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Beautiful love could be my one track.Also check out al dimeola meditrainian sundance.
Really enjoying these. They get better each time. Check out the following Chris botti live in Boston Track when I fall in love Shirley horn you won't forget me track beautiful love Doesn't get better than these...or what are your go to tracks?
I just got a pelican 1020 case which is great. The mojo fits perfectly in half of it leaving room for my Shure 846 and a cable for my iPhone. Although bigger than some cases it allows me to have everything I need for mobile listening in one single case.
Does anyone know of a good travel case for these? Thanks
Does anyone know how much power the gsx mk2 puts out compared to the moon neo 430 ha or the V281 or for that matter any of the high end amps mentioned around here?  I read I thought somewhere it puts out 4-5 watts running balanced?  It's not easy to figure out an apple to apple comparison of these.  Thanks
Does anyone know who sells a custom cable like this with the cck built in so you only need to use one cable?
I agree with that.  Loving my gsx mk2 with the lcd 4s.  using a hugo tt as the dac.  the only issue is I'm getting much less sleep...
I'm enjoying the lcd4s. But the leather headband is flush with the carbon fiber top. I would have thought there would be a small spacer to make it more comfortable. Has Audeze come up with a fix for this?
This is my exact portable rig and it works great. I got a small pelican case that fits the mojo, SE846 and cable including CCK. It works and sounds great. I don't use IEMs though for home listening so my home rig is very different.
The question is running LCD-4s with high gain will I notice it.  I'm probably going to swap it out....
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