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Thank you for the link.I find it very helpful. I'm reading to find a pair with large sound stage, airy and natural signature, good separation. I hope that those things are not too greedy.
Hi, I am looking for a pair of headphones around 300$ to play with ipod and Objective2 amp.  I have some in my minds: dt880, ath ad900, akg k701/q701. I often listen to symphonic metal, but I also enjoy Emi Fujita, Cat Steven, etc... and some Pop. I prefer clean and airy sound and would love to have a pair with speed and some treble. I am using a GR07 iem and find its lack of treble and separation disturbing, thought the bass and mid are great.   Could you give...
yes, this is exactly what I am doing. I checked out the fiio e17 today. The bass boost option seem completes the ipod touch, full and round. The ipod gen 5 sounds warmer and has more bass, but its high rolls off a bit. I plugged the amp in, and problems went way. I listen mostly to symphonic metal, sometimes other metal, country, 90s rock like Queen and bits of everything. :D. So i guess a I need some color in the sound. Anyway, tomorrow I will check out the fiio e11 and...
i used gr07 mk2. the colorfly c3 sounds neutral and full. but I did not feel a wow in my head. I guess it is personal taste. or may be a neutral DAP isn't what I need. anyway, I have just bought the iPod video. also not a big wow, but I feel that music streamed to my head easily. I also test my gr07 with my gf's touch 1g plus an amp. it sound greater than non amp, though other say it do not need more juice. well, so I think I will get a LOD and an amp with iPod...
This evening I decided to check out on the Colorfly C3. Well, it's great, but seems like it's still lack of something, something that could not fulfill my needs. It's like, its soundstage is better than my sansa, but the low, it's not thick, not so warm. It's very easy to listen and relaxing but I think I want more.   Do you have any recommend on the Ipod Classic gen 5 or 5.5? I will be very glad to know all your thoughts and opinions   Thanks in advanced
actually, my sansa clip zip can not be compared with my gf's ipod touch gen 1. although it sounds warmer, the mid and high is not clear and detailed, not as nice as the ipod. Anyway, I believe that GR07 does not get benefit from an amp.  I still wonder how ipod video gen 5.5 sounds. I heard it is the ipod which have best SQ around.
It seems that the only S9 I can find is not for sale anymore. After all, that deal was too good to be true. I decide to buy a Colorfly C3, will go for a try this weekend.  Reading your review also make me feel that it would be more reasonable choice. Thankfully, it supports my 16GB SD card. Thank you again. :D
I am enlighten now. Thank you very much. I will contact immediately the sellers and tell you later. :D
About that Colorfly C3, I had a hard time with small UI of AMP3. I can get a brand new one at 90$. So may be it will be my choice if I can not reach the second-hand S9. :D Can you compare C3, S9 and C2? I have read somewhere that C2 is somehow better. 
Thank you, but I cant find any Sony A764, S:Flo 2 or J3 around my location, regardless of price. Does S9 sound the same J3? Can you compare J3 with Ipod video gen 5.5 or Ipod classic gen 7?
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