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This thread just made me realize that i have NO pics of my audio pc's....   At least i have this PDF, but should really add some pics:   Enjoy, Phil
Hi Most DAC/DDC drivers need to be initially installed while being in GUI mode. Only very few work if directly installed in core mode. That's also the reason why my PDF manual states to always do the initial installation of the OS in GUI mode. But i don't want to hijack this thread so let's get back to topic.
Hi Ok great to hear it works in core mode as well. Because I can't be with it :-) Best, Houbi aka AudioPhil
Hey Gavtron   But does it also offer a Kernel-Streaming Driver, and if so does it work in core mode?
Hello Folks Any Server2012/AudiophileOptimizer Users participating in this thread? Does DP-777 offer Kernel Streaming and if yes does it run in core mode? I'm really tempted to order a DP-777 SE once available! :-) Best, Phil
Hello Folks I just received my HD800 today. So far it sounds good, but probably still need some burn in. Highs are not as clear/bright as i wish them to be. But i hope this will settle in after a few days. Using this on a highly advanced computer audio setup, top notch Dual-PC setup both Server 2012 R2 & AudiophileOptimizer, red PPA USB cable, SOtM DDC, Mytek DSD DAC, VOVOX cables, WooAudio WA2 and Beyer T1/HD800. Detailed overview:...
Hey guys   i have found a Workaround (you can also look at it as a solution :) ) for the popping issue. Jus't don't use the button on the left, use the Volume buttons for your first contact with the DX100 and your ears will thank you :)
Has anyone ever tried to power the Essence STX with the mobile dual-battery Molex PowerSupply called MolexT?
i cannot say anything about their USB Card. but for me, the DDC and it's PSU were worth every penny. i hate to say it, but the difference is much more than the Yulong DAC made. it's not a tonal change, the sound get's so perfectly timed, it has a perfect flow. the stage get's bigger, there is more 3-dimensional effect. it get's much towards "real" sound. the yound the Yulong produces with the SOtM DDC/PSU get's really "magic"!   no praise on
Because quality of both are on a different level from what i have been reading
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