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Liquid WhenWillTheContestStart?   Haha... patience...
Gawd I know how that feels :) But I wasn't the host. xD
 I think the 901 is a great pair for the 13Pro. Though I'd ask, when do you use a DAP, while moving about or when you've stopped somewhere and need to listen to something then and there? IMO the 901 gets too hot to handle while moving about, which is why I went with the ZX1 for moving about.
I'm alive!   And kicking. Going to be listening to my K10s again (damn cold and flu kept me from enjoying full-time)   I missed head-fi as well!
 Sounds like an amazing show >_<
Hi guys, back at last.   Just some comparisons from a friend who's been using my AK120 for some time now,   He says the 240 is a very much cleaner sound than the 120, very different for his taste but he likes it and prefers the 240 over the 120. He does miss the warmth of the 120 sometimes but overall the 240 is a keeper.
Hi guys, my impressions will be delayed, just came down with the flu.
 No problem :) Still on review! I TAKE SO LONG too much work...
 Thats too bad, I personally never had a problem with JH, just long wait for the Roxannes but that's not an issue for me.  I didnt say anything about preferring the 846 to the Roxy O_O
 Hey Ian, sorry been swamped this week, will do some prelim on the weekend..
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