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5 months later and these little guys continue to impress. Just got done listening to Zeppelin's Celebration Day Live. Jason Bonham's drums and the soundstage...oh my!
Glad to see the 400s gaining some popularity. Excellent value at $99, and a very nice successor in the RE-ZERO price point in my opinion
Thanks for the pic and heads up on these models a few months ago in my thread, ClieOS. What tips are you using? The ones they ship with (shown in your pic) were very comfortable and isolation was surprisingly fantastic, almost like an etymotic.Ps. Sorry for the double post, not sure how to multi quote on the ipad.
I strongly recommend trying out the new Hifiman RE400. I own both revisions of the ZEROs and 262 and now have the 400. It has a flat neutral sig like the ZERO, but has better bass impact and isolation with the smaller housing design. It has an inoffensive treble, although probably a tad less sparkly than the ZERO but still much closer to it than the 262. The 262s sound downright muffled on some tracks in comparison due to the rolled off highs. The soundstage is closer to...
I own the 262, ZERO and now the 400 so I'll post my thoughts later this week. The 400 is not sibilant at all. I got rid of the Vsonic gr07 for being too sibilant, but this one is smooth as they come. I am in love with the new design, btw - best comfort and isolation I've had among the hifimans thus far.
Pre-ordered the RE-400 this morning, expected to ship Jan 15. Keep those reviews coming guys...helps with the long wait :)
I own a pair of 262s, and they are surprisingly easy to drive with my iPhone 5 & iPad 4. I actually bought and returned an E6 because I didn't like how it colored the sound. I haven't found the battery drain to be noticeably worse either
  Thanks AstralStorm! I'm definitely interested in your comparisons to the RE-ZERO when you get a chance to A/B them     Thanks ljokerl! The R50s do look intriguing with (if I read it right) dual BA drivers at $119 The only BA's I've heard are the Etymotic HF5 and ER4 (s & p config), and while I enjoyed the brighter treble, the BAs didn't move much air to satisfy me on the low end of the frequency spectrum. I listen to classic rock mostly so I don't need tons of...
Depends on the sound you're after and your budget. Just get something that is sensitive and you should be good. I loved my HifiMAN RE-ZERO ($69) for a balanced, detailed sound and they were very easy to drive with my Clip+. Check out the review threads for more choices.
ljokerl, I recently upgraded from RE-ZERO (which I bought thanks to your review thread over 2 years ago! ) to the RE262 and while I like them a lot and intend to keep them for a while, I miss the ZERO's treble presentation and relatively balanced sound signature. Do the 272's have comparable treble and bass quantity and similar sound signature to the ZEROs? I would love to have a ZERO with better soundstage, instrument separation and (as a bonus) better quality bass as...
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