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Not strictly true.Current smartphones / tablets have an MHL adapter which has USB out to a charger.
Let's not forget Zero Audio Carbo Tenore xD
I can't believe someone is trying to decide whether to buy an X3 or not... Lol Its a no brainer decision imo
Yeah, I use Sergio's latest material theme so looks as all good for me here. Hopefully a new stable firmware will be out soon tho from FiiO.
Sold I take it?
Hi, I had the EPH-100 before and loved them. So I'm looking to get another pair.   Where abouts did you get yours from? How old are they? When walking and listening at home do they work ok?
Sold already I take it? 
Hey dude, I'm looking into getting a pair of EPH-100 again... miss mine too much :(   EDIT: OMG, just saw you already sold them... what a bummer 
 Wow Sergio!! Absolutely amazing theme, I shall be flashing it right away. Thank you so much!! 
 Last update (v3.24b) wasn't that long ago, so no its not frozen.  Just be patient.
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