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A while back I setup  the Lepai 2020A+ with Dayton B652 speakers and a Dayton SUB 1000. I was looking to replace the amp with one of higher quality. My price range is at most $100USD.
This is how I have it setup I double checked to make sure things were connected in that order.  I set the gain to 40% and the crossover to 80Hz and the phase is at 0 and I can't hear it, I can just start to hear the sub at about 80% gain.  I am using RCA to stereo to connect the Lepai to my computer, and I am using the 20 AWG wire that came with the Dayton B652 speakers to connect everything.
I recently purchased the Dayton B652s with the Lepai LP2020A amp and a Dayton Sub 1000.  When I connect the sub straight to my computer I get a lot of bass but when I connect with the Lepai I lose a lot of the base and I have to turn the gain on the sub almost all the way up.  How can I fix this?
Yeah, I ended up going with the Sub 1000 because I didn't have much room, and I love it!
I got them all set up and they sound amazing, thanks so much for all the help cel and MalVeauX.
Can I play music with just the sub and the speakers or is the amp required?
Are you saying to not get the Dayton setup?
So to set this up with the sub I would connect the amp Lepai to the sub then connect the speakers to the sub right, sorry i'm new to this.
Hello, I am looking into buying a decent stereo setup for listening to music on my computer.  My budget is around 200USD.  I am looking for something like the Dayton B652 and Lepai 2020A+ but maybe a little higher quality.  I also would like to get a sub-woofer to go with the speakers I get.  I am using the on-board audio from my computer and my also use my iPod.  Let me know if there is anything I left out.
  What will you be playing your music from? (PC, portable player, phone, etc) Mostly PC  also iPod Classic Do you have any other audio equipment (AV receiver, amplifier, turn table, cd player, etc)? I will be getting a amp when I get the headphones, I am currently looking at HiFiMAN EF-2A. I was also wondering if a portable amp would work, something like the FiiO e7, E11. Do you prefer big bass, neutral sound, bright or dark sound (treble)? Neutral sound Do they need to...
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