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In my opinion its a little bit Stax (transparency, detached instruments) and a little bit Hifiman HE5LE/HE6 (Bass), mids are a little bit from Audeze LCD2/3. The resolution and soundstage are not at the level of the top tier headphones but the musicality, mids and the bass extension is nearly perfect, the comfort also. But take the velour pads the original Focus pads are not the best choice!
Same impressions here the HE-560 isn't the best in details and resolution compared to my Stax headphones, but is a very nice can with amazing bass extension and a very musicality sound signature. I use it with the Velour pads on a Oppo HA-1 in balanced mode and enjoy it very much. I think it is one of the best headphones released in the last years
Interest check for my KGSS electrostatic amp. This version is based on Kevin Gilmore original KGSS design with 350V rails, voltage can be set to 230 or 110V.   Please make me a offer, trade or trade in is also possible, i´m looking for some electrostatic gear from Stax or Sennheiser. Non smoking pet free home!   Payment Paypal (price + 4,9% fees) or Bank Transfer.   Only shipping to EU Countries!
 In my opinion the Sigma Pro is one of the best Stax models and i prefer it on a modifided SRA-12S sometimes over a SR-007/KGSS combo. The Sigma NB is also very good with a wonderful midrange and for aggressive rock/metal maybe the best choice.
Sale of my only eight months old AKG K812 Pro Headphone in new condition (remaining warranty until 12/2015). In my ears the best dynamic headphone at this time! The original plug was changed to a new 6,3 mm high quality Neutrik. Supplied with original box, original invoice and omega headphone stand. Non smoking pet free home!   Payment Paypal (price + 1,9% fees) or Bank Transfer.   Fixed price, only shipping to EU Countries!
No only the Lambda Nova Signature and the Lambda Nova Classic has a gold coloured outer ring. The Lambda Signature driver looks normaly outside like the Lambda Professional driver with white cotton dust protector, later versions have a black ring with transparent film dust protector.
  Here are a original Lambda Nova Signature:  
I am looking for a Stax Gamma Pro with original drivers in working condition.   EU offers welcome!   Thanks!
Hello,   sorry only shipping to EU!
I am selling here a only three months old Shure SRH-1540 Headphone in new condition (remaining warranty until 03/2016). Supplied with original case, original invoice, manual and two pads and cables. Non smoking pet free home!   Payment Paypal (price + 3,9% fees) or Bank Transfer.   Only shipping to EU Countries!   Shipping to Germany and to EU Countries is free!
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