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^ This
I just spotted myself somewhere on this train: TE ordered Let's see how they perform against my preferred IEM, the HAVI B3 PRO-1. 
Tom Yum Goong --> Best memory ever This video is amazing.
A question for the people following constantly this thread (and with good memory). Some months ago, I think around beginning of the year, somebody published a music video of a (black?) metal band, in which the members were dressing up as players from various famous metal bands. I clearly remember the video started with an Immortal-like rendition, then moved into some Thrash, covered Grunge, a bit of Poison and it included the best Crab walk that I can remember in any...
 Any early impression ?
Cable: $13 International shipping: $23  
That's the one I already got  It seems there are 3 different packages and at least 2 different types of IEM:1) Full boxed red package, containing IEM with "no logo" button. I call this Version 1, as it seems it was the one shipped initially to 1clearhead. They seem to sound quite good, based on 1clearhead or thatBeatsguy reviews.2) Clear transparent plastic package, containing IEM with "Ivery logo" button. I call this Version 2, as it seems this is the version that most of...
If possible, can you please show a picture of the microphone and the switch ? The pair that I got (clear package) has a small switch +button with Ivery logo, while it seems that the pairs from 1clearhead or thatBeatsguy have a bigger switch and a normal button (there's a comparison picture in the previous page).
 Same here. Got the one with "cheaper" looking cable and the clear package. Totally un-impressed by them.Source: Aliexpress store "Zexus Technology Co., Ltd." Just found a link to a seller with a pic of the package COMPLETLY different from the one I (and many other) got delivered: Smelling fakes ?
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