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Ah yeah my bad.Still, a very exciting time. I'd be happy to swap my FXT90 Red for the Doppios.
I've been enjoying my S680 since I upgraded from the S500 (my gf has taken posession of now and loves the sound) a while back.Definitely worth the purchase!
X3 has always supported gapless, it's just been a bit iffy. Gotta say I've not had any issues with it on FW3.0 though. I play M4A, FLAC and MP3 mostly.For improvements listed look here:
I'd advise to go for the S680 instead. As they are infinitely better and sound more awesome with the X3.
Nice to see a UK earphone manufacturer taking off.
I'll be selling my BH soon coz I've got the X3 now and don't use the amp anymore. Very sad story.
I wouldn't use any config with these.You should just bump up the 6k region on your EQ a bit if you can.I use mine with the X3 and have the bass up +5 and treble +2. Get a fuller sound that way, and its more to my liking when listening to Trance.
DX50 is even more buggy. Stay away imoSent from my baked potato with blue cheese
They would either be black and red or black and silver.
 Hahha, time for papa to clean up the house. Vacuum cleaner is going on. I was but after a short time I realised that my X3 can equalize the bass issue. :D
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