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Well they didnt market the Prestige as "better than the K10" but "its exactly the K10 but its finished with better materials" unlike the Layla which is a 12-driver like the roxys but "better", Noble is just giving the option to "get wood" (too much innuendo on the thread).Honestly I liked both the roxannes and the K10s, though the K10s are still my choice, I'm interested in at least hearing the new JHs, especially the Angie. I'm interested in how they will be doing the...
I'd say:1. EDM2. Bass-guitar heavy tracks (particularly love Incubus' Are You In)3. Pop4. Less frantic rock5. Jazz sounds good if you dont mind the lack of highs
 As I mentioned I'm not an EQ guy as I believe it kinda kills the tuning of the IEM, but I tried it right now and the highs sound kinda broken if they're pushed a bit too far. The Sub remains though and the bass is still not reduced as much...
 I love the Lab 1... xD
I've been listening to the V8s now (giving the K10s a rest...) and they're very bassy, but I honestly think this is very controlled bass compared to some of my other CIEMs, especially with the sub. I really like them but I miss the extension in the highs with the K10.
Agreed! It was my go to for a long time...
I can try them out
 The only treatment my dealer gave me was more more more customs.
Ordered the W500
All the more to test with
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