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 By the way, which is the end date for Master 4 pre-ordering? I'm also on the fence...
 I think I asked for a refund, but it was not possible. Anyway, here we are, waiting for the Wave for another year...
Just got the X3. I really like it and I think it's comparable than Fiio X3 1st gen. Maybe even better, but I need few more sessions with it.   Main let down? The leather case: how the hell could you make a case totally open on one side, which let the player fall out every time you take it out of your pocket ? Did anybody found a creative solution to close the case on top? 
 32GB to 64GB was some kind of mandatory upgrade, as LH said they could not find 32GB memory suppliers for the Wave in the short term, so if we staid with the Wave 32 it would have taken a very long time to get it (and if LH Labs says "long time", sure bet it means "never").And of course, no refund was possible.
 Maybe I can help here, as I got same error yesterday :-)I suppose you are formatting to Fat32 using "Ridgecrop Consultant's guiformat.exe" tool in Windows, as suggested by Bob in the X3 Rockbox thread (by the way, Bob: huge thanks for all your great contributions in both X3 threads). I solved the problem above by closing any open explorer windows and after that pressing the "start" button in the formatting tool. I hope this will fix it for you too.
Will the expansion pack be sold also separately ?
 My X3 is still working fine, but few months ago I bookmarked the spare battery on Aliexpress, just in case:http://www.aliexpress.com/item/FiiO-X3-Spare-parts/32234108503.html
 Which mSD brand are you using in the X3? I'm waiting for mine, but I'd like to start buying 1 or 2 128Gb cards. Thanks. 
 +1 Last night I "sleepwalked" to my PC at 4 am... and bought some Tennmak Pro in my sleep 
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