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 Yes, the adapters can be rotated up to 45 degrees and the tubes themselves are fairly narrow, extending just a smidge beyond the edges of the adapter when installed.  
 Yes, you would need two adapters, one for each 6SN7 socket. However, since a 67 is equivalent to 1/2 of a 6SN7, you will need two tubes per adapter, for a total of four 76's.. I learned of the 67 in the 6SN7 thread from a posting by jamato8. I asked him which brand he preferred, and his was reply was the RCA. I have no experience with any other brand.
 My adapter, from eBay vendor xulingmrs, allows the assembly to be rotated 45 degrees. This should provide enough wriggle room to orient two adapters in adjacent sockets. Haven't been able to spend any quality time with the 76's. I have had them in the amp only for about an hour to ensure they were not defective, and felt that they sounded great. However, have been rolling through regulators here recently and life outside of head-fi has also been busy...
 The 76 is a single triode, equivalent to 1/2 of a 6SN7, a double triode. So you need two tubes, one for each channel, to equal one 6SN7. And of course, they would work in the Elise. However, since the Elise uses two drivers, you will need to 2 adapters, one for each 6SN7 socket.
The adapter for using a pair of single 76 triodes in a single 6SN7 socket finally arrived from China. These RCA 76 sound terrific! :)    
 Google "vacuum tube theory" or "vacuum tube works" or similar.... These might be good articles to start with: http://www.vacuumtubes.net/How_Vacuum_Tubes_Work.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_tube
There appear to be a number of small construction differences among the slotted Bendix 6080. I have three pairs, all apparently manufactured in 1962, each with slightly different construction, but to my ears, the same sound.   To the left, dated 230, three ceramic spacers. To the right, dated 244, two ceramic spacers and a top mica spacer. Also, the sheet metal just under the top spacer is somewhat different between these two versions.     Below, dated 235, three...
 Electronic Enterprises Inc, a completely unknown brand to me. But of course, the graphite plates and ceramic spacers tell you all you need to know. These tubes were manufactured by Bendix and I bought three for about $7 each. :)   
 His Audeze LCD-2 has an impedance of 70 ohms and thus, the Bottlehead would be a poor choice. That said, most OTL's will not do the LCD-2 justice. Yes, the LCD-2 will work and sound quite good, but not as good as it would with an amp that can deliver more current into 70 ohms. In my opinion, if Thenewguy007 wants his LCD-2's to sound their best, as well as the T-1's and HD800s, the Lyr2 or the WA2 would be his best choice. If he had only high-Z cans, like the T-1 and the...
 Because many people do not realize that a Bendix-made tube rebranded as a Chatham, Tung-Sol, Raytheon, or other brand, is identical to one carrying the Bendix brand. But again, these graphite tubes were all made in the same Bendix factory and the brand painted on the tube does not matter at all.
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