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 I would recommend shelling out an extra $30 for these instead: http://www.head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=243
SIAP - These bad boys now come as an i-version http://www.head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=243
^^ If you haven't tried them yet, I'd recommend Sony Hybrids
 Sure thing! I don't really believe in "burn-in", however. My impressions of IEMs don't tend to change much after certain hours or days of listening. The ears might adapt a little, sure, but the sound signature largely remains the same. For what it's worth I do let new IEMs play a long playlist looped overnight before I start listening and judging, even though I don't believe it makes any difference. I also tend to not listen to any IEMs that will be used in a comparison...
Haha well played! There's a reason I haven't yet had any of my Hifiman IEMs fall apart, though. They've never seen the inside of a gym and their lives are better off for it ;)
I just want to say the RE-400 is my favorite Hifiman IEM and the most satisfactory purchase (with RE-272 and RE-ZERO a close second and third). The balanced sound with just a hint of warmth is just perfect for extended listening!
So, this first impression is a bit difficult for me to write. As a big Hifiman IEM aficionado and current owner of a pair each of the RE-ZERO, RE-262 and the RE-400, my initial reaction to the RE300h is that of huge disappointment. I guess I can see why Hifiman might tune these the way they did at this price point, but it is a big departure from their signature sound and not in a good way.   Here is my subjective impression of the sound: It has a very veiled top end, no...
5 months later and these little guys continue to impress. Just got done listening to Zeppelin's Celebration Day Live. Jason Bonham's drums and the soundstage...oh my!
Glad to see the 400s gaining some popularity. Excellent value at $99, and a very nice successor in the RE-ZERO price point in my opinion
Thanks for the pic and heads up on these models a few months ago in my thread, ClieOS. What tips are you using? The ones they ship with (shown in your pic) were very comfortable and isolation was surprisingly fantastic, almost like an etymotic.Ps. Sorry for the double post, not sure how to multi quote on the ipad.
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