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Can anybody remind me which free cables are supposed to be received with a Pulse Infinity ?   I remember the LightSpeed 2G-split from the THD perk (was it 1 meter?), but was there also a LightSpeed 1G included with some earlier perks? Or was it a Slacker (it seems Slacker is not selectable in the add-ons list).   I must admit that the survey is very confusing, considering that description of old perks is not available anymore in the IGG site 
 September 2016, of course.
Are there any suggestion for an aftermarket hard case for the AKG K7xx ? eBay / Aliexpress are more than welcome. This one looks pretty nice:
 I feel your pain mate :-)Just resist 4 more days and you'll get them + save (well, actually "not lose") $80.  
I was hoping the same... just got them this morning in Switzerland, with some nice $42 customs fee 
I wish you a prompt recovery, Larry.
 :-( I'm wondering why Fiio keeps on fixing things on one side and introducing issues on the other  Just a short list of previous fixing / new bugs:- Fixed the mp3 decoding issue (great) and removed the possibility to change the treble/bass in the "quick menu" (bad)- Fixed gapeless playback (great), but then thy introduced the issue with the cropped covers (bad).- Introduce the EQ (great) and messed up with artist unknown and volume not adjustable.- Etc.... I'm wondering...
Wow !!!  Now the wait begins for Mr Trev or Sergio88 to apply their "magic touch" to the X3, so we can all rejoice during this holiday with the new revamped X3 :-)
 WOW ! Amazing job. Page 585 is now the new "page 77" I need to change my fixed bookmark.  
If somebody did not notice this: LH Labs is "politely asking" for other $132 to the Wave32 backers, otherwise they will likely be indefinitely delayed ! This is totally unacceptable and shows to me how LHL attitude has profoundly changed in the last 12 months. I'm really disappointed.   Directly from the campaign page:   Upgrade Wave 32 to Wave 34: Save $70 on the price of a Geek Wave 64 by upgrading from the Geek Wave 32 you backed earlier this year! For only $132,...
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