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 I got my K1 today, it a perfect price for me and was bought primary to use with my XMG custom gaming laptop (from 2013) which has the Realtek ALC892 codec. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much improvement but it’s definitely noticeable, the upper frequencies are sharper, mids have become silkier and low end is more refined. Overall sound resolution and musical detail has improved noticeably over my built in sound codec. I totally recommend it to anyone looking for a better...
Thinking of either the K1 or the Q1 to use as my laptop's main sound source.   Is there really no way to boost bass on the K1?? Maybe using windows settings?
Xonar U3 is a really nice piece of plastic.
I currently own the old G4me PC360 (not the SE) that I bought used on ebay for like £60 and I really like them, I just got some replacement pads for them off amazon for like£20 and they're as good as new tbh. However, I still would like to get the Game One because I think it will be an upgrade. I heard that the PC360 were more like the 558 and the Game One is based on 598.
Because the thread was posted by Brainwavz staff. What would you say the most suitable genre for them is?Looking forward to reviewing these in the next couple of weeks. I've always been a huge fan of the Brainwavz stuff. These look proper high-quality!
 Yeah I've read your review on those, however myself I was looking at the other MusicMaker marvles. The KK-Ting, although I'm not sure if they are micro-drivers or not.
 Yeah I've been looking at some MusicMaker KK-Ting, not sure if I'll get them tho
 Yeah man I've started enjoying my IEMs for longer periods, now that I've got the large Auvio tips for the Icons too I dont really see what could beat them for me. You've been going a bit purchase crazy I see? How are those MusikMaker ones working out for you??
 Yeah they've been ridiculously comfortable for me, I was kinda worried about this before I bought them back then but they've worked out to be some of the most comfortable IEMs I've ever owned. I watch Twitch with them quite a lot for hours on some occasions and dont notice any discomfort.
 Yeah you're definitely on point there mate, I've resorted to just enjoying the IEMs I like for longer periods. Chasing the sound dragon is fun an all but if one doesnt have the funds or the time to do so, those have to look for other ways of sound satisfaction.
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