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Love to hear about that soon :)
I agree. With the Linums they even open up so much more
Imagine that with the Linum hahaha. By the by your review of the K10 is one thing that pushed me to get my favorite CIEM of all time.
You ahould take pics from different angles but they look fine to me. Pinky goo is always nice.
 Good luck over there! And sure thing :)
Too epic to be handwritten. The CIEM might melt from the awesomeness
I do... Hahaha... Hard to keep track imho.No problem kabayan haha if you're around manila I could let you demo sometime.That seems like a messy thing to do buisness-wise
 They might be. The Maestro was renamed to Mason for the Japanese market I think. I never heard of the Legacy. I don't have my Mentors with me so I have to get back to you on that.
They let us try a new 2.5 at the headphone festival in Tokyo and it will be released January
 Well as long as we're talking ambiguous order status... *ahem* JH *ahem* But anyway back to the topic... My Kaiser 10s have become much much more amazing with the Estron Linums. Much of everything just pops.
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