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  Can you believe those started as Grado SR60s before an avid diy'er decided he wanted a more comfortable headband and circumaural pads....  j/k   Where are you guys finding these awesome pictures..... they make me smile.
That's true.... thas whys we all listen to beats... dey's the bestest.
/\ |   Did he fall into glue and a pile of next gen apple earbuds?
  Only raise the boost if the bottom end has been sleeved and heavily built.  Stock Honda engines run a relatively high compression ratio already. Much more than 10 psi would be dancing with disaster. High boost + high compression = knock.   Knock + short amount of time =  blown motor and a large repair bill.  Drive it like it is... it already sounds amazing.
Ive never heard of Tropicana50.  I will talk about the watered juice point, as a parent of a 4 year old.  There are actually two main reasons people water down juice.   1. To save money, because a young kid probably won't notice. 2. To avoid sugaring up the kid, because kids are hyper enough.   This could make tropicana 50 a winning proposition to the parents only if you are out later, want to give your kid juice for some odd reason, and want them to still fall...
Last car I bought was a nissan pathfinder a few years ago...  I asked how much they wanted and they said $13,500....  I turned and tried to walk out the door.  Three attempts to leave and some haggling later I paid $8,500. I think leaving was a good idea, call him back and act like your doing him a favor with your counter offer.  This shows interest but not eagerness.   Most people expect to haggle.   Also don't underestimate the motivational potential of a huge wad...
In the year 2042   wireless apple ear-pills   The same awe-inspiring bad sound, just nearly impossible to remove from your ears.   Horrid tinted lexan headbands will be the newest craze.   Lady Ga Ga will somehow still be alive and look just as weird.   wireless custom iem's will be available.   Grado's will look almost exactly the same.   cheap earbuds will come studded in fake diamonds....   never mind monoprice has that now.
  Rubber band fi?
That Nsx is sexy. I think I need to be your friend. Keep your money just let me drive the cars occasionally. ;p
Personal opinions are marketing research.  That is what it is all about.   I grew up relatively poor.  Our stereos tended to be cast offs of my uncle, neighbor, or whatever.  So although I was born in 1984 I got to experience older stereos. Now we call them vintage, then they called them junk.   Remember that the acoustic wave radio by Bose was released in 1984.   It was brilliant in that it used tiny and cheap drivers and components set up to allow it to sound...
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