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Does that mean a ZX200 is on it's way replacing the ZX2?
Btw for attenuation I use a Schiit SYS to lower the volume and switch between two sources, I wonder if the internals of the Magni are even meant to work with 2Vrms sources. I sold my Modi which is a 1.5Vrms source IIRC and replaced with a Dragonfly 1.2 (I needed something portable at the time)Looking through posts carefully I found Jason's reply to someones comment about input sources with hotter outputs than the Modi: This answered quite a few nagging questions, I was...
Use a VPN and be done with it.
    Hello my right ear cups falls and I have no clue how to make it stay in.
Do you guys think the O2 or the Magni is a better value for the money?  The magni has more power although I'd never really push it past 11 o'clock unless I was listening to some poorly leveled video on youtube.  I'll probably get the O2 for $70 or I might just spend extra and get a Magni 2.  I want a headphone amp with more usable range without having to run my Audio through a Schiit Sys as a finer volume control/attenuator.  And the new Magni has gain control and of...
I used my Little Dot a pre-amp (no it's not a redundancy as all preamps change the level of the sound) for my Q701s because the Little Dot sucked at driving the low impedance low sensitivity load.  Set it to low gain and check for clipping of the input for the second amplifier.  Also you shouldn't use it with Direct Coupled amps (Little Dot says it's not recommended)  I only connected it to the Schiit Magni after Schiit said it would be fine with the magni, but for some...
Does anyone get this issue with the latest firmware?​ -When selecting an album from an Artist with over 6 albums, selecting the bottom album views all tracks from all albums instead of just that album, you have to scroll down more to select a certain album. It's like "all songs" is default on 7th position even though it has an album's name on that location.  A minor bug, but worth noting.
Best tag editor is Mp3tag.  I usually automatically set the tags to keep adding on for the second disk, so if the first disc had 13 tracks CD twos tracks will start at 14.  It just makes it more compatible for other devices.
SYS 2?
I wouldn't want to miss any details of the case where I'd be likely put to death or imprisoned as a war criminal, I would want some good headphones with clarity so I don't need to have something repeated or what not.
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