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Quote:I'll check how it works with digital coax.  Nice having a pot on it.  I use it to switch from my Loki/Dragonfly (Loki also has a switch) and my soundcard running through a FiiO D3 DAC (I needed a non galvanic connection from my PC as well as a non amplified Dolby-Headphone solutions.  But a digital coax signal going through it should be a good test to see if it can be bit perfect with full volume. Edit: Test for digital coaxial output playback.   FiiO X3 Digital Coax...
Double Post Sorry
MoneyGram...sounds legit.
Just got them in box, must resist urge to open, must sell them.
Schiit Magni or O2 amplifiers, Schiit if you are in the US, O2 is cheaper option outside US.  Both are great can't go wrong with either.
Brand New HD800 for $1300 OBO (Within reason) PM me if interested THEY ARE STILL IN THE BOX FROM THE FACTORY.   I will send a scan of the receipt from the authorized retailer so you can receive a full warranty from Sennheiser.  You need a real receipt from an authorized seller to use your receipt. I know you might find them cheaper on ebay but be aware, unless they are authorized your warranty does nothing.  The back-end of the website accepts anything but when a real...
Thinking of selling the HD650s since I got the LCD2 Revision 1 quite a nice improvement same nice Dark sound but better bass and treble.
Barely used it, has all the stock tubes.  Only about 2 months old if that.  I'm pretty much getting rid of my HD650s (my last pair of high impedance headphones because got the Audeze LCD-2.  You pay shipping or if you live close to Ventura county you can come try em out and pick them up without the shipping costs.  If you want pictures I'll take them.
I got this cable cheaply at my previous job, it looks like it may be a year or so old.  It works fine tested it with a 4k monitor and a laptop.  I no longer have use for it so anyone who wants a good deal on an Audioquest cable just PM me.  We can go half and half on shipping.  I'm willing to drop the price a bit, buying it brand new would be around $179
Its the magni its dc coupled but the schiit support team said its got a DC servo so itd be fine to connect
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