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Reading his story makes me rather uncomfortable.. Why on earth would you give someone an amp and earphones with 81 languages of "something" on them.?
I hate hearing people's TV speakers. They don't even realize they sound so BAD.
Do you mean the amount the data takes up or the size of the drive?
Well I'm not buying any new 'phones 'til my M50 and M80s die so maybe i'll try the DT770 then. But yea what I want is better mids/vocals, tighter bass, and better instrument seperation
I really like the sparkly treble on these.
Am I the only one that thinks the blue M50x looks absolutely hideous?
YKYAAW you read "Actions speak" as "Active speakers".
It'll be great if it's something silly like 10 tonnes.
172.2lb 84.8lb 102.1lb   They are gorgeous little things
Does anyone know where I can get ATH-M50 earpads online (In the UK)? My original M50 earpads are kind of knackered as I 've had them for 17 months now. I'd like new earpads but apparently the M50x are softer. 
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