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 Much like. So much.
I think its supposed to be what the Heir Magnus cable was...
 The Calyx is a very flat-neutral player. Battery is iffy on some (Drains even if the main unit is off). I still prefer the 240 but the price difference is apparent.
Apparently I'm a tech addict... That's accurate.
Its impressing me more and more right now...
Just got my Reference 1 (+Silver/Gold 2.5mm Bal) from Gavin. This UIEM makes you rethink customs...
Those so purdy.
Errr. Two months now? They had a little incident so there was a delay. It was all explained but now they have tons of backlog atm.
I agree. Also note to self: Stop looking at the Noble Thread, those designs are beautiful and make you want to get another one.
 <3 I still love them.
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