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Hi, I connected the Galaxy SIII to my CA Dacmagic Plus and it works only when using USB Audio Recorder Pro. It doesn't work with Folder Play or any other player app. Also developers stating that USB Audio Recorder Pro is much more for recording instead of playing music collections. Do you see any other opprrtunity for using a similar driver Audio Recorder is using but having a more user frendly app for playing music?
DanBa, you wrote: "At the Linux Kernel Space, the ALSA Kernel Driver of the Galaxy S3 / Note2 is able to drive USB Audio Class 2 (UAC2) devices (i.e. USB DAC playing up to 32/384)."   does it mean that in case I'd like to use my S3 in USB Audio Class 2 mode than I have to use modified kernel? If so, how can I do this modification? Is there an sw upgrade or kind of driver I can download?...
Unluckily no success - yet. USB hub didn't help for me at least. Yep, I managed to have a log file but I do not know what to do with it ... :o(
Thanks Jonny, I'll try Power Amp but won't sell my DM+ :o)
Thanks DanBa! Yes I'm sure about the OTG cable the mouse works correctly. I'll follow your advice. Should the s3 be in music playing mode during the process or not? What should I do with the result (log file)?
yes I did. Nothing changed.. :o(
yes I did. Nothing changed .. :o(
Samsung Galaxy s3 doesn't work with my Cambridge Audio Dac Magic Plus via the OTG cable. I have Android 4.0.4 on the s3. Do you think an upgrade to  Jelly Bean would help?
Unluckily it doesn't work neithter with powered hub :o( Any other suggetions? Thanks!
thanks to both of you! I'll try the powered hub. Anyhow it's good to know that not I'm the only one with the problem :o)
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