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 In my experience, anywhere from 20 to 50 hours is pretty typical. That said, unless they don't sound all that good out of the box, it is certainly not necessary to run them unattended for hours at a time. Just listen to your music and enjoy. But if you want to burn them in by running them unattended for hours at a time, then yes, Little Dot recommends that headphones should always be attached when the amp is in use. I use a $5 pair of IEMs when running the amp unattended.
 Since I am not an Elise owner, I don't think I should have any say about merging Elise-related threads. :) And your observations regarding the 6BL7 are about what I expected. On several occasions, Glenn has built an OTL with 4 (or more) output sockets. For example, it could use 4 6BL7s or 2 6AS7s. So from your experience and his, it seems that it takes 4 6BL7s to match the bass slam of 2 6AS7s. On the other hand, some believe the 6BL7 sounds better than the 6AS7, and for...
 It depends.... Sylvania manufactured black base 6SN7s continuously for something like 30 years. In my opinion, those manufactured in the 1940s and into the early 1950s are the best. And my personal favorite is the small bottle 6SN7W, manufactured in the mid-1940s. 
 This would be true of a Chatham/Tung-Sol 421A, but not the Western Electric 421A. While the WE421A has the same plates, there are a few construction differences, and to my mind, it is not clear if Chatham manufactured these per Western Electric's specifications, or if Western Electric purchased the plates from Chatham and manufactured their 421As in one of their own factories. I do not have a pair of WE421A and given their price, I suspect I never will. lol. And...
 I have bought from them. They are a very reputable and honest vendor. However, the last time I checked, they didn't have anymore 5998s, so you might want to contact them to be sure.
The general consensus is every 5998 was manufactured by Chatham. Further, the 5998 and the 2399 are exactly the same. After Tung-Sol's purchase of Chatham in the late 1950s, the Chatham brand was slowly phased out, replaced by the Tung-Sol brand. So for sure, the brand printed on the base of a 5998/2399 does not matter when making pairs. All that matters is the internal construction and date of manufacture.
I have also purchased used 5998s on eBay fairly cheaply. And to reinforce what others have written, I usually buy singles, as so-called "pairs" tend to be more expensive than they are worth, and then do the matching myself, putting tubes with similar construction and close manufacturing dates together as pairs.
 Electrically, I am sure it will work... plug and play. And as the ECC804 is more similar to a ECC88 than the ECC189 and the ECC85 some are using, it just might sound pretty good. :)
 I am sure they will work... plug and play!  However, I can't say for sure that they will sound good in the Lyr, as I am using these in another amp. :)
 I do not know which post you are replying to, but I think your use of the word "counterfeit" might be a bit over the top. In all cases I am aware of, the marketing and sale of rebranded tubes manufactured using Russian assembly line equipment was a very common practice and perfectly legal. I don't see it as being any different than a tube manufactured by Tung-Sol being marketed and sold with RCA branding, for example.
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