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Agree, my apologies. No idea why I said hot treble lol
2 years but still going strong in our ears, apart from mine of course. My washing machine murdered them, don't worry though it's been questioned and awaiting sentence. Released on bail for now.That's weird, I owned mine for over 2.5 years and didin't get this issue.Extends the bass/midbass, makes the sound presentation fuller and more chunky.
A little update on as I've been away for a while. The icons are still an amazing everyday driver for me, sound has opened up even more. Now that I've got the large Auvios on them it's really hard to fault these IEMs.
I agree, using big bore tips such as the Auvios can help open up the sound and reduce bass though.
 Hmm if you're put off by hot treble I wouldnt necessarily recommend the FXH30. However, most people here inc B9 would probably disagree. When I had my pair they showed a nasty peak to my ears in one of the higher frequencies. Sadly I cant remember exactly which region. Saying the above I dont think the bass in the Tenores is non-existent. I think the Tenores are pretty balanced while still remaining fun. Especially if you use the dual-flanges recommended in the thread. In...
 Just wanted to mention, I love your obsession with micro dynamics. Its something we need to fuel with maximum sound quality with the smallest driver. 
Thanks mate I noticed users talking about that.
Ooh so the X2 is quite good then? I'm split between that and the FiiO M3.With regards to your question, I guess it can help change the sound signature. Like bring more warmth and/or thickness to the sound.
I imagine they sound quite similar.
Yeah I'm sure people have mentioned before that complys work on the EPH100.
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