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For what it's worth: The RE262's are next up for me, but have to replace my portable Amp first. Originally, looking at the fiio e11, but I'm upgrading a little to the fiio e12 Mont Blanc $129. I purchased a pair of R-50's in December. I have nothing but really good things to say about their Sound Quality. However, their Warranty, cable and accessories are cheap. I broke mine after 30 days and their customer service wasn't the best. That being said, their Dual BA's for...
O     Take a closer look. Full-filled by Amazon! That's the only name on the Invoice. And its the best price I've seen. Not a gamble at all. Don't you have something better to dozen?
Westone W2 $185 Amazon Only 7 left. I can't pass these up
I would take s serious look at the r-50.
Look at the Holua wood 8mm driver. Cheap cable, cool accessories box and comes With a couple pair of Comply Foam tips. Least of the worst.
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