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Closed-backs are better for tracking, not monitoring. Usually when a musician or vocalist is being recorded they will be singing or play along to what they heard in their headphones, or atleast a click track. If they were open they would be picked up through the mics. Open will almost always sound better at the same price.
Basically I want to be able to have some sort of box that I could use to make any solid-state amp into a tube amplifier.  Hopefully that works with line level signals so I do not have to attenuate the signals.  And if I could use it with RCA and Balanced TRS (It would be nice for any recording I do to be able to give it a sort of tube sound)  Anyone have experience with doing this? I used a Little Dot MkIII to feed my Magni for awhile and it was sort of nice but I sold...
Yeah, can't even use the id3 tags to navigate, got to use folder view. I have roughly 7000 songs, every album is the full album. And I use a split similar to yours.And as a side note, when the ---- are they going to add crossfeed. Even a rock boxed clip can do it. Does fiio just need to give the go ahead to that team or what?
I think it's probably just best to buy one of those giant screen protectors for iPad or larger devices and cut to size so you can use it with multiple devices and if you mess up just reapply a new one.
I find the name of the headphone pretty annoying.  I'll have to say I have a Sennheiser HD800, instead of the sometimes used I own a pair of HD800s.  Even doing a google search for HD800S is a little elusive. Yeah did anyone actually buy their HD800 at MSRP?  Hell I bought mine with an employee discount for ~$1000 USD (Not a huge discount by any means compared to what you can get them for from a lot of sellers but still good)
What are your guys' thoughts on Sony's DSP effects I actually find ClearAudio+ pretty fun for certain headphones and genres.  Too bad it doesn't go through OTG DACs.  It seems to be one of the best automatic EQs I've ever used and I tend not to EQ unless necessary but it's fun sometimes.
For all you guys trying to power your device while using USB OTG why not look into those wireless charging adapters. I've had a little experience trying to get MHL cables that provide power to the device but the draw is too high and just one microusb port doesn't seem to do it. So for my current setup I use a Sony Xperia 2 Tablet OTG to a FiiO X3 (Tried the dragonfly but I have to use the USB Audio Player Pro app to adjust the hardware volume) but anyway I use an...
Weird issue: Dragonfly 1.2 plugged into the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet (Which runs Android 4.4.4) doesn't play at line level volume even when Hi-Res Audio Via USB DAC is selected, I can get line level volume ranges with my FiiO X3 plugged in with OTG without problems but with the Dragonfly I have to use the USB Audio Player Pro app, and I'd prefer to be able to use the Walkman app (I actually find it the best music app I've seen on android) It seems like the hardware volume of...
So how much is the NX-ZX100 and does it have some sort of line-out? Or is using an amp sort of defeating the purpose of it. Later on I'll decide between getting a new FiiO (X3 is annoying to navigate through, I have to make folders like (A-G, G-L etc) just to navigate through it easier. I wish they'd put a firmware update to do that for the non-folder view.
New Posts  All Forums: