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They're back on amazon for £150 dude, half price.
Make an offer, you might be best off just getting some from Amazon to be honest, as I'm not really looking to part ways
I personally find the S to be the best of the 3, A is too soft, Pro is too bright. I guess it reflects on the hardness of the metal used, steel is a nice mix between the two. If I sold these I would probably just buy a different pair of headphones. I've had these a while now, although the cable was replaced just a few weeks ago. Due to my work place I can get earphones at trade price anyway.
It depends on what your offer is. I recently sold an extra pair that were brand new for £90 as I got them free. But as this is my personal pair, I wont be accepting offers that low.   Cheers
Brand new Flare Audio Steel    Never used, they are a replacement set from Flare. Boxed with sealed comply T-200   Message me with any questions   Thanks
So I was lucky enough to get given one of these. I have also been offered the frequency analyser, but I'd rather not have to use a great big box, as its a bit obsolete now.    Is there any way to connect this up to a PC and use some software instead of the old piece of equipment?   If anyone can shed some light on this that would be amazing. Cheers
Hi everyone.   I am selling my new Questyle QP1R DAP, it has seen about 2 hours use.   Reason for sale is that I bought a new Galaxy S7 and due to my poor financial calculations I cannot afford to keep it. The retail on this is £699, I have priced it to sell quickly.   It is 100% functional and hasn't got a mark on it, the player really sounds fantastic and I will be sad to see it go so soon.   Comes boxed with USB cable, pouch and certificate of...
Hi Clarence1, Welcome to the thread, I'm in a similar boat to you at the moment. The information I can give you might not be the 'best' option, but it might help you. The majority of sonion and knowles BA drivers are available to the market, sites such as 'mouser' and 'digikey' can supply them, no minimum order quantity which is good.I understand you are in Canada, so you'd be using digikey for now. Some of the knowles pre assembled units would be a good place to start,...
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