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Yeah... he's looking for Beats type of bass, the DT770s not going to do it. The King of Bass for bassheads right now is the JVC HA-SZ2000 which is available only from Japan. An easier solution is the Sony XB700s. Look for the Basshead club thread, they'll steer you in the right direction.E: Also, the Ultraones probably too.
Yeah, it's not. When you're committing 2K into your chain, another 300 or so to get a T1 is a drop in the pond.
It's not cause I like to listen to them, it's cause someone asked me how did they sound on the T90s. lolMoving Pictures FTW!
I loved the Beatles on the T90s... but after I need a crossfeed or merge to a mono feed. The stereo separation is bad on Beatles albums. Bowie can go back and forth for me. Depends on the mood. But Metallica makes me cringe at how bad it sounds on the T90s.
I stayed infatuated with the sound of the T90s, even now when I've moved onto the T1s. lol To me, it's normal.
Edit details link in the org post.
Beyer's site says must be sold new. Refurbs and 2nd hands don't qualify.
Just read this chapter. The Alternate Schiit Lyr 2 situation sounds an awful lot like what LHLab's Pulse is going through right now. Feature Creep overload. Makes me cringe just imaging what damage/spin control is like there on a daily/hourly basis.P.S. - I just got a USB Bifrost. WTF was I waiting for?? Should've bought one from the start. Now I need to splurge on upgrade boards. lol. Keep up the good work Jason.
I had both and ended up selling the hd600. I found them to be too laid back for my taste. When I was abing them, I always ended up just listening to the dt880s. I had to force myself to listen to the hd600s for 2 weeks straight. in the end, the dt880s just light it up for me.
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