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 I was afraid you'd say that. Caved and ordered another (my third) pair of RE-400s for now while I look for a good pair of Rockets. My first pair lasted nearly three years, so I definitely lucked out and for $79 I figured they might be worth another shot. Damn you Hifiman, why do your products sound so damn good but break even after babying them??? I also noticed that the RE-0s have been re-released as RE-00. Did you get a chance to hear them? Any thoughts on how they...
Hi @ljokerl !   First, I'm amazed that this is still alive. You're superhuman! A huge thank you for continuing to help the community!    I have long been a fan of Hifiman IEMs, and took your advice a couple times in the past when looking for new IEMs. Well, after years of using them I'm finally at a point where the build quality issues have trumped sound quality. I'm ready to look at other brands, and would appreciate your help.   For background, I have owned the...
 I would recommend shelling out an extra $30 for these instead: http://www.head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=243
SIAP - These bad boys now come as an i-version http://www.head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=243
^^ If you haven't tried them yet, I'd recommend Sony Hybrids
 Sure thing! I don't really believe in "burn-in", however. My impressions of IEMs don't tend to change much after certain hours or days of listening. The ears might adapt a little, sure, but the sound signature largely remains the same. For what it's worth I do let new IEMs play a long playlist looped overnight before I start listening and judging, even though I don't believe it makes any difference. I also tend to not listen to any IEMs that will be used in a comparison...
Haha well played! There's a reason I haven't yet had any of my Hifiman IEMs fall apart, though. They've never seen the inside of a gym and their lives are better off for it ;)
I just want to say the RE-400 is my favorite Hifiman IEM and the most satisfactory purchase (with RE-272 and RE-ZERO a close second and third). The balanced sound with just a hint of warmth is just perfect for extended listening!
So, this first impression is a bit difficult for me to write. As a big Hifiman IEM aficionado and current owner of a pair each of the RE-ZERO, RE-262 and the RE-400, my initial reaction to the RE300h is that of huge disappointment. I guess I can see why Hifiman might tune these the way they did at this price point, but it is a big departure from their signature sound and not in a good way.   Here is my subjective impression of the sound: It has a very veiled top end, no...
5 months later and these little guys continue to impress. Just got done listening to Zeppelin's Celebration Day Live. Jason Bonham's drums and the soundstage...oh my!
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