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In general I don't see how high output impedance is helpful / good - it kills power output and risks drastic change in response from speakers with impedance swings.   I'd expect Planars to generally behave better, but as DavidA said, I guess muddy bass and rolled highs. Maybe that translates to "musical" to some.
Add the Pleather pad mod (Jergpad) for those who want an improvement but also to save money.Velour pad swap counts as a mod to me I am 99% sure the open grill mod is completely useless - unless you like the look.Blu-Tak mod is interesting - does that stuff come off easily?
Don't do it.
Sorry to hear that. If it is any consolation, I once bought some "mint" used headphones from the Internet, and they arrived broken. To make a long story short, the seller acted "surprised" but I smelled a rat - clearly they were trying to dump a broken product to some unsuspecting buyer. it was a sour and disappointing experience and as close to "scam" as I ever want to get! Luckily, I got my money back, and they got a negative review. Smokers can't always smell their own...
I still don't like the volume knob, or the power and gain switches on the back. RCA inputs are just wrong considering the purpose of the device and the likelihood of being connected to a phone, computer, etc. But that's just me - I drank the O2 koolaid a long time ago, and it was gooooood. The Magni offers nothing really other than more power, and the SQ has been deemed different, and it didn't seem to be different in a good way. Plus the O2 can now be quite extensively...
You mean you don't want selectable gain, and you don't mind the sight of a 3.5 mm to RCA adapter hanging off the back? If I put the O2 into an aluminum case and stuck an Apple logo on it, would you think it was the end-all be-all of amps? Just sayin'
Yes - I do what I can to hold the cable still while tightening the nut. It doesn't matter as it take more dexterity than I have to do it perfectly. The R Channel has always been much easier to insert and tighten without torquing the cable sleeve.
Don't forget to Check at the source! What is the source? Use another pair of headphones if you have them, to verify that both channels are fine.   A little "wiggling" of the connector was once necessary with my O2 before I fixed it's ground lead. To this day, I still given the input side a little "wiggle" one in awhile as the connectors are cheap.   On my HE-400s, the cable is slowly tearing on the L Channel. On occasion, The SMC male screw "backs itself out" due to...
So true. My PSBs were SO nice yesterday. But, serious ear fatigue - maybe its the slight pressure directly on my ears, or some extra "energy" in the sound.   I could never get rid of my HE-400s - they may be "colored" but they are endlessly fun to discover music with, EQ, and so on.
I'm not old enough to remember those good ole' days, but I have figured out that "highway sound" is basically a sort of loudness curve in my car. I guess the modern equivalent is "audessy / dolby / whatever" volume on a lot of AV receivers. They still put loudness on the Yamaha integrateds - so now I want one for my next O2!
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