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Ahh I understand. Salamat po. I should have the shells completed in a few days, but there wont be any bends. The only thing I need to worry about is the alignment of the drivers then, although it really wont be a problem for me to make sure everything fits well and equally as you said there are only two drivers and they are pre assembled into one unit. I'll post pics when I'm done. :)
Would you say that the bore diameter affects the sound too? the bore I have currently is rather large and I prefer quite a warm sound to something that it more analytical. I can always add a filter or something to narrow that sound off a little bit.  As for the drivers, they fit in the housing rather well. My 3D models showed an excess of 0.08mm which is probably a tolerance no one can help. But they are very snug. The design is similar to that of a FAD Heaven IV, except...
The driver I have selected is a dual sub\tweeter module. It comes with a prebuilt crossover so that won't be an issue. I'm really curious if I literally just put the drivers inside the case or do I need any sort of tubing etc.
Hello everyone, I have a quick question about BA drivers. Is there anything that you need inside the IEM to improve sound quality?    I am currently building my own, just looking for some tips.   Cheers
Hello everyone, I have a quick question. Is there anything in particular you need in order to achieve a good sound from a balanced armature IEM?   any info at all would be a massive help.
Cheers dude. I want these so bad, just short of cash currently. I'll see if I can get the money, thanks for the pics.   Regards
Hey man, can you add some pics please? Also do you have an eBay seller profile as your account doesn't have any feedback?    Cheers
For Sale - Final Audio Design Heaven IV, these are brilliant sounding earphones, I bought them new from a member here, but I just haven't had much use from them, I'd say maybe 2 hours max. ( I have a lot of other earphones)   Price is negotiable, just comment or message me privately. Paypal only, Will ship to UK only.   Your offer will decide who pays seller fees.   Thanks AudioJunki3   - Jonny
Its wireless as in it support streaming from a mobile device thanks to the built in mini amp. I'm thinking of putting rubber feet at the bottom of the legs :)
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