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If you are worried about theft that much maybe you should build up an old volvo 240 turbo....   You should be able to find one for a couple grand, they can be made incredibly fast. They are available as a wagon or sedan, are practically indestructable, usually last for 300,000+ miles, and look like a brick. They ae also rwd and have a lot of room in the engine bay, this combined with the simpler engine designs of the 80's make them relatively easy to modify. You can pull...
I've seen a clk 55 for 8,000 a while back.  I regularly see 2004 volvo s60 r's available for under $10,000 on ebay.  Volvo v70r's are cool if your ok with having a fast awd turbo wagon.  Older audi's are a good deal.
Eva is quite attractive.... All the boys and some of the girls would like to spend time with her.     Nice piece.... of equipment. 
  AMX 3     Hakasuka Skyline GT-R       DDR Motorsports Miami GT     1958 Buick Roadmaster     Aston Martins are perhaps some of the prettiest cars on earth but here are a few different beauties for your gawking pleasure.
  I know that, however each of those parties was based on socialist ideals, at least initially. Some may have had a mix of nationalist ideals as well but socialism was also involved.  Look it up.   Take the Nazi Party. They proscribed to a form of socialism in that they wanted to nationalize production in multiple industries, eliminate private companies and create an ideal society free of capitalism, they also spoke out vehemently about the evils of capitalism, which they...
To be honest any political system could be considered benevolent and good for the people if the right people are in charge.  The truth of the matter is that human nature is the problem.  Those who most want to lead are the least desirable for the position.  That is why the founding fathers wrote the constitution as they did.  The constitution was never about giving power to the central government as restricting it, and there was a lot of common sense applied to it.  In...
If you use a 3.5mm splitter from your computer you can use a 2 sets of 3.5mm to rca connectors to connect your source to the lepai amp and a powered sub at the same time.    That is probably your best option.                           3.5mm ______rca=lepai laptop 3.5mm<3.5mm______rca=Powered sub
I don't know...  I would love a modified Golf or Rabbit TDI. Saw one in a magazine with 300 hp, 500 ft lb of torque, and 45 mpg.   I love BMW's but the little turbo diesel VW's have a lot going for them.  Imagine a mark 1 golf with a modern TDI swap and some upgrades.  The power to weight would be absurd, and the torque would make it hard to stop smiling.
The guy on top gear was write the porsche really is just a squished wide-body beetle.  The white car is proof of that.   I say turn it into an old school dune buggy.   Your super beetle is nice but can it outrun a fwd1985 Plymouth Reliant with a stock 8 valve head?     Actually I just wanted an excuse to post that....  It makes me smile every time I see it.
I'm leaning towards the Fostex PM0.4n's at the moment.   I found a cheap source of acoustic foam monitor isolation wedges, those combined with the speaker size and the size of my desk should put them at the right angle. I think it could work out well. Also shouldn't look too out of place with my 25" monitor.  I'm hoping for an excellent near field listening experience.   I still am tempted to buy a pair of the others as well to try with my TV. It will probably be a...
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