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Hi!    I have a AKG K240 MKII, and a ATH A700 which are great and i love, but my brother wants something for gaming that he can wear all day long, that's why i'm interested in the ATH AD700, but i'm concerned about the bass.  How would the bass of the AD700 compare to the K240 MKII and/or the A700?, he is using a Razer Carcharias now.
Sorry about the delay but i wanted to test the amp for a few days before jumping to conclusions.   I bought the Audio Technica ATH A700, they sound great, i love them, much much better sound than before. And they are super comfortable!. The Titanium HD has no problems to drive them properly as you said.   I bought the amp anyway since i was curious. The only difference i can hear is that using the same equalization, the Titanium HD is a bit punchier, but the...
Well it seems the HDJ 2000 was never in stock, a mistake they said, and the HDJ 1000 is severely overpriced (U$D 425), but i found a Audio Technica ATH-A700. After reading several reviews i think this are the cans that suit me best. They cost half the price of the HDJ 1000.  I still have to find and external amp here, until then i'll connect them directly to the Titanium HD. I will buy the Sytche KAMA Bay Amp mini and see how good (or bad) it is...
Mids and treble are more important to me than bass.     I'm from Argentina, so it has to be something from that list unfortunately, if i find something else i will add it, but i doubt i'll find Beyerdynamics or  high end Sennheiser, etc. here. I'm lucky that i found those four. Since they are rather expensive here i wanted to know which one is the best.
  1) a bit of everything   2) I don't mind if they are open or closed   3) if necessary yes, but i would have to look if i can get one here where i live, i know for sure this one is available but i don't know if it's a good amp.
Hi all!   I have a Titanium HD, and currently i'm using a Razer Carcharias headphones, i would like to buy a new headphones to listen music, unfortunately where i live the selection of cans is rather limited.   This is the list so far:   v-moda Crossfade M-80 Pioneer HDJ 500 Pioneer HDJ 1000 Pioneer HDJ 2000     *Price is not important.   Are these headphones a big improvement over the Carcharias?   If yes: what would be the best headphone...
  I did all that, but windows reported stereo before and after doing that, it didn't changed to 5.1.   I did put it to 5.1 and stereo and 5.1... but hearing music i didn't notice any change.
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