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I've been reading some of this thread, it's too long to read the whole thing but ended up buying the Red.   I use it with the CCK 3.0 and an iPhone SE.  Sounds really really good.   But, sometimes when I pause Spotify, the unit won't reconnect so I have to plug out and back in.  I presume this isn't normal?
Just want to put it out there in case it hasn't been mentioned galaxy S4 from Rogers works with the old Fiio E7. I know the E17 has been confirmed and I have the E17 as well. I think the E7 works for most galaxy models since the S3.
I too had a few times where the E07k did work but never knew how to get it to take.  I even got the E17 to as well once.   E7 is flawless.  I have the NA Note 2.  Tried on Roger's in Canada model and ATT model.
  With an OTG cable I bought, I get USB device connected without anything plugged into it.  I plug in the E7 and I see a brief lock on the screen.   With the other cable I bought, I do not get any USB device connected notice until I plug the E7 into it.  So they are different cables.
Fyi,   You don't need an OTG cable to use with let's say a FiiO E7.  I bought a mini to micro male usb cable and it works. I remember someone posting that OTG cable is required.  I ordered a non-OTG cable and no problems.
  Have you tried any other OTG cables by chance?  If it is the cable, the I'll order the OEM.  I have a couple of OTG cables that work with other USB devices but not the E07k.
  Even with USB charging OFF?   I haven't noticed any extra battery drain from using the E7 as an external DAC.   Also, not sure why FiiO will not "suggest or support" this type of use for the E-series.  This will take away from one of its more useful applications other than an external computer DAC/Amp.
  While the music is still playing or no music playing?  Screen light off or go into screen lock?   I can test for you as I have the same equipment.  Anyways, I'll try both.   Just tested both and E7 is still active.  On the E7 I have USB Charging - OFF, Sleep - OFF, Keylock - OFF.   I'm using PowerAmp but I don't think that matters.
You mean like this:
Anyone in Toronto want to get the velour pads?  Shipping costs the same for 2 so it'll be a bit cheaper this way.  Hate the fact that it's $10 for the pads and $10 for shipping.
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