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You should make friends with ppl in neighboring LA. No sales taxes here when ordering from Amazon. Even if you're not, getting a friend to buy and reship to you will save you some cash.Ex)IE80 (Small items will yield better due to shipping rate) $200. Min Tx tax is 6.25 so200 + 12.5(6.25%) tax = 212.5OR if you get someone to buy and ship from LA...200 + $5 = $205.
Then keep it and resell on the FS threads here. I'm pretty positive you'll find takers if you resell a MM2 Uber stack for $275.
Yeah, I didn't catch the sarcasm. Detector must be a little off today. I was also kinda throwing it out there that Jason probably wouldn't talk about how their product sounds because they're not allow to talk about how it sounds since that's gotten some ppls undies in a bunch.
I think we're not hearing about some of these things because MOTs aren't allowed to wax fantastic about products. I believe they can only comment on specs, measurements and parts. Correct me if I'm wrong because I don't remember where I've read it, I just remember reading about it on Head-Fi said by another MOT.
Just about everything you've named, you can easily do yourself. Angled drivers, not so much but... What's keeping you?It's "cheap" as you've said.The detachable cable mod is pretty hard to screw up. Once you've taken the stock cord out, the hole is perfectly sized for a 3.5 mm female jack.Don't need to do anything to the case, just drop the jack in and screw in the washer.Don't need to solder, just strip the wire and twist them together and electrical tape them.You're...
You didn't count gen 2 usb, which takes it to about 180 shipped, sans install. Almost 20 more than a modi uber.
Probably the price difference. T5p pads are $200....
Altho... for the price of the upgrades... you can buy a Modi 2 Uber. At that price point, buying a whole unit is cheaper than upgrading. Maybe cheaper upgrade boards is in the works.E: Or uber comes standard at the 350 price tag.
I wouldn't trust it. They say they're in Detroit, Mi but who in the US uses Cheque instead of Check? Plus, look at the payment options. Direct Bank Transfer Cheque Payment PayPal PayPal Cash on Delivery COD??? Really? If you must order, do COD and ask to open the box when it arrives before payment. If it's legit, even with the fees, it's still cheaper than the other prices I've seen them go for.
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