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I second that. All EQing I do within my computer with whatever program I'm playing with. The O2 is awesome.
Let the pad tests begin  . . . . They both look like mass-production versions of the "Jergmod" pads. One is basically angled, better damped pleather, the other, velour. I'd expect the velours to sound more or less the same, and the pleathers to have the same "warm" sound with a little less congestion. But $40 bucks? Come ooooooooooooon! I'd love to see some actually test results of these on the HE-400s!
I am not sure you really disagree with me. The sibilance / treble characteristics are not what I really call "problems". I've heard many, many speakers, and they've been far more out of balance than anything I've heard out of the HE-400s. As for bass, I myself preferred a 3 db boost @ 50 hz. Needed the extra weight. Lol. The HE-400s are not neutral, but they are much more neutral than 90% of the other stuff I've heard.
An overstatement if I've ever heard one . . . Many people are typically "underwhelmed" on first listens. The speed and low-distortion bass made them seem quite thin to me - at both ends of the spectrum. As I got used to them, they "got bassier" and the treble had to be "tamed" with a mild 2-3 dB cut for my ears. I would still contend that they are mostly only as sibilant as the recording is - but there is a difference between vocal and instrumental sibilance - to me anyway.
So - "everything is better" and nothing is worse?   I wonder if going back to the HE-400s made it clear what some of the trade-offs are.
Love this thread - 24 pages long yet we know practically nothing, and have few impressions!   Can't wait to get more - but it looks like my audio budget is blown for the next couple years.
Also I'd like to know how many albums coming out are actually mastered by Professionals using high-buck equipment.   I've heard some claim that a lot of CDs sound bad because bands basically don't spend big bucks getting top-notch production done. Or, even cheaper, they do it themselves on a Macbook.   Anyone know anything about this?   I know from some experience publishing that color, long-lasting paper and bindings add up. Its a better product, but sure as heck...
I have some of that too  If it wasn't for classical and jazz, I wouldn't have as much basis to "bash" my beautiful-horrible pop recordings.
I am tired of waiting a week to get a new release. I picked this CD up at Target for $16. The bonus tracks WEREN'T really that great (knew it!). But this has to be one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Really good stuff. As far as the mastering quality I think it is a bit thick and rough. The heavy use of Reverb is a bit fatiguing on my headphones, and "messy" in my car (with pretty cheap components on board Lana's pretty voice sounds a little pulled apart). Also,...
That is a bummer. But you are a good person for doing it.
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