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Thanks for the responses guys.   Listening to my K702 some be honest, I feel like there's still a bit too much bass here. I know people seem to feel they're bass light, but I'd say they need to lose a bit more bass to flatten the frequency response a bit. I'd say I'm probably ready for Stax.   So...2170 system or try to find a vintage Lamba system. Hmmmm.   How much better are the Lambdas compared to the low end 202/207s?
I'm thinking of getting into Stax. A few questions:   1) I have the AKH K702 which are often described as light on bass. How are the low end Stax headphones in comparison? 2) Am I generally best to start off with the cheapest Stax/amp combo? I'm assuming there must be heavy diminishing returns at some point. 3) What would my best entry into Stax be, in your opinion? 4) I'm in Canada. Where would be the best place to order the headphones?
Well, I had to decide in between a Burson HA-160 combo and Bifrost, or the all-in Burson HD-160D for around the same price. I went for the combo...hopefully that wasn't a big mistake.   Alright...made a decision. Going with the HA-160D for now, and am strongly going to be considering the higher end Schiit DAC when it comes out. I'm very anxious to see how it turns out.
Ended up going with a Schiit Bifrost and Burson HA-160. Tee hee.   Anyways, like I said, I'm not really interested in improving my sound quality with regards to gaming. I need to use my Sennheiser PC360 headphones due to their comfort and the quality of the mic. I'm on the PC often for 10+ hours a day and constantly talking to friends on Ventrilo, so utility usurps quality in this case. The PC 360 are not terribly great sounding, nor are they revealing.   To be...
I'm looking to get solid, well built, sleeved cables for my K702. This is mainly for aesthetic reasons. Do I have any viable options?
Preface: I am a graduated computer engineer and work in the software business. I am also a relative newbie with respect to the audiophile scene. That being said, my father is an avid audiophile and I have had the pleasure of auditioning many setups with him. Recently, I built him a music server and we've auditioned the Meitner, Invicta, and Weiss DAC202 on his B&W 800 Diamond speakers.   Being a computer engineer, I am relatively well versed in the technical...
From what I've read, the HA-160 is a tad tube like in terms of warmth and sound signature, but still very quick on the attack. A few users seem to enjoy the HD 800 and HA-160 combo, so I don't think it should serve me too badly. Of course, I might try a tube amp down the road, but as I've said, I'm much more comfortable with a solid state implementation.
Thanks for the input. I ended up ordering myself a Burson HA-160 (yeah, a completely different price bracket, I know).
The Asus should be able to drive just about any headphone you throw at it (barring some high load Orthos which I doubt you'd be buying). It's a great buy for the money.   Your other option is an external DAC/amp, but having owned a $200 Maverick Tubemagic D1, I thought the Asus was better.   Go for it.
I'm disappointed in the lack of replies...but oh well. I ordered the Burson HA-160.
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