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DX50 is even more buggy. Stay away imoSent from my baked potato with blue cheese
They would either be black and red or black and silver.
 Hahha, time for papa to clean up the house. Vacuum cleaner is going on. I was but after a short time I realised that my X3 can equalize the bass issue. :D
Haha, well I'm glad someone has been keeping things under control.   Thanks man, just popping in briefly.  Not sure what a reference set is, but I tell you one thing... I haven't wanted/needed more audio quality than the Tenores. Best earphone purchase I've made ever hands down. 
Wow this thread still exploding in the usual fashion. Nice to see!    Apologies for my absence, life has taken over.   If anyone has suggestions about things to add to the OP then please PM me and I will do it as soon as I can.   Oh and my Tenores are still going strong, and are still of course my fav IEMs. 
 Theme looks awesome mate! I'm gonna flash it tonight :) I'm a bit of a noob with flashing things on the X3 but I'll manage somehow.
 Thanks for the link. Not searched around for themes yet. Now need to figure out how to install them lol
 I'd say they are black and silver but whatever lol
Flashed v3.0 yesterday and used the X3 for about an hour today in total, all was well. No freezes or reboots!   Loving the UI at the moment. Wish there was more themes like the black and orange one though.
I'd go with what BenF said. If you want good isolation you're better off using some IEMs. However I use the S680 on my walk to work everyday by the main roads and although I do hear some hum at times I just adjust the volume to suit.So they do isolate but for constant noise you're better off with IEMs.Baked on a rare HTC One in Vivid Blue!
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