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 Both really - IMO, recordings shouldn't clip. But any speaker sensitive / resolving enough can play the "static". I've also heard it on my pioneer speakers. As far as speakers making albums sound great or not, I guess sometimes a "colored" sound is desirable. But generally, I like the speakers that are able to "reveal" the obvious work that goes into making albums sound so unique sometimes.
Most likely you are hearing clipping within the recording through the phones. You can take any file you hear the static on and play it back through Audacity. Audacity can highlight clipping, and you will hear it as a kind of static. An unfortunate side-effect of having fast, low-distortion headphones - you find out that a lot of music you like is badly recorded. Generally speaking, Rock and Metal seem to be the worst offenders, but it has also ruined some good pop that I...
My cable started falling apart and I was just 1 month or so outside of warranty support. Mainly, the outer jacket is detaching from the SMC connector housing, exposing the white wire underneath. The replacements are too expensive, and I haven't bothered trying to build my own (which I think I can do for the still pricey 4-50 bucks - stupid SMC connectors). No help from the folks at Hifiman, so this is probably my last Hifiman product. The issue is pretty moot, as I can...
Stay with them for awhile and then switch back. What you have gained, and what you have lost will be much more clear. I like velour better than the pleathers because they ring a lot less, and I experience less fatigue. This was true whether my pleathers were modded or not. You do lose some bass "warmth" perhaps, but I find the overall tonality to be more balanced, the slightly different response in the treble region being a bit less peaky and compressed sounding. As for...
I second that. All EQing I do within my computer with whatever program I'm playing with. The O2 is awesome.
Let the pad tests begin  . . . . They both look like mass-production versions of the "Jergmod" pads. One is basically angled, better damped pleather, the other, velour. I'd expect the velours to sound more or less the same, and the pleathers to have the same "warm" sound with a little less congestion. But $40 bucks? Come ooooooooooooon! I'd love to see some actually test results of these on the HE-400s!
I am not sure you really disagree with me. The sibilance / treble characteristics are not what I really call "problems". I've heard many, many speakers, and they've been far more out of balance than anything I've heard out of the HE-400s. As for bass, I myself preferred a 3 db boost @ 50 hz. Needed the extra weight. Lol. The HE-400s are not neutral, but they are much more neutral than 90% of the other stuff I've heard.
An overstatement if I've ever heard one . . . Many people are typically "underwhelmed" on first listens. The speed and low-distortion bass made them seem quite thin to me - at both ends of the spectrum. As I got used to them, they "got bassier" and the treble had to be "tamed" with a mild 2-3 dB cut for my ears. I would still contend that they are mostly only as sibilant as the recording is - but there is a difference between vocal and instrumental sibilance - to me anyway.
So - "everything is better" and nothing is worse?   I wonder if going back to the HE-400s made it clear what some of the trade-offs are.
Love this thread - 24 pages long yet we know practically nothing, and have few impressions!   Can't wait to get more - but it looks like my audio budget is blown for the next couple years.
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