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 In my opinion the Sigma Pro is one of the best Stax models and i prefer it on a modifided SRA-12S sometimes over a SR-007/KGSS combo. The Sigma NB is also very good with a wonderful midrange and for aggressive rock/metal maybe the best choice.
Interest check for my only eight months old AKG K812 Pro Headphone in new condition (remaining warranty until 12/2015). In my ears the best dynamic headphone at this time! The original plug was changed to a new 6,3 mm high quality Neutrik. Supplied with original box, original invoice and omega headphone stand.   Please make me a offer, trade or trade in is also possible, i´m looking for some electrostatic gear from Stax or Sennheiser. Non smoking pet free...
No only the Lambda Nova Signature and the Lambda Nova Classic has a gold coloured outer ring. The Lambda Signature driver looks normaly outside like the Lambda Professional driver with white cotton dust protector, later versions have a black ring with transparent film dust protector.
  Here are a original Lambda Nova Signature:  
I am looking for a Stax Gamma Pro with original drivers in mint condition.   EU offers welcome!   Thanks!
Hello,   sorry only shipping to EU!
I am selling here a only three months old Shure SRH-1540 Headphone in new condition (remaining warranty until 03/2016). Supplied with original case, original invoice, manual and two pads and cables. Non smoking pet free home!   Payment Paypal (price + 3,9% fees) or Bank Transfer.   Only shipping to EU Countries!   Shipping to Germany and to EU Countries is free!
I own both AKG K1000 and AKG K812 Pro. The K1000 is a specialist and superior in soundstage, he has the best loudspeaker feeling of all headphones. In the other terms (resolution, bass, musicality, highs) they haven´t any chance in comprehension with the K812 Pro.
I am looking for a Stax Sigma Pro with original drivers in mint or defective condition. EU offers welcome! Thanks!
I had a second SRA-12S  Yes i tried also the Nova Signature, its my second favorite Lambda modell but it has not the open airy sound of the Signature that i like it so much. Note: The Lambda Nova Signature pairs very well with the SRA-12S.  Its hard to find here in Europe RCA clear tops or Japanese 6CG7 tubes.     What Do you think about this...
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