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Beyer's site says must be sold new. Refurbs and 2nd hands don't qualify.
Just read this chapter. The Alternate Schiit Lyr 2 situation sounds an awful lot like what LHLab's Pulse is going through right now. Feature Creep overload. Makes me cringe just imaging what damage/spin control is like there on a daily/hourly basis.P.S. - I just got a USB Bifrost. WTF was I waiting for?? Should've bought one from the start. Now I need to splurge on upgrade boards. lol. Keep up the good work Jason.
I had both and ended up selling the hd600. I found them to be too laid back for my taste. When I was abing them, I always ended up just listening to the dt880s. I had to force myself to listen to the hd600s for 2 weeks straight. in the end, the dt880s just light it up for me.
Dang man. How many times have you owned the HD600 and HD650s at this point? It seems like every 2 months, you're selling a pair. You're either a sucker for punishment or the love/hate thing is strong. lol GLWS
No, tube is used via usb only.I thought about keeping it for home... but I have a curious 3 yo and a curious 5 month old. it's going to be YEARS before I'm going to have tubes at home. lol
White is left, red is right. Not positive on the grounds. Multimeter would probably help.
He's serious/trolling/buyer's remorse. Just hating on something even tho he's been warned. Everyone who's owned a pair of T90s says it's bright. Still bought it anyways and now he's upset. lol
Here's your feedback : LINK. GLWS.
I can't personally test it out but I believe the DX90 has a dac mode that enables it to be used as a dac via usb from a computer, maybe a micro usb to USB B would work.E: Well, shipped off my Aune T1 & tubes collection. Upgrading to a Schiit Bifrost. It's been fun guys. Keep rolling dem tubes.
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