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Anyone notice that nuforce introduced a portable amp today called the mmp? Looks like it lists for 60. Do you guys notice a huge sound difference using an amp like this with an iPad and high end headphones. Is it just a volume thing given these don't have dacs? Thanks
So any idea how they sound compared to the AMG K3003? Thanks
So I'm using a few external dacs/headphone amps with my iPad. My nuforce volume adjusts volume when I adjust my iPad volume vs my hpp1 doesn't allow me to adjust the volume on my iPad but only the dac. If this was a true dac I would think the iPad volume would not matter as it would be a pure digital out to the dac. What am I missing?
One follow up question.  The nuforce I have uses a 30 pin out and a usb into the dac.  Do any of the portable dac/amps have the same set up so I can use a standard iPod/ipad cable?  Most of the ones I see reviewed here appear to have a 3.5 pin input so how does that work?  I assume you can't run a headphone out into a dac so really need to take the 30 pin out to a 3.5 pin input?  Is this a standard cable?  Thanks
So I'm new to the external dac/amp world.  I recently got a nuforce icon ido paired with a pair of denon ah-d7100 cans and it was an ear opening experience.  Now I want to do the same on the road.  The nice thing about the nuforce icon ido is as steve job's used to say "it simply works".  Designed for iPhone/ipod/ipad use and plug and play.  Is there an equal unit for the battery operated portable world?  Designed for apple products, long battery life, etc?  I've...
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