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Because the thread was posted by Brainwavz staff. What would you say the most suitable genre for them is?Looking forward to reviewing these in the next couple of weeks. I've always been a huge fan of the Brainwavz stuff. These look proper high-quality!
 Yeah I've read your review on those, however myself I was looking at the other MusicMaker marvles. The KK-Ting, although I'm not sure if they are micro-drivers or not.
 Yeah I've been looking at some MusicMaker KK-Ting, not sure if I'll get them tho
 Yeah man I've started enjoying my IEMs for longer periods, now that I've got the large Auvio tips for the Icons too I dont really see what could beat them for me. You've been going a bit purchase crazy I see? How are those MusikMaker ones working out for you??
 Yeah they've been ridiculously comfortable for me, I was kinda worried about this before I bought them back then but they've worked out to be some of the most comfortable IEMs I've ever owned. I watch Twitch with them quite a lot for hours on some occasions and dont notice any discomfort.
 Yeah you're definitely on point there mate, I've resorted to just enjoying the IEMs I like for longer periods. Chasing the sound dragon is fun an all but if one doesnt have the funds or the time to do so, those have to look for other ways of sound satisfaction.
Agree, my apologies. No idea why I said hot treble lol
2 years but still going strong in our ears, apart from mine of course. My washing machine murdered them, don't worry though it's been questioned and awaiting sentence. Released on bail for now.That's weird, I owned mine for over 2.5 years and didin't get this issue.Extends the bass/midbass, makes the sound presentation fuller and more chunky.
A little update on as I've been away for a while. The icons are still an amazing everyday driver for me, sound has opened up even more. Now that I've got the large Auvios on them it's really hard to fault these IEMs.
I agree, using big bore tips such as the Auvios can help open up the sound and reduce bass though.
New Posts  All Forums: