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May I ask why you're selling please? ^_^
Selling these lightly used phantom Sabre earphones from UK based company Trinity audio.  They sound fantastic and I'm only selling due to buying a set of Audeze isine 20. These are now surplus to requirement.  Included is all cases and adapters as well as 2 brand new cables. All tuning filters, and the majority of the tips that came with it. As I mentioned these are lightly used and have had roughly 20 hours use.  These retail at £129, I'm...
I can't wait to see the 256GB cards, and then following that hopefully 500GB ones. Although I know Samsung are introducing the new UFS format soon. 
Selling my recently purchased Chord Mojo.  Excellent condition, fully working, very little usage     I have the box and receipt at my other house.  I can send this when I get there next but for now just assume it's sold without box.    Payment via PayPal only.  Fees can postage can be discussed    The item has had 1 owner, me.   Any questions please ask.  Cheers Jonny
They're back on amazon for £150 dude, half price.
Make an offer, you might be best off just getting some from Amazon to be honest, as I'm not really looking to part ways
I personally find the S to be the best of the 3, A is too soft, Pro is too bright. I guess it reflects on the hardness of the metal used, steel is a nice mix between the two. If I sold these I would probably just buy a different pair of headphones. I've had these a while now, although the cable was replaced just a few weeks ago. Due to my work place I can get earphones at trade price anyway.
It depends on what your offer is. I recently sold an extra pair that were brand new for £90 as I got them free. But as this is my personal pair, I wont be accepting offers that low.   Cheers
Brand new Flare Audio Steel    Never used, they are a replacement set from Flare. Boxed with sealed comply T-200   Message me with any questions   Thanks
So I was lucky enough to get given one of these. I have also been offered the frequency analyser, but I'd rather not have to use a great big box, as its a bit obsolete now.    Is there any way to connect this up to a PC and use some software instead of the old piece of equipment?   If anyone can shed some light on this that would be amazing. Cheers
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