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Super! Thank you DanBa
Tnx Danba!   Hope your work will help make Google & Android device manufacturers to enable standard USB audio!   i'll try a usb hub. You mention "or a tiny battery on the go" ....what kind and how do i connect that battery to the belkin hub?     Steef  
Promised DanBa to do some stuff   Otg cable works with usb-drive and usb-stick Didnt try a powered hub yet    ( any ideas on where to buy a nice tiny powered hub?) reverted back to stock rom and kernell Still no sound :( the dmesg output can be downloaded here :     Steef
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  Thats what i figured, too bad it doesnt, hoped it would be something as simple as a setting in the phone. The cable works with usb sticks and discs so i suppose thats ok.   Dont have a powered usb hub so i cant test this, would be no option for a mobile setup anyway.   Will restore the original software later to test and try to find out how to make those logs.   Steef
Bought a Hifimediy usb dac to test since nobody seems to have tried this one yet. ( info ) Hooked it up to my sgs3 with an otg usb cable but it doesnt work. Do i need to change settings in the phone?       Got international sgs3 with omega rom 27.2 and siyah 1.7b6+ installed
Hi,   Found this topic couse im interested too to get the most out of my shure se535 and i also have a ipod classic. im allso new to this forum ( been reading and lurking a lot here though and loving it)   i know this is an old topic but it fits my question. Thought why nobody answered "rockbox your ipod classic" i found this helped huge couse i could use flac files now and tweak the sound.   is it becouse its an old topic and rockbox wasnt available for...
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