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Wow that's rather weird, I've got an x3 and it never creates sibilance on any of my IEMs/HPs.
+1Never understood the attraction to Comply tips, I tried them just once on Brainwavz Beta and it was horrible experience. They wouldn't regain shape fast enough so we're falling out, and the sound was just awful because of poor seal. I try to stay away from Comply tips.
I agree.Right now I'm loving my X3 + EPH100 like never before!
I guess another option for you is try and sell on. That's what a lot of people do.I lost count of how many IEMs I've gone through like that.
Very nice DAP, however the dual processing chip malarkey has made it rather expensive. I think given the choice I'd still go for an X5 instead of this.
Haha fair enough, although nowadays it's hard to get around not having some sort of FAT partition on any devices.
Going by what the X3 has provided me with in the last year it's safe to say that the X3 v2 is gonna be mind blowing!+1Turn up the bass and bop your head. xD
Latest 3.3 firmware on the x3 has exFAT support.Btw the up and coming FiiO X3 v2 will have similar wheel design to the X1.
Ah I see, sorry didin't see you mentioned that it was naked. Mine has been in a flip case since day 1.+1 to the X3 v2.Really looking forward to upgrading to that, just hope they keep the hardware bass/treble controls and the low'ish price.
Haha sorry but that's how Head-Fi works lolI've not heard the IM70 but if you get the EPH100 you're bound to get satisfaction. xD
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