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I have a few too many headphones, so after putting a few hours on these I decided that I just don't need them.   I bought these in like new condition and probably put a total of 50 hours on them, if that.     I prefer Paypal, but let me know if you'd like to pay by another method.  The $90 price includes shipping in the continental US.  If you'd like me to ship somewhere else, I might be able to do that and I'll quote you a price.
They're very precisely made.  The material is a little bit rough feeling, but I think they have a smooth version that would fix that.  It's almost like high grain sandpaper.  The material doesn't have a "quality" sort of feeling to it, but it's fairly sturdy, a little bit flexible, and there's nothing wrong with it.  If you made one with thicker walls and a larger lip I imagine it would be fine.
You should take your link down - the lip around the spacer isn't big enough to hold the pads.  You probably should've given these a test run before you encouraged other people to use them.
The pads arrived.  Now I'm having trouble understanding exactly how to do the mod.  I see lots of pictures of the finished process, but unless I'm missing something no one has actually explained, step by step, how to put in the new spacer. Should the pads be able to fit securely onto the spacer?  If so, the walls are too thin and the lip is too small, so the pads actually don't fit at all.
Has anyone tried these pads instead?  http://www.amazon.com/Ear-Zonk-Replacement-Headphone-Cushion/dp/B00BW4RWH2/ref=lh_di_t_dup?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A57071PIWN05O   Knock-off GS1000 pads, essentially, at half the price.  The reviews are pretty good though.
I think I might pick a pair up.  It ends up being around $26 for me, which is what I was going to spend on L-cush pads anyway to much less effect.
That's great, this is the sort of thing I've been waiting for.  How is that alumide material?  Does it look nice enough, or do you not even end up seeing it?
Payment sent!
I guess.  All of this is so subjective it's tough to be sure about anything.    I've only compared it to nice open headphones  The 518 feels stuffier than the 580, definitely.  The soundstage is pretty flat.
I really like your post.  And don't forget that the higher model number may be as much an orange cup as anything else.     In case anyone's interested, I purchased the 558 pads for my 518.  They're about $20 from Sennheiser.  The headphones are a lot more comfortable now (I got tired of wearing them before) but otherwise I didn't pick up any big differences in sound quality.
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