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Thanks for the views guys, the 770c seems like a cheaper option to go for. However I'm a bit worried about the firmware. How's the support? Is there any issues with the current firmware release?
I thought you were mate.Hopefully I should be ordering some on the 1st, if I do and whenever I get them I'll post some views here.
So far it's 1-1, level pegging. Apparently the UI on the 770C is pretty bad.
Wow Wayne you got my attention. Can't believe I didint read about this awesome DAP before. I have dilemma now, either FiiO X1 or the 770C.
Wow, nice player. I'm split between this and FiiO X1
Joker, if you have a chance to get hold of some new Micro driver JVC FXH30s I'd be very interested to read your views on them.
Mate, don't even consider the FXT90s.I have both and the FXT90s don't even hold a candle to the EPH100. Less refinement, highs can be harsh, fit can also be a problem, plastic construction.Vocal sound great on the EPH100, just read some of the reviews to get a taster of how the Yams sound.
I might have found the next big Bang For Buck after Tenores.   The new JVC FXH30. Gonna be getting some soon, hopefully ordering on the 1st and will make a thread for them (including a comparison with the Tenores).
  Hopefully I will get the FXH30 before my EPH100 are sold so maybe I get a chance to do a real comparison. Should be interesting!  Thanks mate, much appreciated! I've got a few available for download here - http://mixes.djfez.com/djs/dj-lifted-andreas/ What you said sounds really promising, I should be able to pick up some FXH30s on the 1st. Don't know if ValueBasket is legit though, or if I will get charged customs buying from them. I found some for sale in the UK eBay...
Hey dude, EPH100 are more than epic. They were classed as being the best IEMs for EDM music, specifically Trance.I would be happy to sell them to you but shipping would be a bitch lol
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