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 Some C3Gs with C3G on the black casing have a very small S drawn by hand at the bottom side of the case, on the non black painted area. Probably they were measured as "exceptional" after the encasing, so marked as "s" at a later stage of production. Regarding the "Post" print to differentiate between the 2 models, here are some examples of C3G (o S) with Post printing: So probably all...
 Can I have 6 boxes ? 
 I just noticed a thing, driven by the comment of the "unconnected" pin: if you consider the C3G pin connections provided by JazzVinyl in reverse order (8-->1 instead of 1-->8), you actually got the same connections proposed by Gibosi (except for the heaters and 2/7, which are shortened anyway. Would it work anyway?).Maybe it's only a problem of reading the pins in the wrong sequence. It happened to me a couple of times when preparing other adapters
 Wasn't there an Indonesian Hi-Fi enthusiast group buy going on? I think it was mentioned few (several) pages back.To all Indonesian friends: enjoy your Kogan! We envy you from Europe and US (and rest of the world, except Australia) :-)
 + If the soundstage gets any larger I might just replace my speakers. 
 Let me fix it for you:  VSD5 vs B3VSD7 vs B6 B9 --> the king  
#135 here. I preferred NOT to listen to them out of the box and put them directly "in the oven" for the burn in. Waiting to reach the 100 hours mark before checking them out.
Check the Hold switch on the side
Any early info on possible price, so we know how much we need to start saving for them?
Wow !!! Love the B3 and I'm soooooooooooooo excited about the B6.   Where's the closest "Havi store", so I can start queuing up ? 
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