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Well I've had a few days to listen to my 3C's now. Everything about them has blown me away - the design, the fit, and the sound! I honestly thought I wasn't going to get anything close to the natural, spacious sound of a nice set of open cans... boy was I wrong. I love the deep extension on the low end, and the crystal-clear highs. Everything is so well balanced, and the sound stage is really great. In some ways I find the sound stage to be superior to my full size...
I'm so excited to see these myself. Supposed to be showing up on Thursday - hopefully I can get over this cold in a hurry so I can give them a proper listen.
Awesome, thanks!I was admiring those on Facebook by the way - I think they're the most unique that have been made so far.
Did you elect for the expedited build option? I did not, and my impressions were received on Nov 21st. I'm trying to get a rough idea for when to expect a confirmation. 
I've never been to a meet before, and I don't have any gear to share, really. I am very interested in seeing what truly high-end gear sounds like though. Could I join you all? :)
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