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Also, Apple has done a good job implementing its just works strategy. high end audio requires you to figure out a good source, dac, amp and headphones. If they could just solve the source issue that would be great.
I hear you but if apple would offer lossless streaming I would be very happy. Pretty much my entire family only uses Apple computers and phones so it would be a great solution. I'm hoping when apple loses the headphone jack they will go to lossless. With the acquisition of beats they have so much music talent in house how can they not do this. If they don't I will be extremely disappointed.
I personally would love to have apple take over Tidal.  I think the user interface and music discovery is much better on apple.  The only reason to have tidal is lossless which is why I have it.  The acquisition would give apple more subscribers and access to even more proprietary content.  They are introducing music exclusives way before spotify and with tidal they could dominate this game.  Also, remember the rumor that apple will may get rid of the headphone jacks so...
Hopefully that means another 10 years or so. I don't see how you could improve on the current product. I'm enthralled by mine.
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a travel case for the X's?
Out of curiosity what amp do you prefer the gsx2 or 430ha?
I am also using the GSX with the lcd4 and they sound great together. Using a Hugo tt as the dac.
/So would you use this just to drive speakers? Is there any reason to get this if you are just driving headphones?
His higher truth album is also great...track nearly forgot my broken heart.
so glad someone started this tread...it's great to discover new music.... Artist Shirly Horn Album you won't forget me Track beautiful love is my first pick followed by if you go Artist Chris botti Abum live in Boston Track when I fall in love Dire straights Sultans of swing Eric Clapton Album 24 nights Track wonderful tonight Jackson Browne Album solo acoustic volumes 1-2 Josh Kelly Track mandolin rain Pat monahan Album last of the seven acoustic Track her...
New Posts  All Forums: