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If an SS rectifier is modified to drop 50 volts then what is the advantage to using one? If I understand correctly, that "snappy clean sound" is largely a result of the fact that an unmodified SS rectifier drops only one volt, resulting in a high B+, But unfortunately a B+ that is too high for Woo amps.   Since the GZ34 (voltage drop = 17) is on the approved list, maybe an SS rectifier that drops 15 volts would be safe in a Woo and yet still sound pretty snappy?
Yeah, the 12AX7 will work, but I have never tried one. The 12AX7 has an amplification factor of 100 compared to 20 for a 6SN7, and so I am not all that optimistic that it will sound good. That said, let us know how they sound. :)
 Yes. And you can also use E80CC/6085 with that adapter, a better tube in my opinion. 
 On the chance you haven't seen this:  http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserHD700.pdf There is a dip centered between 1 and 3k. And a peak centered between 5 and 6k. So I would suggest first equalizing to flatten out the response. And then, tweak it to suit your ears.
 Yes, these are Sylvanias, probably 6SN7GTB. Enjoy. :)
 It might work in the LG. Since the LG uses two 6SN7 as drivers, it depends on how they are wired. In some amps, only one half of each 6SN7 is used. And in other amps, such as the Elise, both halves are used. However, there is more than one way to wire the two halves. If the wiring in the LG is the same as the Elise, using the Elise adapter might work. But fitting a single triode-strapped pentode into a double-triode socket means that some pins will not be connected. And...
 The 6H9C is equivalent to the 6SL7, not the 6SN7. However, people often substitute 6SN7 for 6SL7 in their headphone amps with good results, but I have no idea how it might sound in your amp.
 I have a hexfred SS rectifier that plugs into a 5U4 socket and it does sound great. And yes, in my experience, they are perfectly safe to use. However, with certain driver/output tube combinations, I still prefer vacuum tube rectifiers. In the end, it is all about synergy. Sometimes the hexfred is better and sometimes it's not.
 It is my understanding that a "hybrid amp" has a tubed driver stage and solid state output stage. For example, the Little Dot 1+, Lyr and Liquid Glass.
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