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See my post above.They will have more in October after the Chinese holidays.
Hey guys, so I tried to complete my order of the Zircons and Mulas and failed lol So I can only get the Mulas atm, Zircons are out of stock for about 25 days to a month. Oh and I know there are other sellers out there but I wanna get them from Teresa.
Okay so I've nearly ordered the Zircons and Mule from the same seller on AliX. Let's see what the fuss is all about.
Nope, I meant the new ZS1.http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32477736456.htmlHaha cool ive been doing more digging and decided not to go for the B3 anymore. Twin said that the Bette Hybrids punch way above the B3.However I think for the moment I'll just pick up some ROCK Zircons that everyone is raving about. Apparently they are awesome for trance.
Of course man, was that a rhetorical question hahaMy AliX basket is massive atm.Got Havi B3, Bette 8mm hybrid, KZ ZS1, Zircon Rock, and a few more. Needs to be downsized asap lol
Ah thought I'd seen your posts about them hahaBtw since the Zircons are such a good price atm on AliX and everyone says they suit Trance/EDM/DnB so wellnim kinda looking at them too. My cart on AliX is growing at geometric proportions. I hate this IEM/Head-Fi/Budget addiction.
Thanks for the info man, I'm actually looking into trying my first dual or hybrids. Currently in the running are KZ ZS1 and Havi B3 Pro1. Need to find out what these Bette hybrids that everyone is raving about.
OK thanks for the clarification.I'm kinda split between them and the Havi B3. Never had a dual driver before
Really that bad?
Thanks man, I'm split between them and the new KZ ZS1 dual.EDIT. Well it looks like Micca don't ship internationally, what a pain in the ass.I'm also looking a the Havi B3
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