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I enjoyed my CanJam, Even if I only had like 1 hour to see everything. In my 1 hour I got to do this:   1. Buy Darin Fong's OOYH software 2. Listen to 5 minutes of the 1954 A10, and 2 minutes of the A12 (Preferred the 10) 3. Talk to Schiit about Schiit. 4. Try the AK240SS (on my list) 5. Try the Angie (like it.) 6. Say hi to Jude 7. Say hi to Brannan 8. Say hi to Dimitri (Musica Acoustics) 8. Get 3d impressions at United Sciences and UE (so weird seeing the...
 HEY I'm not fat I'm just big boned.
Thanks! Just making sure the ultrashort I had made from DHC will still work :)
In other news, I decided to stop using the K10 FOREVER.                   I love this date.
Talking about great (or "great" depending on your taste) videos about things being made...    
I'm not sure if this was asked but what is the balanced connection, 2.5 trrs or 3.5 trrs?
Schiit in, Schiit out... xD EDIT: That's what they should call their interconnects
That just adds to how awesome it'd be... I'd watch it :) I do think the lookbook might be a better idea for now :)
Sounds great! I'm looking forward to getting one myself :)
I have my Laylas with me right now and I will be bringing them when i drop by Tokyo next xD
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