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Ordered! Do you guys have any experience to compare the somic to other closed models like AKGK550, srh940, vmoda m100...
So, it seems that I'm going for the mm163 instead of the m50, it's a long debate for me... Is really that similar in sound?? Is Allirxpress a good source for those?
    Are you sure the problem are those drivers?   I'm in the middle of a long email session with some really short answering representative...   I have the N7000 (note 1) running JB 4.1.1, and was going to buy the E17.   The Fiio guy told me that the E17 won't work with the N7000 because it needs more power  for it's DAC.   The E7 needs less power for the DAC, and thats why it works with the note, I guess it's the same story for the note2.   (I don't understand why it...
Has anybody tried to use the N7000 (note 1) with JB4.1.1 ROM with an external DAC? Is the on-the-go function which enables using an external DAC a hardware only feature? thanks
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