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I'm seeing a pair of iDance headphones now. I really, really feel sorry for the guy wearing them. iDance is... well, atrocious.
 Noontec Hammo.. Really? I had a pair and couldn't stand them. Harsh treble, but dark. Very loose bass.
Phiaton Bridge MS500. Easily. 
I can agree with some that many mid-fi cans can best high end cans in some way or another. My experience would be with the ATH-W1000X. They sound amazing, but not $600 amazing. Maybe $400 amazing, yes, but I prefer my DT770 and Phiaton Bridge MS500 for just about everything over the W1000X. It lacks any kind of immersive properties.
 True true. I personally recommend looking on eBay. I found an amazing deal on one and I got it for only $40 + $10 shipping. The LE version too! 
  The M30 was the headphone that got me into this stuff. It's a great example of value. I actually think it could be better than the M50 for general listening.
 Basically, that sounds amazing. Great is an understatement
 It's a matter of taste. I like odd designs more than anything. But without color, design is nothing. Accents, man.  Very sleek indeed.
 I would guess 1 out of every 15 students at my school owns or has owned a pair of beats. If you go down into the middle school, the numbers are probably about 1 in 10. 
My vote goes to...the Phiaton Bridge MS500!      Really, these are pure eye candy...   (500th post! MS500 for Post 500 )
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