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Thanks mate I noticed users talking about that.
Ooh so the X2 is quite good then? I'm split between that and the FiiO M3.With regards to your question, I guess it can help change the sound signature. Like bring more warmth and/or thickness to the sound.
I imagine they sound quite similar.
Yeah I'm sure people have mentioned before that complys work on the EPH100.
Oh no no, I just meant they look like the SM10.Btw are you sure about the sibilance? Because I don't remember any of that coming from the SM10, in fact to my memory they had pretty nice treble.I'd be careful who you buy the Auvios from on eBay, most of them use the eBay Global Shipping programme which is a farce. I'd suggest you contact @Podster here on Head-Fi and see if he can help you out. He's the Auvio gangster extraordinaire.
 Defo mate, keep us posted. I'm really interested in them still, even though I have the OnePlus Icons already. The $30 price tag is just too good to pass up, I'm sure these will become a classic and a special experience so I feel like I have to get them.
 Well if it makes any difference, these sound really high-end. Definitely not budget, oh and if you do end up getting some. Make sure you try and find the grey/silver ones, they are much more rare and limited than the gold ones.
 Hot treble is a killer of IEMs in my mind, if it will settle at all it usually happens within the first 100-150 hours of burning in (in my experience).
 Thanks mate, yeah I was thinking that. I guess my experience with FiiO is playing a bit part in my choice, since they are always coherent and responsive to any hardware/software issues.   Thats good. However in this thread many people have suffered issues with either hardware or firmware, or both. So perhaps we're talking about poor quality control here?
 Pretty sure Twin can give you that pleasure. On another note, I put in my Yamaha EPH-100 today after only listening to the Icons for a while and holy subbass my folks. The EPH-100 instantly started warping my ears with awesome sub bass, I knew that they had plenty of it but didint realise exactly how plenty. So a short compo is in order. Yamaha EPH-100 More sub bassBigger soundstageMids are silkier/smootherWarmer --- OnePlus Icons Less sub bass punchTreble is more...
New Posts  All Forums: