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Ive been looking for a good mod for these headphones for a very long time and wow thank you so much!
go with the sony xb 500. theyd be a much better choice, if you like deep clear bass.
Also the samsung galaxy s 3 white noise cancelling earbuds are really good
get kicker earbuds. tehy are 40 dollas. and they have ridiculous bass.
usually end up making them sound better:)
in truth you should probably hope theyre fake because fake ones usually tend to sound better thanks to their creators attempt to make them sound jus tas good as beats by dre...
loudness if your listening to metal or dubstep usually gives me a nice little listen.
Sony!!! Sony all the way! I own a pair of both the headphones you mentioned. As that other random guy said, The beats are really just for show and practically cut off the circulation to yer brain. The sonys definitely sound more delicious.
Well id instantly go for the silver. This is because the element silver is more conductive than copper is.
ummmmmmm. sound quality is very good for tweety kind of stuff. but for bass you just wanna kinda, NO. they have no real clarity either so youd want to probably get him the skullcrushers. built in subwoofers hard to go wrong on that. best cheap thing the skullcandy has ever done.
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