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Do you guys feel the Harrison attenuators are too long? I looked at the pics (the one with Schiit DAC) and boy it is really long! I don't think it is gonna fit my setup - I don't have much space behind the DAC, and putting it on the crack side might not work too (even with the L adapter).   I am currently using this, asked the seller for 300 ohms. It cuts the signal a bit just before the headphone, and you might also be able to use lower impedance cans with the crack...
Sent some money to blitxgene. Thanks a lot for organizing it! Though I did not get to try HD800 or some LCD2, that was a really good meet. Definitely should do again in the future.   So I guess I managed to convince some people to get some HD600 and some crack?  I was surprised by the tiny ODAC. I knew it is small, but didn't expect it to be *that* small. And to Cel4145, is this the IEM you brought?
Can't wait for the Stax..! 
I think I'll dig up my adapter, buy a nos tube, and try 6sn7 once more. I swear I wasn't impressed with the 6sn7 tubes I tried sometime ago (and decided to stick with 12au7). But since people keep saying so, well.. I do hope I am missing something. 
Bottlehead Crack? 
You can buy a pair and sell one if you must. I did that and ended up keeping both, though, so be careful..  Looks like has some 5998's. But I have to say I have no experience with them, I got mine NOS from a headfier sometime ago.
Damn.. I need to learn how to finish wood.. 
Yes, this particular one is for 110V.
  You might be right about ODAC, since I heard DAC doesn't affect the sound as much as amps do when you're past certain price. But I imagine the HD800 will benefit from better amps. The O2 is not bad, but IMHO my HD600 sounds much better with a Bottlehead Crack (which I own) than paired with the O2 (which I auditioned briefly). Granted I own HD600 and not the HD800, but I'd be really surprised if the HD800 doesn't benefit from better amps.   Incidentally, I am listening...
There are several adapters of different brand/seller you can get from ebay. Unfortunately those ships from China, so be patient..    To be honest, I don't quite like my crack paired with 6sn7's as much as I like it with Telefunken 12au7. Also for all the 6sn7's I have tried (mostly Tung Sols and RCAs), I always have a noise problem that increases with the volume pot, peaks at around 1/2 way through, and gone if you crank the pot further up. This happens to all my...
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