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Sign me and my brother up! I dont have much to share but ill bring them : yamaha eph100, rock it r-50 and koss portapros. My brother will bring his dt770. Im really hoping to try out some open phones and meet some of y'all.
 Those are not the same thing. The actual earbud looks the same, but the cord on the real Piston 3 is not a flat ribbon cable.
OK, here is my mini-impression of the M6 Pro's:   I bought these to replace my broken Xiaomi Piston 3's. The Pistons were cheap, had a microphone and worked well as my daily driver/jogging IEMs. I liken their sound signature to the Yahama EPH-100 (slightly warmer, more bass presence, pretty open soundstage). They weren't perfect mind you, the highs were a bit veiled, though their sound separation was decent overall and the soundstage was good as was the 3D effect. And...
Great review. I just purchased these to replace my ailing Xiaomi Piston III (right ear is now faint). I'll put these M6 Pro's to the test against my two favs: EPH-100 and Rock-It R-50s (really like these).
 You are not alone on this observation. I can normally tell the difference as I can hear some minor compression with my EPH-100 on 128kbps, but its not terribly distracting. Put on these new Pistons and man... every little artifact is just front and center.  Overall, the pistons are a solid $25 headset with mic. They aren't game changing like the Sony MH1C was when it was under $30, but they are more than competent for their pricetag.
Anyone here going to be at the SF meet and greet? I'm fixing to go if I can get approval from she who shall not be named.
What are the HP50's again? The Heaven V's look like the real deal.
 For me, its warmth. Like the weight from the resonations of a cello, or the smokiness of a sultry alto voice like Madeleine Peyroux. The R-50s, again to me, are missing some of that warmth, but I just EQ some of it in and it works well without any distortion or bleeding into the other frequencies.
I too get pretty annoyed with treble peaks, but I have no issues whatsoever with the R-5os. I had issues with the MEelectronic M6's and the RE-ZEROs, but the R-50s have this amazing resolution in the highs without getting fatiguing for me. They also EQ really well (I add bass to them to bring up the warmth since they can sound a bit clinical to my ears).
Yeah they had a bad game but, I really don't think their offense could have ever pulled out a win consistently against that defense. And I'm a Niner fan that was rooting for Denver. The era of the pure quarterback looks to be about over. Gotta run and gun if you want to win against a defense like that.
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