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Very cool project car, I always thought they were unique but have never really seen anyone do anything with them. As for the battery, check into making a capacitor battery. A guy at my work just made one and it is pretty light weight.
Software is what I was referring to. I'll be interested to see what you do with it. Here's a pic of my MKVI GTI:   It has been my first "newer" car and I don't really enjoy it that much. I'll be trying to sell it next summer once my project car is on the road.
  Check out the APR tunes, that is pretty much what everyone has had the most success with. You're pretty limited on what turbo's you can run in the MkVI's because there are only like 3-5 tunes out there.
Same, lets see some pics!
Don't be ashamed. They look really nice on it.   I was thinking about going APR stage 2 on mine but decided to go a different route. I read too many horror stories about people going to start their cars but the ECU was fried. Now I am probably going to sell mine in a couple of years.   Yes please!
What sort of tune did you have done? APR?    Looks beautiful! What kind/specs are the rims?
    Oh hey I have one of those  
That's awesome. I was thinking a tractor trailer when I saw it but I have never actually seen one. Didn't want to sound stupid which is why I didn't say anything but dang that's big.  
I know it was an addable option for our generation vehicles so I am guessing you don't have it which isn't a big deal but you decide to go with the touch screen display look into getting it second hand from an enthusiast. It's easier on the wallet and (usually) is still in good condition.  
I agree, my second VW was a vrt and it only had 5 gears yet it could spin wheels in 4th. I still miss it sometimes but it was too much of a beast for a daily driver.   What did the Volvo turbo in the picture come off of?   If you have the Dynaudio system I hear it is a real pain in the butt to modify. Just and fyi for you.
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