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 You can contact Gavin of Tralucent, I think. Also musicaacoustics should have it. Edit:!product/prd1/2239567201/reference-1-tralucent-audio-in-ear-universals
But... Its really good... Its like a K4 (K10+N4)But... Butt...
I can say that it feels bigger, maybe since the bass is not as overpowering. It feels more airy than the K10. its pretty noticable.
 My K10s bass died down after months of use... this starts with it dead hahaha!
Initial report on the Savant Prestige:   These are the things I notice vs. K10 as of 10 hours burn in, I am not considering this a review.   1. much less bass response 2. wider soundstage (stock cable) 3. harsher highs, but not as harsh as the 4S. Somehow the Savant reminds me of a refined Noble 4S. 4. Sounds amazing with metal... 5. Still above everything, it retains Noble mids.
Burning in the Savants the whole night, will be able to give preliminary impressions later today I hope!
 Don't Schiit your Pants!
My Prestige is here.                 Noble... you guys suck. so much             (PS. I love it)
 Don't be Warrenvious!
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