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 I like that case, well done.
 On the K10 with the noble cables its a bit too tight for my taste but with other cables (like my sieve sheep) it sounds grand... absolutely beautiful cables!
  Really enjoying this on my K10s...
 Amazing pair! Nice work on that...
 Beautiful place... Just lovely.
I want more
 I'm really enjoying Wagnus Cables, though they are slightly harder to get, but as the official partner in  Japan I had high hopes... and they are amazing. EDIT:Just saw this 
 The Silver Dragons tbh are a bit dull for me :) I'd suggest a DHC Fusion, or something. But I agree that the DUM Cable is amazing.
I did say there was a hint of fostex, maybe I should have said there's a hint of Mad Dog... I still remember the sound of those beauties and the delicate U shape sig (that I love!) is there... My friend compared it to a modified TH900 with DHC silver cables...
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