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Once you go custom... there's no turning back...
 Congrats! Definitely checking that out :)
I listen to A7X, Lazarus AD, Dream Theater, and more metal bands and they all sound amazing with the K10s. Notably Lazarus AD.   E.G.
Thanks! Looking forward to attending and having some fun with some new and crazy stuff :)
I asked this a few pages ago but is there ticket sales on the day itself? I'm not sure how many of us are going to be going (and if we ever are able to) and if it comes to a split second decision I would like to be able to get a ticket there xD
I got my ZX2 a few days ago and have been using it with the UERM to see how much has changed with it. I haven't compared it in depth to the AK240 and to the original ZX1 but I really like the battery life, and I haven't even gone one full charge with it. It actually died after I fully charged it because when I plugged it in for the night my charger came loose and I didn't notice so I was able to test it as well for charging time.   So far the battery has been the...
Still waiting for my w500 and will try to compare with the w300
Roxanne with mids. Hahahaha... Honestly I like it better than my custom Roxys. Sadly I dont think its worth the asking price but thats all relative.EDIT: HUGE thanks to Rico over at Egghead Philippines! He got me my ZX2 and Layla, along with an Angie and more goodies coming soon!
    xD it so happens I arrive in LA on that Saturday, probably in the afternoon. I will try to go on Sunday if schedule permits :) Is it possible to pay at the event itself or should I reserve online?
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