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If it doesn't fit MAKE IT.  Get the COP headband and sew in a large length of velcro to make it wider and it'll hook right on methinks.
Haha, well I mean back then they really over did the stereo up until the 80s.I think the Sony Walkman changed things, much like the iPod did.And everyone used speakers back then so it was "alright" I still don't even like the album on speakers.
Oh my sweet lord.... Old stereo recording on not want.  Edit: "my"
Sometimes I just need my headphones 10-20 feet longer (anywhere within that range is good)   I always have problems with the inline female end of the jack with my headphones, it's not just one headphone has problems with the extensions I use.   One ear always likes to cut out.  I was wondering if there is any well built ones that aren't too EXPENSIVE I am not looking for an Boutique Audiophile cable.   Basically something with a nice tight grip, maybe gold plated to...
Just curious, been too lazy to use my Modi/Magni stack and have instead been using a Mackie 402VLZ4 mixer and even though it has a 64ohm rated output impedance, my Beyerdynamic COP sounds good on it albeit being a 16ohm headphone.  Rule of 1/8ths doesn't seem to be making a big deal surprisingly.
Emilie Autumn's album Opheliac on my new Beyer Custom One Pros (Listening to this for like a week now I need to stop haha)
Haha attach clocks/watches and gears to the sides.  Steampunk headphones xD
I'll do some measurements as I don't have any V-Modas, but I have a Beyer COP and a DT990 Headband. U.S. Measurements:   Length: ~8.25 inches Width of the metal part it fits on the headphone 1.25 inches.  (This is a very thin piece of metal though, I'm not sure how thick or thin the V-Moda's headpiece is.   Hopefully I was of some assistance.
My recommendation is never plug your sources into your TV, just run them through the receiver, Tvs like to downmux to stereo because they are...well stereo. But by all means if your receiver has the ability to show what signal is sent in see if your TV sends Dolby. Customers would always be pissed when their Blu Ray Home Theatre in a Box or Bose SR1 would be outputting stereo. And of course I was blamed for the limitation of TVs haha good times.
Woah woah woah, slow down there. I worked with many many televisions 2013 and early 2014 models and most only output 2.0 PCM through their optical or coax connections.Unless your TV specifically says it outputs Dolby Digital/DTS passthrough it will just output Stereo PCM. They do this due to a lot of sound products ony taking in PCM and if you plugged in a Dolby/DTS source into them you will get an extremely loud horrible noise through it.  For that you really want to...
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