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Best set I found for music and phone calls. The comfort is spectacular
Beautiful Detailed Sound
I put a very small amount of deoxit on the male connectors with a brush.
hi there. I had a pretty similar experience with my IE8 recently. after 2+ years of daily use I decided to change the cable in favor of the IE8i cable with iPod/iPhone remote. From the moment that I attached the new cable the volume of the left side would drop all of a sudden. I switched back to the old cable but the same thing happened. Thinking I just had blown a 300€ headphone, which had just run out of warranty I was pretty devastated. But I was also pretty sure that...
Hi ljokerl. Magnificent stuff. Your review of 1964 ears V3 made me want to jump into CIEM waters there and then. Now I made my appointment for the impressions and will proceed to order next week. One thing i still need to figure out is whether I can wear the phones over the ear, the anatomy of my right ear is an obstacle in tgat regard. Anyhow i digress. What actually triggered my post was what i found in the 1964 ears appreciation thread (see pic). I'm glad you changed...
Thanks again. I'll try to audition them all even though the task won't be easy. Even if I manage to listen to them prior to purchase I can't A/B them. Right now I'm leaning towards the UE 900, mostly because it seems the package is more complete. I really like the iDevice remote for the added functionality it provides.  It also seems like all three are very capable phones with rather minuscule variations. Another point I have to consider is that I can't really wear them...
Thanks tinyman392. what would you suggest if you base your recommendation on personal preference?
Dear head-fi community, I've read countless threads over the last couple of weeks in this forum but still I can't make up my mind about which of the above mentioned high scoring universal IEM's I should pick to upgrade my current setup (Sennheiser IE8 with and without Fiio E7 hooked up to an iPod Nano 6th Generation or a Thinkpad X200).   Auditioning the products personally isn't possible in my location (Netherlands) as far as I know. What I'm after is the best...
Hi, Ihe iPhone 4/4s echo effect is something I started to notice after the update to iOS 6 but only if I insert the cable after I picked up or made a call on the iPhone.   There's no echo at all if the cable is securely inserted before any call activity (call/receive) takes place.   Try it and see if this helps the problem described above
New Posts  All Forums: