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Interested (PM sent)
 Initially with Zen V2.0 and HE-400i, especially after your comment about Zen synergy.It would have been a good upgrade from my Xduoo X3. M3 was available up to 1 hour ago and I added in the cart. Probably LMUE was updating the Christmas offer listings and they just took it out of the site exactly when I was ordering. By the way, it seems they are adding some new stuff to the promo listing.
I guess last Shangling M3 from LMUE just slipped out of my shopping basket :-(I found it, put it in the basket, ready to submit order and... boom: out of stock before I could buy it It stayed at that price for 2 weeks and I just lost it for 30 seconds.
 You're fully right, my mistake. Based on previous messages, I was under the impression that PM4 was not planned to be sold at all outside of pre-orders, but I confirm it is currently available in Trinity webshop. So I agree with you that we are talking about 2 different models, normally sold by Trinity. 
Hi @Bobtrinity If I'm not mistaken, I think you mentioned few pages back that a trade in email for current PM4 owners would be sent out on Jan 1st. Is this the same email that has was sent on Monday, or will there be a specific deal for PM4 owners, as the Master looks like a direct replacement of this IEM ?   Any chance for a trade in program were current PM4 owners can actually send back the PM4 and get Master with a minimal price difference, considering that PM4 was...
 Tool, LOL.Maybe in 3017
 Exact same problem here. Removing VAT would be perfect, as I need to pay it back when importing. Otheriwse it's double VAT + custom duties on the double VAT (for PM4 I had to pay almost 30% more than original price, due to this :-( )
 Which "additional decoding" are you adding in the "Processing" setting?
I sent my message 3 seconds after 19:00 NYC time (well, it was actually 01:00 in the middle of the night in Europe) and got around #120. No candies for me :-(So it is fair to say that they sold out in 2 seconds :-) That's impressive and it shows how much we love our Monks 
Same here... But missed for 2 seconds Just a couple of positions out of top 100.I guess there were 100+ people posting at the same split second, so it was just a matter of luck with FB posting algorithm. Let's try again next time.
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