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 In this case, it's not the number of tubes that matters...  The DV uses 6SN7 and 6AS7. These are high demand tubes as they are used in many audio amps. The LD uses tubes that not commonly used by other audio amps, and therefore, the demand is low and they are much less expensive.  For example, you can get four of the best tubes available for the LD for a total of $50. Further, with the LD, paying extra for matched tubes is a waste of money. On the other hand, it's very...
 Good luck with that! :)
A picture is worth a thousand words :)  
 As before, when I suggested getting an inexpensive LD MKII or MKII, given that you are just getting started, I would suggest you begin with an inexpensive DAC. Something like a HiFimeDIY Sabre DAC for only $42 would be a very good place to start:  http://hifimediy.com/sabre-dac-uae23 It surprisingly good for the price, and coupled with an inexpensive tube amp like a Little Dot, gets you up and running for not much money. Cheers
Yea, Glenn warned me to have a bunch of extra fuses on hand if I was going to roll rectifiers. That said, this is only the second one I've had to fail gloriously enough to blow a fuse. lol :)
And on the subject of failing vacuum tubes, I had a rectifier fail last night, a Philips AZ4. As it has a bottom getter, the top is clear and the electrical sparking was pretty dramatic. Fortunately, the amp's fuse did its job, so no harm done. And as these go for around $30, it is cheap and easy to replace. :)   Picture taken a couple months ago.. working fine then....  
 I am not sure the decision is really between a pair of C3g or six output tube sockets. I believe that Glenn has built an OTL with a pair of C3g plus six output tube sockets. So the decision is more likely between the C3g or the 6SN7. And there may well be enough real estate for both. So maybe no decision is necessary. Get both. :) But if there is not room for both the 6SN7 and a pair of C3g, and you have to choose, I would say that decision mostly comes down to how one...
I wish to reassure those who are somewhat new to the world of Glenn-built amps:   In my experience, vacuum-tube rectifiers in the Glenn OTL do not contribute a discernible amount of buzz and/or hum. And I have come to this conclusion after rolling around 30 different rectifiers, including a plug-in HEXFRED rectifier as well.   Below, a Cossor 53KU, two GEC 6AS7G and a pair of "fully-clothed" Siemens C3g. :)   Exquisite! :)  
 Personally, I prefer that my C3g remain fully clothed. :) But if this is something you really want to do, over in the Little Dot rolling thread, Hypnos1 posted a quick little show and tell with pictures on how to remove the cans: http://www.head-fi.org/t/563884/little-dot-tube-amps-vacuum-tube-rolling-guide/5670#post_10412030
 I've not been normal my whole life! lol :) And if you're going to teleport me, send me farther back please. In my opinion, the late 1930's through the early 1950's was the golden age of tubes. :)
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