo... nitpicking? ;P
It's the billing address. I buy and send stuff to my family in MA every year, never got taxed on it.
Ahh ok. I forgot that odac isn't DIY like the O2.
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