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10,083, i went crazy 2013, i think im going to slow down this year
also, what tools can i use to open the classic?
So my 80 gb ipod classic is running out of space and i really need my fat 160gb ipod back up and running again. I dropped it and im guessing i broke the hdd because it keeps telling me to restore it even though i tried restoring it a couple of times already. I saw a hard drive from toshiba in amazon that was a 240gb hdd and i was wondering if it was i could use that rather than getting another 160gb hdd since my music library is growing...
I am wondering how some of the people here get so many songs with so little artists, i saw someone's library and they only had half the amount of artists that i have yet quadruple the amount of tracks compared to mine (only 7995). I also was wondering the amount of genres that all of you have. I am open to a lot of genres yet I am struggling to get more music. I started my music library in 2008 and only recently have the amount of songs sky rocketed from 1000 songs in...
  The ipod remains the same but it is a tie between these headphones (Sony mdr v55s), Sony bass earbuds (forgot the names), and the sony mdr xb800s... Craving for that bass
How is the L1 compared to the Sony xb series when it is amped?
Do you know any place where i can listen to them? 
Can a portable amp boost up the L1's bass? Will it be punchy bass? I really like how the L1 looks but i was afraid that it might not have enough bass although i could somewhat be satisfied if i can amp up it's bass to a satisfactory level, lol. Is the punchiness lacking without an amp?
Out of the 3, i only tried the 1r's and i can say that it's bass is as flat as i can go without being unsatisfied with the headphones. I picked these three because of the looks (yeah i know its a bad thing but being a teenager in NYC is very tough) since i get looks going outside with my sony xb800s. I also picked them because I finally want a headphone that is somewhat high fidelity but i also wanted it to be a bit bass heavy. So out of the 3 headphones, which has the...
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