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For Sale my nice Stax SRA-12S preamp/headphone/phono amp. The Amp is fully restored with new high quality caps, adjusted, set to 240V and i added a Pro bias output to the amp. This one is the newer version and has the standard Stax voltage selector inside the chassis so it works on any voltage. The SRA-12S is one of the best Stax vintage amps and works very well with any Lambda model and the SR-009.   Shipping inside EU, payment PayPal or bank transfer.
 The analytical SRM-323S is in my ears a good amp for the stax models with less highs like SR-007 and maybe the Lambda Nova Signature, Lambda Nova Basic, SR-202. With the rest of the Lambdas it sounds to bright for me, especially with the new Lambda SR-x07 series. A tube amp is in my opinion the better choice for the Lambdas! I prefer with the Lambdas a SRM-T1/T1S and a SRM-006tS (its better then the pre models SRM-006t and SRM-006tA/II) or a SRM-007t. Also a perfect match...
I have the Airbow SC-11 and compared it to the Lambda SR-407. The Airbow sounds in my ears differrent to the SR-407. It has less bass extension (more neutral) and have more transparency like the SR-407. But the sound of the Airbow SC-11 is very technical like the new Lambda SR-x07 series and the SR-009. I doesn´t like this technical sound of the new stax models and prefer the older models in every way.
Sold!   Sell here ​​a Hifiman HE-6 headphone in very good condition. The HE-6 is two years old and the condition is technically and optical very good. Supplied in original packaging + Zoppa headphone stand!   Non smoking pet free home!   Payment Paypal or Bank Transfer. Shipping to Germany and EU Countries are free!
I own the K812 Pro now for three months and it is definitly a amazing headphone in the top class with no tizzy sound. In my opinion the best dynamic headphone on the market and no chance for HD-800 and T1. But I think the AKG is not for everyone to many different impressions with unkown reasons and to many different signal chains. My recommendation is hear it and then decide, it is definitly a must hear for a headphone enthusiast!
Congratulation to this perfect match! I preferred the Lehmann Linear SE over the SPL Phonitor 2 with the AKG K812 Pro.  
Hello, thanks for the nice review! I heard the AKG also with the Lehmann Linear SE and the SPL Phonitor 2 and i full agree with your experience. The K812 is a phenominal headphone and in my ears the best dynamic on the market!  
Sell here ​​a rare Stax Airbow SR-SC11 headphone. The SR-SC11 is an optimized Stax Lambda model and based on the current Stax Lambda SR-407 Signature. The condition is technically perfect, the optical state is very well and the headband has minimal signs of use. Supplied in original packaging! For collectors and lovers of high quality sound alike!   Non smoking pet free home! Payment Paypal or Bank Transfer. Shipping to Germany and EU Countries are free!
The K812 Pro is a great headphone with a very natural sound. I prefer it to the other top cans that i owned include HD800, T1, LCD2/3.
Here are my impressions from the AKG K812 Pro with different amps in order of prefer:   Lehmann Audio Linear SE (7 ohm output): positiv: - very good strong bass - huge soundstage on similar level as the BMC Pure Dac - very beautiful tone colours - very good mid- presentation - at no time annoying treble or sibilants negative: - at this time nothing B.M.C. Pure Dac (100 ohm output): positiv: - at no time annoying treble or sibilants - huge soundstage - airy treble...
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