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Any chance of a quick JVC Spiral Dot tips review? :P I'm gonna but some coz everyone seems to be raving about them.
I'll be buying from here - http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=171868948521&alt=web
Omg I've seen so many people talk about those spiral dot tips, how good are they exactly?
I am so tempted
Oh wow, look at that tasty price.I bet the build of them doesn't look that neat lol10 orders already?? Wow, wonder who's pulled the trigger.
I think the FXH30s are gonna sound really good with my old Sony NWZ-A826, which has a fun warm sound.
Order placed for the new micro driver JVC FXH30. Really looking forward to hearing these, hope you manage to get hold of some soon too joker. This is where I bought mine: http://www.valuebasket.com/en_GB/JVC-HA-FXH30-Titanium-Micro-HD-Headset-(Black)/mainproduct/view/17723-AA-BK
 That's a shame, I don't really like wearing IEMs over ear style. Hopefully I can still get a fairly deep insertion cable down.
Should get them within the next 8 days max.
Delivery should take no longer than 8 days, so I will surely be listening to them soon.About the nitpick, I guess it's understandable since JVC make lots of other stuff too like TVs, Hi-Fi systems, video recorders and all sorts. Perhaps it fits into their catalogue better to put Headphones/IEMs into accessories category
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