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 +1 to this. Likely a bad seal. The reason I returned the RE-262's was precisely because I could not get them to seal well unless I held them in-place.
Anyone here going to be at the SF meet and greet? I'm fixing to go if I can get approval from she who shall not be named.
What are the HP50's again? The Heaven V's look like the real deal.
 For me, its warmth. Like the weight from the resonations of a cello, or the smokiness of a sultry alto voice like Madeleine Peyroux. The R-50s, again to me, are missing some of that warmth, but I just EQ some of it in and it works well without any distortion or bleeding into the other frequencies.
I too get pretty annoyed with treble peaks, but I have no issues whatsoever with the R-5os. I had issues with the MEelectronic M6's and the RE-ZEROs, but the R-50s have this amazing resolution in the highs without getting fatiguing for me. They also EQ really well (I add bass to them to bring up the warmth since they can sound a bit clinical to my ears).
Yeah they had a bad game but, I really don't think their offense could have ever pulled out a win consistently against that defense. And I'm a Niner fan that was rooting for Denver. The era of the pure quarterback looks to be about over. Gotta run and gun if you want to win against a defense like that.
Game is horrible. Seattle is making the AFC look like a high school league. Would like to read more impressions about the Doppios. Anyone else here pull the trigger on them?
I'll do what I can to be there. I don't have much gear to bring, but here is the list:   IEMs: Rock-it R-50 Yamaha EPH-100 RE0   Source: my phone haha.
Hey Ds... how are those Doppios compared to say, the Rocket R-50's? I'm guessing they probably are a bit fuller than the R-50's with a hair less brightness at the expense of just a bit of high treble resolve. Or, that's what I'm wishing for haha.
ahhh the right angle plug. I don't notice it being absent  that much on my r50 but on my Philips she I really notice not having it! those Philips can't keep a signal in my pocket when i'm running without an extension cable that has an L plug.
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