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Is there a power voltage can be change to 220V?
When is it available?
Up For Sale....     Audeze LCD 3-Fazor Edition, with  Q-Cable Balance 4-Pin XLR (6.54 Ft) and also 4-Pin to 1/4in adapter (also from Q Cable).   The cable itself cost me $300+   Includes all original accessories and cable. Still under Audeze warranty.   No Trade Please.   Paypal ONLY. Paypal fee included. Free Shipping Anywhere.
hahhahhahahhah.....Exactly what i feel....
I'm selling my Mcintosh D100, DAC/AMP combo, and yes it sounds amazing.   I've pair it with my HD800 and LCD 3F, is very musical indeed.   In mint condition, audiogon grade 9.5/10, had it for couple months. I'm upgrading to Mcintosh MHA100.   110V   Price $2000, not include shipping.   Please ask for shipping cost. Please check Mcintosh website for unit weight and box dimension.   All Mcintosh original box and accessories are included.   Please add paypal fee...
Wow!!!! Look at that headphone store!! The headphone store itself worth a trip....
Hi Rudy,   What level humidity do you set your drybox at?
Hi,   Do you still have the headphone?     Do you ship to china?     Do you have more photos?       Louis
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, those blue meters! How about that HXD, does it makes the sounds improvement from the D100 or it just a marketing gimmick?
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