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You made me do it again   DSG100 on their way. My first hybrid.   I thought I was settled down and satisfied with my Havi, Vivo XE800 and T1E, but the latest reviews were too much for me to handle. Resistance is futile: I've been assimilated 
 You forgot the feature which is reading your X3 S/N and allows you to print out an exclusive coupon which entitles you to 50% off from both HD800 and LCD-3. 
And a tip for everybody on TTPOD T1E: as soon as they arrive to you, do NOT even test them with the default narrow tips.Change them immediately to wide bore tips and then check the IEM. It will save you from a panic attack for any missing bass 
 My TTPOD-T1E got their bass back Probably it was always there from the start, but the default tips with narrow bore completely killed it.I switched to wide bore ones and bass is sweet. I moved on to MH1 tips and all is perfectly balanced. Sorry for the false alarm...  
 It took 3 weeks for delivery, from China to Europe )ordered on July 25th and got them 5 days ago, but I was not at home to test them).
Just received my TTPOD T1-E from DX, transparent white and...surprise surprise: no bass !!!   If I remember correctly, it seems that everybody who got the clear transparent white ones has this problem, regardless of the seller (Penon, LMUE or DX). How the other ones dealt with this problem ? Did you ask for a replacement ? Did you also contacted TTPOD about QC issues? It's also my first order with DX, so I do not know how they deal with returns :-(   I use daily (and...
Quick question on a cheper option for remote treaming into Geek Pulse: if I buy something like this (aptX Bluetooth adapter with coax/optical digital out), would it stream digitally my FLAC files from my PC/iPAD (and eventually even from Geek Wave, with BT stream) into Pulse ? I guess this solution will not differ too much from the Geek current Bluetooth solution, and it would cost to me almost 3x less.   Or will the files be converted in the PC/iPAD by their own DAC,...
Hi, original replyer here, from mid July. I'm also still interested in them. Are they still available ?
^ This
I just spotted myself somewhere on this train: TE ordered Let's see how they perform against my preferred IEM, the HAVI B3 PRO-1. 
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