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 May the force be with you! Because if it isn't we will make it!
 Much drooling on that... They look absolutely insane... i can imagine the surprise when you got those!
Can't wish for anything else, the Wiz has to keep zappin.
PM2, its called the PMx2
Thinking of hooking up the "balanced" Ak240 with the Cavalli... It sounds like my "hotel rig" will be ready :)
 What:  he said.
 I actually put an order in for the He1000s... haha! I actually just came from San Diego and met with Alex of Audio Zenith.
I will be comparing it to this:
I am! Hahahaha, actually expecting the first kiddo in a bit :) One to share audio love with :) Also this Carbon will be a good portable friend for me
I have a wife... And she approves (i think?) Of my Cavalli Audio purchase. (We got married AFTER my LAu)
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