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Honestly DACs don't make the hugest difference. I mean you'll want something better than PC Onboard sound but the E18 is fine for anyone's DAC needs unless they need optical or Coax in.
Do you guys think I should use my Schiit Magni or my LittleDot MkIII (Stock tubes and 10x Gain) for my Q701s.  I know the low impedance of the Q701 isn't really great for tube amps, but the Magni is a bit of a bright amp.  So it seems like the Magni drives them better but makes them brighter, while the LittleDot makes the sound signature a bit more even.  Or do you think I should go wild and use the LittleDot MkIII as a Preamp for the Magni and get the best of both...
He has a DAC he has the FiiO E18 if you read his post, it's a DAC/Amp for android and it also has a line out.  It also works as a PC DAC.
It just seems ridiculous of how many members use this avatar when they don't own or probably haven't even listened to the pair of headphones, they all seem to use the same stock photo of the pair.  I mean there is no harm in it but just seems silly to me.
Basically I want a mini-xlr to 3.5mm female adapter that is short and all in one piece.  Preferably something that doesn't add cable length.  I want to be able to use my AKGs with any 3.5mm cable I have laying around.  I know the AKGs have the mini-xlr cable wired backword but I don't care if it's reversed with this mod, the headphones can fit just fine backward after turning the earcups.   So basically I just want something that will let me use my Audioquest Cables or...
You don't have to spend that much on headphones for a good soundstage Q701s are $190 in the US and have one of the best soundstages especially for gaming.  You can try using software to either emulate surround/speaker setups or just add crossfeed so it just feels a bit more like speakers.  I personally like using my Asus Xonar DGX's Dolby Headphone implementation, it has a built in headphone amplifier albeit not the best, so later on I connected an optical cable from my...
Schiit Modi, great condition, comes with a USB cable, you can also buy the PYST cables off me for $10 (Half off their normal price) I just replaced it with an Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2 which I got for cheap at work so I no longer need the Modi.     Accepting Paypal (You pay the fees), willing to pay half the shipping costs.
The only thing I find wrong with the Q701 is the bumps at the top which I easily fixed with electrical tape and a bit of foam.   I suggest just using your soundcard and connect it to a LittleDot MKIII or Schiit Asgard 2. Depending if you want tubes or Solid State.  Don't need to go all out on a DAC TBH.  I simply like using them to make sure I get a line level output.  But you can set your Xonar DG to 2channel speakers and get a line signal and feed it to a better amp.
Meh they almost feel too light, a bit more weight would give it a nice expensive feel.  I wish you could get the HD650s in a more Beyerdynamic style.  Those headphones feel much more solidly built.  Even my AKG Q701s feel like a more expensive pair of headphones.
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