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I am looking for a Hifiman HE-560 in mint condition.   EU offers welcome!   Thanks!
I have never seen a SR-404LE with silver driver rings. The only drivers that they have this before the SR-404LE released are the Nova Basic, Nova Classic and the SR-202. I think there are no reason for Stax they use different drivers on the LE model, the red SR-404 drivers are many years on market before this Limited Edition released.
 On the Stax amps like SRM-006tII/007tII the difference between SR-L700 and SR-009 is not so huge, maybe 90 to 100 percent. But the SR-009 scales much better and with a higher quality source or/and amp the SR-009 increases the gap to the SR-L700. The price performance is with the SR-L700 + standard Stax amp much better. For best performance of SR-009 you need a more expensive setup and very important a high quality source.
My experience with the HD-800 and now with the HD-800S on different setups over the last years is, that they isn´t competitive to the SR-009. The SR-009 is much more transparent, faster, has more resolution and precision, more natural sounding and has a more realistic soundstage. The SR-009 scales also extrem huge with the source, much more than any other headphones that i know. I think also that the old Sennheisers HE-60/HE-90 and the new SR-L700 do most things better...
I would rate the new SR-L500 on the same level like the SR-507 and i think also that there drivers are different. The SR-507 has a higher transparency and resolution and a little more bass impact. On the other side the SR-L500 has a more natural, balanced, non fatiguing sound signature. The SR-L700 is for me definitly superior to both models, more refined with a very balanced, natural sound signature and very high resolution.
Hear the SR-L700 after 50-100 hours and the little peak in the upper bass are gone. In the end i prefer the SR-L700 to the SR-L500, it has a cleaner and more open sound, testet on Stax SRM-T1, SRM-006t, SRM-1 MK2 Pro and SRM-353X. But the SR-L500 has a very good price performance and is for me a better choice than the other older Lambda models.
It is the other way around!
Looks like a modified Stax SRM X Pro
Take the SRM-323 amp from the 3030 set and the SR-207 from the 2170 set and you have a good Stax setup. Technical they are nearly the same, the SR-207 has more risk of driver failures (channel imbalance etc.) but sounds maybe a little bit better/smoother than the SR-303. The SRM-323 is technical superior with more headroom to the SRM-252S with his poor power supply.
I have used over the last years some rca, xlr and usb cables in my system and i heard in my chain small but over a long listening time for me importand differences. The most expensive cables was not the best choice and i ended with middle priced PC-OCC cooper cables, for me the right combination is the goal. I think sources and their interaction/combination is very importand if you have a nearly transparent amp and such a transparent headphone like a SR-009. But on the...
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