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I am looking for a Grado PS-1000 (none "e" version) in mint condition.   EU offers welcome!   Thanks!
I heard many Sennheiser HD-800 and HD-800S over the last years on different setups in unbalanced and balanced mode with such amps like Audio-GD Master 9, Bryston BHA-1, Schiit Lyr and many others. In my experience a well driven SR-009 on a very good source is in every aspect much better than the HD-800 models. Also the soundstage with SR-009 sounds real vs. this artifical from the HD-800, the bass of the SR-009 goes extrem deep without any distortion and Voices and...
Price Drop to 2000€ or $2200   Sale of my lovely and rare Sennheiser HE-60 electrostatic headphone in excellent condition. The HE-60 works perfect, no channels imbalance or others and was hardly used, the overall condition is nearly mint, pads and headpad are new. The HE-60 is on a decent amp beside the HE-90 one of the best electrostatic headphones of the world and i personal prefer this both models with classic music over a Stax SR-009, SR-007 or SR-Omega. It comes...
SOLD!   Interest check for my lovely extrem rare Grado PS-1 headphone from my collection, serial number is 65. The PS-1 sounds with their lively smooth sound signature for me better than their successor PS-1000 or PS-1000e and some say this is up today the best Grado. This model was released by Grado in 2006 and was limited to only 250 pieces worldwide! The offered headphone was hardly used and is technically and visually in very good condition. It comes without original...
I am looking for a Schiit Audio Yggdrasil 230V DAC in very good condition.   EU offers welcome!   Thanks!
Sold ...........
For sale is here my Grado PS-500e headphone. The Grado is only some days old and is technically and visually in mint condition. It comes in original box with a additional pair Grado G-Cushion Pads!   Non smoking pet free home. Payment Paypal or Bank Transfer. Shipping to Germany and EU Countries are free!
I am looking for a pair Lawton Audio Angle Pads for Hifiman in very good condition.   EU offers welcome!   Thanks!
The combination SR-009 and SRM-727II sounds very poor to my ears, i think the SRM-007tII is a better choice. But all Stax amps (especially the SRM-T2) brings not the SR-009 on a serios and comparable level!
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