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I wish Sennheiser used Mini-XLR instead of their weird connectors.  It would be so much more rugged and I could use one cable for multiple headphones. Does anyone know if they make a female HD800 connector for attaching to a cable.  Like let's say I wanted to use the HD800 cable with my Audeze LCD-2s is there something that will work for that?  Or would the only way be to butcher the HD800 cable and turn it into a XLR cable and use some of the length of the Senn connector...
Couldn't you just put some damping material in the earcups to prevent reflections or what not to make it nicer? Of course they won't sound as nice but I think you could make it usable.
Hey do the LCD-XC earcups fit on the LCD-2s?  Reversible Closed mod sounds like it would be useful.
Does anyone else feel the LCD-2 yoke rods give too much while wearing them? The headphones feel great with 3 notches visible under the R/L but if I wear them they usually seem to go to 4 notches or so on one ear or the other which makes them feel way too loose. And I can't imagine anyone needing the extended yokes, if you do let us see that large noggin with banana for scale XD
Meh, I can't justify owning my SR60e anymore, It was fun for a bit but it's a little harsh on the ears.
Takstar elaborating on the sound of their products:
I'll be listening to a recording of a solo violin and it really seems to wander about. It seems like it should be a little more static.  Do they sort of do some weird panning to the recording?  To be honest I haven't heard a violin in a concert hall so I'm not sure if I have the best picture of the actual sound but it seems off.   Also wondering if there are any professional binaural violin recordings available online.
Would the Lyr actually be good for the Q701/K701 variants?  I would think the low impedance load would be quite bad for anything with tubes.  I don't know too much on the specs of the lyr just know it's a hybrid but when I used it with the LD MKIII it wasn't very good compared to my Schiit Magni, however it sounded pretty nice using the LD MKIII as a preamp for the Magni. So main question is does the Lyr use tubes to change the sound but the actually driving part of the...
Used market is great for high-end headphones.  People take care of their cans especially when they pay so much for it.  Got my LCD-2s used for $700
Oh I boost bass with analog EQ if I do EQ.  I remember it distorting like crazy when I had these and put the volume up to probably around 80+dB.  So no clipping here, it was like the driver was becoming a really uneven surface forget what that's called.
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