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I'd go with what BenF said. If you want good isolation you're better off using some IEMs. However I use the S680 on my walk to work everyday by the main roads and although I do hear some hum at times I just adjust the volume to suit.So they do isolate but for constant noise you're better off with IEMs.Baked on a rare HTC One in Vivid Blue!
Just get a FiiO X3 or X5 and you'll have the perfect source for these. Baked using HTC One in Vivid Blue
Depends on your country's laws mate, mostly it's just a luck draw.I'm in the UK and I got stung with mine, but I don't care they were totally worth the extra cash I paid.Baked using HTC One in Vivid Blue
Omg that looks really awesome! Hope there will be a colour / theme changer too Baked using HTC One in Vivid Blue
It's all I seem to read in this thread nowadays lol
I doubt that will happen.The X3 is already released and many people like it the way it is, despite the UI infidelities.x3The wheel should be the only control on the front of it. Adding separate buttons will no doubt make it too clunky and remove the cool looking aesthetics.
 Nice one! I got origami and a letter with mine in 2012 lol
 It's def not a full on basshead can. Althought once burned in the bass presence is plentiful with loads of control and impact. Not wobbly bass at all, unlike some other headphones.
The X3 might be up your strata then.
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