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On this forum, you've expressed frustration with your set(s) of Tenore and TTS. Then you mention that you've sold them to someone else. I feel that the lack of trust and accusations of shady dealings, justified, since you've been asked on more than one occasion whether you've informed the buyer of the TTS issues. You've avoided answering it thus far and you're being asked again by wayne and kahaluu. Clarify the issue and thus clear your name? Just saying.
I think it's still 10 ohms since it uses the same headphone amp as the E09K and ClieOS has said, and I quote, "The TPA6120 headphone amp chip inside E9 has a bit too much power and requires minimum 10 ohm output impedance for stability. ".
Great comparison and very eloquently said. My experience is very similar. Right down to track preference. Certain tracks, I'm just used to the closer laid back intimacy that the 880s offer and found the T1s a little "off" for those tracks. I did downgrade my setup tho. I found that the T90s were good enough where I still get the clarity and the vividness of the T1s but lose the superior imaging and staging. It was close enough at half to 2/3s of the price of the T1s that...
So very much this....... but the urge is strong. Dang Gadget-itis. lol
I think it's mainly because it's on a port by itself. The T1 doesn't use the power portion of the USB port, just the data. It gets it's power from the wall wart. It might be picking up the noise/interference from the keyboard. Other ppl that use a powered usb hub, it's usually the only device on the hub.E: As an aside; Ppl resort to powered usb hubs to avoid OS shenanigans where most modern OS will try to save as much power as possible by shutting or semi-powering the...
There should be no difference unless your usb ports are extreme garbage.
I'm tempted to try it out.
Same headphone amps(TPA 6120A2) and opamps (OPA2134), but the monoprice desktop amp... a FIIO E09k it is not.FIIO E09K InternalsvsMonoprice Desktop AmpOpamp layout is similar but other than that... it's a diff beast.
Ooo. Found some internal shots. NUDES Looks to use similar chipset combo as the Aune T1; Tenor TE7021L as USB and TI PCM1793 for DAC and 4 (maybe 5 or 6?) OPA2134 opamps. N/m on USB. T1 is TE7022L
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