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The earpods sounding good as Stax probably has something to do with the bottle of scotch that was mentioned.
Alright but what if you are someone who has every artist alphabetically listed? So I listen to let's say Alice Cooper, but then I want to follow it up with The Rolling Stones....either switch a card or just get a bigger one. I guess the whole multiple cards could work if you organize your cards by musical moods. Especially with the X3 though, you have to organize everything nicely in files, the category mode isn't very good if you have more than one album by an artist.
Because using two cards is a pain? I'd rather spend the extra money for a 128gb card so I don't have to keep taking it out to get to another section of my music library.Then I'll have to carry around a small case for the other 64gb card, which makes it less than optimal for being portable.
The wires crowd is so sadly misinformed.  That money is better spent on ....anything else.
Just ordered one of these after seeing Lachlan's review.  Hard choice between this and getting the HD 25-1 II.  Decided that I have enough "German headphones"  Needed some more from our other Post-War friend.   Sound is very nice and balanced, bass extends well but nothing excessive.  Vocals shine nicely on these, it's missing a bit of the top end but I don't mind too much, I'd rather not have any sibilance.   Comfort is a slight issue, experimenting with cotton...
Which do you think is better?  They are both Asynch, FiiO supports higher sampling rates (I know we really can't hear above redbook standards)   I was thinking since I have the X3 I could sell the Modi and just connect my Magni to my X3 with 3.5mm to RCA   Any thoughts on the matter?   Hopefully this is in the right place, it's halfway between Full-size & portable
If you want comfortable you really can't beat the Beyerdynamic DTxxx line-up.   DT770 if you want a closed back with a great soundstage (for being closed) DT990 if you want a really fun headphone with great soundstage and open sound   I haven't tried the DT880s but they are going to be as comfortable as the DT990.   The DT990 and DT880 pads are just slightly more comfortable pads than the DT770.   For noise isolation they used thicker pads on them but they are...
I'll agree with that one, I had to replace one of my DT990s drivers due to those stupid little hairthin wires.
Go for the Amp before a DAC, honestly DACs aren't a huge improvement unless your computer is really noisy.
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