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Yeah I believe the MDR-V300s are 24 ohm, not really sure how this affects anything lol (sorry total noob)   I dont think I would get on very well with IEMs. I have that sort of thing for my motor bike and never use them!    So you reckon the E6 will make a big enough difference for me to hear films comfortably on an aeroplane?   Cheers again for your help
What do you lot think?
Sorry guys, should have said! Just some cheap Sony MDR-V300, its the same with cheap ear bud headphones too!
Hi guys,    Total noob here but im trying to decide between the E6 and E11 for volume mainly. I have a Nexus 7 and when i watch a film on the aeroplane the volume is too low to here it comfortably!    Ive tried looking at the outputs for each but i dont really know what im looking for. So is the E11 worth the extra money for the extra volume? I know its a better amp etc. but just interested in volume at the moment   Are these two amps what im looking for or...
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