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No complaints going black here. Matches my behemoth of an amp, Darkvoice 336se.
Check out this video and see which one you prefer then buy accordingly.
First off, If you have a big head, skip the Kingston HyperX; It's a rebrand of QPad which is a rebrand of Takstar. They run small. I wear a 7.5 fitted cap and I'm nearly maxed out on my pair of HI2050s. I can max them out and still wear them comfortably. Addressing just the PC front, no experience with console setups, with any of those headphones, all you'll need is a sound card that can do positional and they should run just fine. They're all low ohm, high efficiency cans...
It can but it's not a tube amp. it's a tube dac w/ ss amp
Or maybe we can all change to Slacker September on the first day of October...
I didn't get any squeaking from any of my Beyers (DT770 Prem & Pro, DT880 Prem, DT990 Prem, T1 x2, and T90)
Now that's loyalty right there.
I can only offer this comparison going off of my memory of the dt880s as I don't have the 880s anymore but I remember the 880's mids being a little warmer and slightly more forward.It's all good!
Benefit of the doubt but... he did say it was the Pros and that one seems to have a confirmed variance (Mainly due to clamp but hey, it's a difference.).
Ouch, best of luck with the search. I'll most likely be keeping mine around for quite a while.
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