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Do you feel the Schiit Magni 2 Uber will be sufficient to power such a headphone? I believe I am indeed going to be purchasing the HE-560
Is the soundstage bad on the HE-560? I much value soundstage. It's the main reason I initially got the DT770, but after I recently listened to a pair of ATH-w1000x, I fell in love with its thick midrange. Even its soundstage impressed me. The overall signature isn't me, but the midrange is. If the soundstage of the HE-560 is underwhelming, this makes me hesitant to order it. But I really would prefer a more full midrange than the T1 offers, though I may be completely...
You are quite making me consider the T1. I am indeed a fan of treble. One of my biggest complaints about my DT770 is that its lower treble is a bit dull for my liking. Looking at the T1's frequency chart, I can say that it appears the T1 fixes this issue.Sadly, headphone auditions are not available to me. However, the T1 was actually considered my "dream headphone" by myself a few years ago.$750 is a bit over my budget, but... My budget wasn't set in stone. So, I think I...
Hm.. that's certainly a possibility, but I've heard a good few things about the T1 that I'm not sure I would find desirable (build, treble heavy, thin midrange) however I am unsure as to how true all of the claims are. What about the Audeze EL-8 Open back? A friend of mine mentioned this headphone to me   If anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to share!
I had reserved money separately for the amp. The $600-700 was just for the headphones
I do indeed have one already, but it's not very powerful, and I have intentions to purchase an upgrade upon needing one. At the minimum, I plan to buy a Schiit Magni 2 with whatever headphone I end up purchasing. My current Amp/DAC is a FiiO E07k.
Hey all.    I'm currently in the market for a pair of headphones for around $600-700 I've not really paid that much attention to the headphone scene since I got my DT770 Pro. My initial thought was to look into the HE-500, however those are off the market as of now.   I primarily listen to orchestral music (from all sources including video game OSTs), alternative rock, and synth pop.   Something neutral would be the way to go for me I think, but I really have no idea...
I'm seeing a pair of iDance headphones now. I really, really feel sorry for the guy wearing them. iDance is... well, atrocious.
 Noontec Hammo.. Really? I had a pair and couldn't stand them. Harsh treble, but dark. Very loose bass.
Phiaton Bridge MS500. Easily. 
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