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You contact them and ask for a price match before buying.E: Besides, even if you did buy online and did a pricematch in store, they adjust taxes to the new lower price so you get that back as well.
Tax doesn't work like that. You get taxed on whatever the amount is after discount, not before. E: GC has Fostex TH900s.... @Guitar Center : $1499 @Amazon : $1399 Price match + 10%: $110 1499 - 110 = 1389.00 After LA Tax 9% : 1514.01 Guitar Center eGiftcard for $1514.01 at 15% off : $1286.90 10% cashback from Discover for buying eGiftcard through Discover website: $12.87 Final price : $1274.03 Pretty darn good for new. E2: Fudged the math on price matching. Updated
Hit it with some black matte spray paint. Or just get pipe insulation from Home Depot.
+1, entry level stuff is a whole lot better since it'll reap the benefits of cheaper production costs.
Yes and his table states that it's 365 w/ cable.
You got a budget? I loved mine with a OTL tube amp (Darkvoice 336se) as well as an Audio GD NFB12.
Awesome. I still need to get me a set. After many hours of use, it's still stiff. I've tried swapping with the 880s pads (Doesn't quite fit, can be easily dislodged) and some Beyer COP pads (Fits really nice, didn't like the changes to the signature)
You should just take the pads from your 940, dump them on the Hi2050 and call it a day.
Sony MDR-SA1000/3000/5000 ?
That's a bummer to hear. Mine is firm and snappy when turning on and off. It gives a satisfying audible click. Seems like the QC on the T1s have gone down hill ever since they've been popping up as a group buy option. A lot of those seem to have issues.
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