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Hey all! I have for sale a Sony NWZ F805 16GB Walkman in box with original earphones and USB cable.   Condition is mint as it has only been used once. Was bought for my old man so he could listen to his music in high quality but he just doesn't seem interested anymore.   Looking for £85 delivered but message me and I may be able to work something out for you. *SHIPPING TO UK ONLY*   Thanks      Jonny  - AudioJunki3
To be honest, I don't think I have a choice as I really need the cash, as long as it gets there safely then that's all the matters.
Really! I've been trying to sell these for ages. I'll look through the forums now! Thanks
For sale is a great condition xDuoo TA-02 valve headphone amp.   No stock tubes, only upgraded Mullard 5654 tubes.   Power cable has english plug on it.   RCA input, 6.3mm headphone output.   Powerful and very sweet sounding amp, also very pretty and small, great for a small desktop rig.   Includes, Original box, UK power adapter, 3.5mm to RCA, AMP & upgraded Mullard tubes(gives warmer sound)   Any questions please ask   Pay via Paypal, gift or you pay the...
Hey all, I bought these drivers for a DIY project, but I have decided they just aren't right for the project, they have spent most of their life with me in the box, only had them about a month, probably had about 20 mins use.   One driver is missing the little silver connector, it got caught on the packaging as I took it out, but you can just solder it to the pin where it was, the connection is working fine, The other driver is totally fine. Both are working...
Sold Elsewhere
For sale, Sony MDR-1R, excellent condition, used on my desktop pc, hasn't really left the room.  Comes in original box, with 2 cables (one with inline remote for iphones) a carrying pouch and the paperwork.  Paid £260 for these, last year. Excellent sound, selling due to building my own headphones, so these are surplus to my needs.  Payment by paypal only  and will not ship outside UK Pay via gift or pay fees, shipping is on...
I am fluent with solidworks and other 3D modelling software, I've never considered printing them though, could be interesting, I wonder how they will sound.
Thanks your explanation sounds pretty accurate to me, and I'll look into speak installations also, perhaps there will be some diagrams about open and closed back phones and speakers on the net.
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