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This, I will never understand why but this is so true. I remember this story. Damn it really did sound horrendous. I hope you're over it now.
I saw a guy with an acoustic guitar, shades on, and wearing HD650s on the train a few days ago.
There's 2 people in my College with decent headphones, I'm one of them.. The other only has LP2s and has no inclination toward anything else.
Yea I understand the whole trademark Head-Fi colours issue but I personally wouldn't be bothered much. The more attention it gets, the better. Whether anything would happen or not is another issue.
That is a good point actually.
I have dark skins for all of Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Wikipedia with the Stylish Google add on but nobody's made one for this..Though I am now using this, a dark skin would still be preferred.
Petition for a Head-FI dark skin site option. I for one would spend a lot more time on here if the site wasn't so bright, as I'm on here at night sometimes and it can be really straining. Similiar to what Youtube had with their "Turn off the lights" thing for   example - 
YKYAAW it annoys you when you ask someone if their speakers, of which you've never heard, are good and they reply with "Yea they're really loud."
It's really weird to see someone replying to the same profile picture.
This sounds like something that would happen in a class of 12 year olds.
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