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Going back and forth between these two to power ultrasone edition 5 headphones when used with an ipad. Any guidance from the experts on this site? Also how about these vs centrance or fostec? Thanks
So tidal announce with jay-z and great fanfare their new/old offering tonight.   The iPad app is clumsy.  But to stream lossless vs 320 aac is tempting.  Can you really hear the difference.  I think I can but it is about a 5% difference and when you combine it with 25 per month vs 10 and and the worst user interface not sure it is worth it.  I'm running ultrasone edition 5 and a marantz dac.  
Right now I'm using an apple camera adaptor cable from my iPad to a usb b high end cable. kind of a shame to attach an expensive cable to a cheap camera adaptor cable. Does anyone make a higher end short camera adaptor cable for Apple devices? Thanks
Do they make such a thing or do you need to use the apple camera adapter?  I kind of feel like it is a shame to attache a apple camera adaptor to a high end cable.  I can't seem to find one though?  thanks
How do you think tis compares to a centrance M8? thanks
Any idea how this compares to the woo wa7 fireflies? Thanks
sounds like the upgraded tubes are recommended. do you guys use upgraded tubes in the amp as well as the power supply or do you upgrade the ones in the amp but not the power supply? Thanks
Sorry, one last question. Does a power cord come with the tube power supply? Not sure if this was just missing for the SS power supply. Thanks
Also, will they have enough power for a pair of ultrasone edition 5 headphones? Thanks
How does the wa7 compare with the marantz amp/dac unit? WIll the Woo be significantly better? Thanks
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