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Just want to put it out there in case it hasn't been mentioned yet....my galaxy S4 from Rogers works with the old Fiio E7. I know the E17 has been confirmed and I have the E17 as well. I think the E7 works for most galaxy models since the S3.
I too had a few times where the E07k did work but never knew how to get it to take.  I even got the E17 to as well once.   E7 is flawless.  I have the NA Note 2.  Tried on Roger's in Canada model and ATT model.
  With an OTG cable I bought, I get USB device connected without anything plugged into it.  I plug in the E7 and I see a brief lock on the screen.   With the other cable I bought, I do not get any USB device connected notice until I plug the E7 into it.  So they are different cables.
Fyi,   You don't need an OTG cable to use with let's say a FiiO E7.  I bought a mini to micro male usb cable and it works. I remember someone posting that OTG cable is required.  I ordered a non-OTG cable and no problems.
  Have you tried any other OTG cables by chance?  If it is the cable, the I'll order the OEM.  I have a couple of OTG cables that work with other USB devices but not the E07k.
  Even with USB charging OFF?   I haven't noticed any extra battery drain from using the E7 as an external DAC.   Also, not sure why FiiO will not "suggest or support" this type of use for the E-series.  This will take away from one of its more useful applications other than an external computer DAC/Amp.
  While the music is still playing or no music playing?  Screen light off or go into screen lock?   I can test for you as I have the same equipment.  Anyways, I'll try both.   Just tested both and E7 is still active.  On the E7 I have USB Charging - OFF, Sleep - OFF, Keylock - OFF.   I'm using PowerAmp but I don't think that matters.
You mean like this:   http://www.ebay.ca/itm/221132769855?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_5120wt_1354&clk_rvr_id=450960131578
Anyone in Toronto want to get the velour pads?  Shipping costs the same for 2 so it'll be a bit cheaper this way.  Hate the fact that it's $10 for the pads and $10 for shipping.
  I have the same problem as you.  I bought the E07k thinking that it would take with my Note 2 I317M but it didn't.  It behaves like the E17.  The E7 does work and I posted a pic somewhere.   I hoped that the latest JB upgrade 4.1.2 would resolve it but it doesn't.  Also USB Audio Recorder Pro doesn't recognize it.  Some had luck and did get it working but not me.  And I also tried this with my brother's ATT Note 2 and same thing.   And yes, I have a lot of FiiO products.
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